Tim Tebow has a personal history against Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables, and shared how Venables will try to defend Tua Tagovailoa and the Alabama offense tonight in the national championship.

“This defensive line for Clemson is really good, but the secondary is not,” Tebow said on ESPN’s ‘Get Up,’ according to 247Sports. “Brent Venables is an exceptional coach and I think he’ll create some looks that Alabama has not seen. That might confuse them early on. When we played Oklahoma in the national championship in 2008, Brent Venables showed us looks they hadn’t put on tape for two years.

“We adjusted, but he did some things we didn’t expect and we didn’t plan for. He’ll try to confuse Tua a little bit early.”

From the Clemson offensive perspective, the Tigers are in for a defense they haven’t seen all season.

“Trevor (Lawrence) has been able to exceed all expectations this year and has handled all the pressure,” Tebow said. “The best defense he played was Notre Dame, but Notre Dame’s defense doesn’t compare to Alabama’s (unit). He has to manage the game. He can’t hurt Clemson with turnovers and sacks. Since 2008, opposing quarterbacks who have beaten Alabama have had an average QBR of 90.

“To beat Alabama, the quarterback has to be exceptional. Early on, he can’t force it trying to be that good. He can’t force it and needs to let the game come to him.”

Even though both teams have experience in these kinds of games, Tebow said Alabama is more comfortable with the pressure, especially at the quarterback position.

“I think there’s more pressure on Alabama, but that’s okay because Alabama is used to pressure,” Tebow said. “This is their homeostasis. When you talk to Tua (Tagovailoa), it’s just another game. Yes, there is more pressure on Alabama, but this is home for them. This is their comfort zone.”