Nick Saban admits he loses sleep trying to come up with ways to slow down all the incredible offenses that have taken over college football.

The Alabama coach admitted this during a recent appearance on the 2021 Louisiana High School Coaches Association virtual clinic.

In fact, he jokingly compared the offensive coaches on the call to the Taliban.

“All these offensive coaches on here — and I’m sure we got a few — I wish I could look at you when I say this to you, you guys are all part of the Taliban man,” Saban joked on the call. “I mean, you’re a part of Al-Qaeda.

“You have changed our game and made it so hard to play defense for all of us poor defensive guys that, you know, I can’t sit in church without shaking my leg or my hands start shaking because I’m worried about what you guys want to do next. So, I do respect you, but I still think you’re part of the Taliban.”

We are still early into the 2021 calendar but this may be the quote of the year from an SEC coach.