Auburn went to South Carolina on Saturday and lost 30-22 after taking an early lead.

QB Bo Nix has been taking a lot of heat after the game, as his lack of situational awareness on the final drive hurt the Tigers and their comeback attempt.

On Monday, SEC Network host Cole Cubelic was asked on 105.5 WNSP about Nix’s regression from last year. Cubelic said he’s not sure about regression, but there hasn’t been any noticeable improvement (via

“I don’t know if he’s regressed, but I don’t know how much he’s progressed,” Cubelic said. “A lot of these issues were issues last year. I think some of them were excused by either the level of competition or him being a freshman quarterback. I don’t think he’s gone backward. This is the same stuff we saw last year. It’s more of an issue that he hasn’t gotten better.”

Cubelic pointed to Nix’s chaotic play when things break down as a big reason why he struggles:

“Have you ever seen another quarterback that was great where every play was panic-induced?” he asked. “There never seems to be a moment of calm with Bo Nix.”

Will Nix be able to turn things around? The Tigers don’t have much of an option to replace him, so he’s the starter for the time being.