The famed Toomer’s Corner in Auburn received a bit of a facelift on Sunday morning.

Sitting on the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and College Street, two of the iconic oak trees were replaced by ones coming from central Florida:

The trees have been through a lot over the course of the past few years. No one will forget about an Alabama fan named Harvey Updyke bragging over radio about poisoning the trees.

In September of last year, a man named Jochen Wiest set fire to one of the trees in the aftermath of Auburn’s victory over LSU.

Auburn professor of horticulture Gary Keever had this to say on the replacement of the trees:

“The fire in September severely damaged the Magnolia Avenue tree. The appearance of the tree is unacceptable, and we don’t believe it will recover within a reasonable time period. The College Street tree has failed to become established as you can see by dead branches at the top. If it had not been for the fire, though, we would have pruned those branches and continued nurturing both trees.”

Those in Auburn are hoping the trees will get a reprieve in the upcoming years from any detrimental mischief.