Hall of Fame quarterback and current FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw’s appearance on Paul Finebaum’s show on Monday certainly caused a stir, with the outspoken former Pittsburgh Steeler predicting that Tennessee will “walk all over Alabama” this season.

While debating with Phyllis from Mulga, a popular guest on the show, Bradshaw called out Saban for making a salary that’s bigger than some schools’ entire athletic budgets (via AL.com):

“What’s he making, $12 million now?” Bradshaw said. “That is the entire athletic budget at Louisiana Tech. The entire budget. That’s shameful. Shameful.”

Bradshaw then went on, ripping Saban for his icy demeanor and comparing him to former Florida and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier:

“If he has the personality of Steve Spurrier, then I would like him,” Bradshaw said. “Spurrier, now you’re talking about a great coach. That’s a great coach, Steve Spurrier, not Saban. Saban who hates people. Man doesn’t even like people. Twelve million; think about it? I could use a little bit of that money to kind of help pay off my trailer house.”

It’s unclear if Bradshaw, who was laughing during parts of the segment, was just trying to get a reaction from Phyllis or if he really doesn’t like the Alabama coach.

You can listen to the exchange here and determine for yourself whether Bradshaw was just joking with Phyllis or if there was some seriousness to his criticism of Saban.