Safe to say Arkansas coach Bret Bielema has Oct. 24 circled on this season’s schedule.

Speaking at a Razorbacks kickoff dinner in Fayetteville, Arkansas Friday night, Bielema delivered this barb during his game-by-game glance at the 2015 season.

“Probably doesn’t need to be said in here how much I hate Auburn,” Bielema said, according to the Arkansas News.

Bielema’s disdain for the Tigers is well-documented. During SEC Media Days 2013, Bielema and Auburn coach Gus Malzahn went back and forth over hurry-up offenses relating to player safety, both coaches with polar opposite opinions.

The two smoothed it over as professionals the following season, but it was clear a friendly rivalry was birthed.

“I can’t say that we’re breaking bread together and going to dinner when we can, but I’m not throwing bread and rocks at him,” Bielema said in 2014.

Bielema’s words Friday were said inside the Springdale Convention Center no less. Malzahn was formerly Springdale High’s head coach.

From Friday’s Arkansas News report:

Bielema didn’t say it with hostility. He also didn’t say it as a complete joke. It felt more like a nod to the old days, two years ago. The Arkansas coach is hardly afraid of speaking his mind. He knew the media were gathered Friday night. Television cameras lined the back of the room directly across from where he spoke at the podium. The day-to-day print folks gathered at a table nearby.

The words were calculated. They were moderately tongue-in-cheek, but definitely purposeful.

Nevermind a week from Saturday. The season opener is all well and good, but that October 24 game should be the real fun.