Even football rules experts are saying Arkansas got screwed Saturday night in Auburn.

If you missed the biggest story in the SEC this weekend, Arkansas should have left Auburn with its second win of the season.

Here’s what happened if you missed it, right before what would be a game-winning field goal kick, Auburn QB Bo Nix attempted to spike the ball but he bobbled the snap, picked up the ball and clearly threw the ball behind him during his spike attempt.

Arkansas then jumped on the ball.

As we all know, a backward pass should be considered a fumble.

The play was reviewed and incredibly intentional grounding was called. Not a fumble. Not a spike. Intentional grounding.

Auburn then kicked a field goal and won 30-28.

Did Arkansas get screwed?

According to former NFL referee and NBC “Sunday Night Football” rules analyst Terry McAulay, Arkansas should have been given the ball after Nix’s backward spike attempt.