Terrion Arnold had a fantastic game against Texas A&M Saturday afternoon.

The Tide beat the Aggies 26-20 and Arnold may have had one of the defensive plays of the game, breaking up a long pass to Aggies WR Ainias Smith in the 2nd half.

At the time, Texas A&M trailed by just 7. If the Aggies were able to tie it up there, who knows how the remainder of the game could have gone.

The fact that it was Arnold on Smith is important because of some comments made by Smith this past week. Smith said that playing against Nick Saban is “more personal” for him because of his brother Maurice Smith’s exit in 2016 from Alabama.

He said “I know what Nick Saban wants, and we’re gonna mess that up” regarding Saban and the Tide in Week 6.

So after the big play and Alabama’s win Saturday, of course Arnold had to take it a step further:

Tell ’em, Arnold.

The Tide look like a different team from Week 2 against Texas. They’re playing strong defense, Jalen Milroe is looking more confident by the week and the Tide are on a roll with 4 straight wins.

Alabama is the only remaining SEC West team that is undefeated in SEC play.