Auburn lost the Iron Bowl on Saturday after one of the craziest plays of the season.

After a muffed punt set up Alabama with great field position in the final minutes of the game, Jalen Milroe and Alabama faced a 4th and goal from the 31-yard line. Milroe connected with Isaiah Bond in the back of the endzone on a game-winning touchdown after Hugh Freeze decided to rush two and bring the rest of the coverage to the endzone.

On Monday, Freeze broke down why he went with that decision and what went wrong.

Here is the full quote from Freeze breaking down the play during his press conference on Monday:

“We had a lot of discussion on that. They had a timeout and then we saw what they were in. They were in empty, so your choices are: Do we rush him? And if you do, we haven’t really got him on the ground very much, and he can scramble around, and you’re going to have a bunch of one-on-ones back there. You could do that, and one of their guys goes up and makes a play. Or you can drop everybody, and play 5-under, 3-deep and just play vision on the ball, knock the ball down because it has to go in the end zone. That’s the choice we made. I can show you still shots. I’ve taken pictures of every still shot from the 10-yard line in, and. I mean, we are in perfect position. We’ve got three over two. So either we didn’t coach it well enough, or we didn’t execute it well enough, and it’s probably a combination of both. It’s something we work every Thursday. That was our two options, and that’s the one we went with and felt like we could stay with their empty set and stay three over two, four over three and play with vision on the ball and knock the ball down. We didn’t play with vision on the ball.”

The play is one that both Alabama and Auburn fans will remember for a long time in two very different contexts.

Now, Alabama is preparing for the SEC Championship against Georgia with hopes of earning a spot in the CFP. Auburn is looking to put the game behind them and get ready for a bowl game and a new season.