This isn’t the first time that a contender for the College Football Playoff has lost a starting quarterback down the stretch. FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt remembers Ohio State in 2014, and that’s why he’s holding out his opinion on Alabama until backup QB Mac Jones plays against Auburn.

Klatt discussed the latest CFP rankings with Colin Cowherd and projected different scenarios about how the top teams will fare down the stretch and how that would play out with the committee. Klatt noted that the committee is supposed to honor a conference champion, unless another team is “unequivocally better.”

“I don’t know if Alabama with Mac Jones can be considered unequivocally better than Oregon,” he said. “I’m not saying that’s bad. I reserve the right to change based on the fact that in 2014, I had a very similar opinion when J.T. Barrett went down for Ohio State. I was like, ‘Listen, with Cardale Jones, Ohio State is not one of the four best teams.’ And then they went and just boat-raced Wisconsin 59-0 and I was like ‘Oh, OK.’ So if Bama hammers Auburn, I would probably make an argument for Alabama at the time.”

He added that he’s long been a conference champion supporter, which reflects so in his rankings.

Here’s Klatt’s own CFP rankings: