Patrick Surtain II is having an exceptional rookie season with the Denver Broncos with 4 interceptions, including a pick-6, in his first 12 NFL games. It’s no surprise, as Surtain has the genes for NFL success being the son of former All-Pro defender Patrick Surtain Sr.

The older Surtain recently joined Time2play for a wide-ranging exclusive interview touching on a variety of topics.

“I think it’s been stellar,” Surtain Sr. said of his son’s development. “For a rookie to come in and start the second game of the year? He’s been one of the best corners out there, not just on his team, but in the league.

“If you look at the statistics, the way they play man to man, he’s done a really nice job. He has room to grow, but to be thrown in there as a rookie at an early stage, he has been solid for Denver so far.”

Surtain Sr. began his professional career in Miami when the Dolphins drafted him with the No. 44 pick in 1998. The former Dolphin was asked if Tua Tagovailoa is the man for Miami going forward.

“I’m a Tua fan. I’m a little biased with our Alabama connection,” Surtain said. “I’ve seen this kid do it, he has some unique traits. He might not have the strongest arm, but his anticipation is amazing.

“He needs his core receivers back, he hasn’t had his full unit around him in two years. The Dolphins want to see that too before making a long-term decision on him. He has a great work ethic and I’m a big fan.”

One of Tagovailoa and Surtain II’s former Alabama teammates, Mac Jones, has the NFL buzzing as the rookie starting QB in New England. When asked for his Super Bowl picks, Surtain Sr. shared that he sees Jones taking New England to The Big Game.

“If I had to pick now in the NFC, I would go with Green Bay. The AFC, a team who is playing well right now is New England,” Surtain said. “They’ve turned it around recently. Belichick knows what is expected in the playoffs, Mac Jones takes care of the ball and is efficient. If I had to pick two teams right now, that’s what I’d go with.”

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