Nick Saban made $8.3 million for the 2018 season. Winning three more games could another million to that number.

Steve Berkowitz of USA Today took a look at the potential bonuses in play for Saban now that the Crimson Tide have reached postseason play. He came to the conclusion that winning the SEC Championship Game, College Football Playoff semifinal and CFP championship game could result in $1.1 million in bonuses for Saban.

Saban already has secured $165,000 in bonuses – and, really, it’s $275,000 because it seems inconceivable that Alabama (12-0) would be left out of all six bowl games affiliated with the CFP even if it loses to Georgia on Saturday.

He would bump his total to $525,000 by winning on Saturday. He gets $50,000 for winning the SEC title, in addition to the $75,000 he’s gotten for the team reaching the title game. And he gets $400,000 if Alabama plays in a CFP semifinal, rather than lesser amounts he would get if the team played in a non-CFP bowl game or a CFP non-semifinal.

Each subsequent victory would give Saban another $200,000.

It’s a significant bonus bump for Saban. Berkowitz points out that Saban previously had a bonus “ceiling” of $700,000 annually, which had been in place since he took the job in 2007.