Some of the most candid comments sometimes come during emotional times. And that’s what may have happened to Arkansas coach Sam Pittman, who is still getting needled for his comment following the Razorbacks’ win at Mississippi State on Saturday.

Pittman made an appearance on 103.7 The Buzz this week and was asked about him saying, “turn that damn jukebox on!” in the locker room after his post-game speech. 

“Man, that showed my age, didn’t it,” Pittman said on the radio. “Maybe I was hanging out in the wrong places when I was a kid. No, I actually got a T-shirt, Nike T-shirt by the way, that said, ‘turn up that damn jukebox.’ Yeah, I’ve caught a little flack on that and I’ll be honest with you, I just am who I am. I don’t have sayings and all that, but some of these kind of silly sayings I say have caught on and I don’t mean them to and it’s just who I am. I thought there was a jukebox in there, so I just wanted to crank it up.”

Pittman before this comment was best known for his “yessirr” catch phrase, especially when he landed a recruit’s commitment.