Recently retired Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops threw his two cents in about a much-discussed possibility that has been bandied about since Arkansas moved to the SEC in 1992.

Stoops, who retired in June, has spent the late summer and fall touring the country speaking to touchdown clubs and other college football groups and weighed in about the topics of the season.

This week, during a stop in Arkansas, Stoops said an Arkansas move to the Big 12 would make sense for several reasons.

“They’d be excellent in the Big 12,” Stoops said, in an interview posted by Sport & Story. “Geographically where they’re located — can you imagine the series with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State every year? Also, Texas, TCU, all the teams there in the (Dallas) area.”

Many of the reasons listed for the move are that Fayetteville is more of a geographic fit with the Big 12 than the SEC, and Arkansas has historical ties to former Southwest Conference schools. And there’s always the recruiting angle for talent-rich Texas.

“I just think they’d have an opportunity to really make a mark in the Big 12,” Stoops said. “I think it would be good for the Big 12, but I also think it would be good for Arkansas when you talk about the landscape of things.”