Tommy Tuberville has weighed in on the College Football Playoff debate and Florida State’s perceived snub, and stood with the committee.

The U.S. Senator, who coached Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech and Cincinnati before his time in Congress, said the bluster and legal declaration from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to use $1 million to fight the case is not necessary, The Hill reported.

“Ahh, that’s a waste of time,” Tuberville said of the demands that the selection committee turn over its records of the decision to seed Michigan, Washington, Alabama and Texas in the playoffs. “They went by the criteria of who played the toughest schedule — all the criteria that they had.”

“There’s nobody more experienced to talk about this than me. I got left out in 2004 and we were undefeated,” he said, referring to the Auburn Tigers team that went 13-0 that year.

He said the committee did “what they thought was right.”

“You feel bad for Florida State. I do. I’ve been in their shoes,” he said.

Tuberville responded to several points made by Rick Scott, a senator from Florida, who raised the ESPN TV contract with the SEC, and how Playoff committee “did not follow the process” because Florida State entered the final week of the regular season ranked No. 4 in the country and won its last game against 16th-ranked Louisville in the ACC Championship.

Scott earlier in the week wrote a letter to Boo Corrigan about the issue, and demanded answers and transparency.