Paul Finebaum broke some big news earlier this week when he shared that Alabama was prepared to swap out USC for TCU in the 2020 season opener from Arlington’s AT&T Stadium, if need be.

Of course, the only reason that would happen would be if USC is unable to travel for the game thanks to restrictions put on the program due to the coronavirus. While USC is a private institution, it’s unclear if the Trojans will even be able to meet up for practice in the coming months following recent comments from Los Angeles officials suggesting stay-at-home orders could be extended another three months.

It didn’t take long for both ADs from Alabama and USC to respond to Finebaum’s comments, with both administrators noting the plan to meet in Arlington for the 2020 season opener remains in place.

During a recent appearance on WNSP-FM 105.5 FM radio show “The Opening Kickoff,” Finebaum explained why TCU was the logical choice to potentially replace USC for the season opener.

“It looks like TCU for this reason, TCU plays at California that weekend in Berkeley,” Finebaum said on the show. “And it just was easy to swap, and on top of that, the games in Arlington — not to do in Texas geography, but it’s about a 35-minute drive, maybe even less, maybe 25 minutes to the stadium from the TCU campus. So, it would be very easy to do. And what we were talking about this morning, that you didn’t hear, was the just the complete meltdown of the Pac-12, because they have so many political issues out there as everyone knows. I mean the California State System went to virtual the other day.”

So why have both ADs from Alabama and USC come out and downplayed Finebaum’s reporting? The way the SEC Network host sees it, they simply don’t have any other choice than to say it’s business as usual for the time being.

“Athletic directors are put in awkward positions, not one of them can say anything right now,” Finebaum continued. “I know I sound like a broken record but when you read the statements of presidents and ADs, ‘We intend to play.’ Nobody knows. I mean absolutely nobody knows.”

The last thing he added on the subject, it’s quite clear that Alabama has not moved on from playing USC in the season opener, that could still happen, but Finebaum was firm in his reporting that the Crimson Tide have reached out to TCU in case the Trojans have to be replaced heading into the season opener.

“I wasn’t saying it’s absolute, I was just saying there have been conversations. I can guarantee you there have been some conversations,” Finebaum added.