Nick Saban may be a revered figure in the state of Alabama and in the world of college football but if not for men like Major Wooten of Cullman, Ala., the Crimson Tide coach would not have the freedom to pursue his coaching aspirations on the football field.

Saban is smart enough to know that and took the time recently to show his appreciation to the 103-year-old World War II veteran and die-hard Alabama fan, who is currently in hospice care due to a heart condition, by making time to video chat with Wooten.

The Alabama coach even did some research on Wooten prior to making his video call as Saban asked Wooten about being at Normandy for D-Day, which is something few people on this earth can say they have experienced.

Just last year, Wooten was honored for the 75th anniversary of D-Day and was flown out to France to attend an event that also featured President Trump.

To read more about Wooten’s story, head on over to a post from WVTM 13 Rick Karle, who beautifully captured Wooten’s story and shared a video of Saban’s recent call to the American hero.