With star QB Tua Tagovailoa sidelined with an ankle injury, backup Mac Jones will start for Alabama against Arkansas on Saturday.

Tagovailoa’s younger brother, Taulia, is now the backup, and on Wednesday night, coach Nick Saban was asked if there were plans to get Taulia some playing time to “expedite his development.”

As you can see below, he took issue with that question, going on a rant in which he said “winning the game” 5 times:

“No. We’re focused on winning the game, aight?” Saban said. “So we’re going to try to win the game. And we’re going to play the best players that we can play to win the game. We’re not assuming it’s going to be an easy game, aight? And we’re not assuming that we’re going to have the opportunity just to play anybody who wants to play to expedite anything except winning the game. We’re going to play anybody who can expedite winning the game. That’s what we’re gonna do. So I don’t think anybody should expect us to do anything else.”

So it sounds like the Tide aren’t planning on the younger Tagovailoa playing as of right now.