When Derrick Henry runs angry, look out.

Rarely mentioned in the same breath as fellow elite SEC running backs Leonard Fournette and Nick Chubb entering the season,  Alabama’s standout junior ballcarrier went beast mode in Saturday’s win over Wisconsin, accumulating 147 yards rushing and three touchdowns on just 13 carries.

Henry’s performance put him at the top of several updated Heisman lists after Week 1 and is ‘trending upward’ according to our own analysis.

SEC Network’s Maria Taylor caught up with Henry this week following the Crimson Tide’s momentum-building win to try and get under the shell of the bulldozer in Alabama’s backfield.

On season-opening win over 20th-ranked Wisconsin:

“I was just happy with the win and how we came out and competed. My teammates did a great job for us to have success that we did. And I was just happy that the hard work paid off for Week 1.”

Which of your three touchdowns was your favorite?

“All of them are my favorite plays just because we executed them well and my teammates and o-line did a great job for me to have those runs because of the holes that opened up.”

Mindset as Alabama’s No. 1 RB:

“We just got to run the ball effectively and play physical. And just be effective as player, if that’s running the ball, pass-blocking or catching the ball out of the backfield. Anything to help the team win.

On QB Jake Coker:

“Coker did a great job Saturday. He played with great poise, very patient. He really took our offense and played with a lot of confidence. I know as the season goes on he’ll get better and better.”

How does QB competition play out in the locker room?

“We don’t really address it. We know we’ve got great competitors at that position. We let them go out there and do what they do and compete every day.”

If you had to describe your running style:

“I don’t like bragging on myself. I just like to run physical and be a one-cut back, get north and south. And just burst through the hole.”

On following in the footsteps of T.J. Yeldon, Trent Richardson, etc.:

“Those guys set the bar high here with the running back position. I’m just trying to keep it going.”

On defense’s performance against Wisconsin:

“It’s fun to watch those guys go to work because they play real physical, they play real hard. They don’t want no touchdowns scored on them.”

End goal for junior season:

“Just helping my team get better and be a leader on the team. Effecting the players around me by the way I work and the things I do.”

On possible playmakers:

“Every guy on the offense has a big role on the offense because they’re important to the team. I think you should keep an eye on every guy because every guy can make a play at any given moment.”