Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham entered this season looking like it would for sure be his last college campaign, as he was getting some serious first-round NFL Draft buzz.

However, this year hasn’t gone according to plan for Stidham or the Tigers, as they’ve taken a huge step back from where they were last year.

After a 52-21 loss at Alabama on Saturday, Stidham was asked about his future plans. He said he hasn’t really given it much thought at this point (via 247Sports):

“I honestly haven’t even thought about it,” Stidham said after the Iron Bowl. “We just played a great team, and we lost, so I honestly haven’t given it any thought.”

However, Stidham did admit that he’d have to sit down and think about his future soon:

“Yeah, I think so,” Stidham said. “I think there’s a time and place for everything. But again, right now I’m not really focused on that.”

Auburn still has a bowl game to play, and it sounds like Stidham is leaning toward suiting up for that.

Whether we see him again in an Auburn helmet remains to be seen, but this will be one of the tougher NFL decisions to be made in recent years.