Nick Saban caused quite the stir on Friday in Indianapolis when he got off the plane wearing a leather jacket. There were plenty of jokes about it, including references to the new Top Gun movie. Media asked the players about it at Saturday press conferences.

On his radio show Saturday night, Saban offered his own thoughts about the jacket as he appeared to be in a good mood. Radio play-by-play voice and host Eli Gold commented that Saban looked sharp in the “Bomber” jacket, and he noted that Alabama players also liked the look.

“Does anybody want to guess, would anybody like to guess how old that coat is,” Saban said.

Gold replied, “Well, the way you’re talking, it was probably 20, 30, 40 years old or something.”

Saban said, “That jacket, whatever you want to call it, was in style, has been out of style, and is back in style. I have a new one, and Terry says, ‘Why don’t you wear your new one?’ Are you kidding?”