Even though most people don’t agree with the call, Arkansas coach Sam Pittman tried to offer an explanation on a post-game radio interview following the controversial loss to Auburn on Saturday.

Apparently, the issue came down to what was available to be reviewed in Auburn’s 30-28 victory over Arkansas on The Plains.

At issue is the play where Auburn QB Bo Nix bobbled a snap as he tried to spike the ball in order to stop the clock in the closing seconds. But Nix mishandled the ball, and the apparent fumble was recovered by Arkansas, though a whistle was blown.

A television camera also appeared to catch referee Jason Autrey grimace when he looked at the review. Some wondered if he wanted to make a different call, but could not because of the rules and latitude the officials have in a play like that.

Pittman added, “I saw a fumble and a spike that went backward six yards.”