Dashcam video of Nick Marshall’s marijuana citation was released and obtained by WRBL-TV.

Marshall was pulled over last Friday due to a possible window tinting violation. The officer reported smelling pot but found only residue amounting to less than a single ounce. Chief of police Lonnie Holder described Marshall as teary-eyed and regretful.

“He was very regretful. He was very respectful. He was very apologetic,” said Holder. “He seemed like he was disappointed in himself. He did get a little teary eyed as we had the conversation. I think sometimes what those kids need, they need somebody to talk to them and say, hey, you made a mistake, don’t let it happen anymore.”

Gus Malzahn made the executive decision to keep Marshall home during Monday’s SEC Media Days, where Marshall was previously scheduled to meet with media members.

Here’s a look at the video that shows Marshall in handcuffs while officers search the vehicle and discover marijuana during the traffic stop.