Leading up to the Sugar Bowl, Alabama and Clemson both had nearly a month to prepare (with the Crimson Tide having a bit of extra time since they didn’t play in the SEC Championship Game).

However, now the Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs only have one week to prepare for the National Championship Game.

That rubs Alabama coach Nick Saban the wrong way, and he said on Tuesday afternoon that he thinks it’s inconvenient for the players to have to play again so quickly:

Of course, during the regular season, teams only have a week to prepare for their next opponents, but after having such a long layover prior to bowl season, Saban clearly thinks the players should have more time to ready themselves.

Will the quality of the title game suffer this time around because of the quick turnaround? That remains to be seen, but both teams will have to manage the next week carefully to bring home the CFP trophy.