Lane Kiffin knows quality quarterback play when he sees it, and the Ole Miss sees something different about Auburn QB Bo Nix ahead of their matchup on Saturday.

“Seems to be more confident… He made unbelievable plays at LSU,” Kiffin said on the SEC coaches media teleconference on Wednesday. “Played really good at Arkansas. He’s playing really good now. So, good for them, not good for us.”

Kiffin added that the narrative of Nix playing well at home and not on the road has gone away after his performances at LSU and at Arkansas.

Kiffin understands what the Rebels are up against on the road this week. Kiffin said Auburn is a “very hard place to play. Even though we’re ranked in the Top 10, we’re the underdogs.”

On defense, Kiffin explains what he sees from Derek Mason’s group. Kiffin sees Auburn’s defense under Derek Mason different from the identity of Mason’s Vanderbilt teams. “More multiple, does a good job changing game to game based on who’s playing.”

H/T Christian Clemente and Auburn Gold Mine.