Arch Manning comes from a family filled with football talent, as his grandfather (Archie) and his uncles (Peyton and Eli) were all successful NFL quarterbacks. And now, the youngest Manning, who is currently a sophomore at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, is receiving praise from top college stars.

“He’s going to be a great player,” Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence said, according to Anna Hickey of “Cool to see that family just keeps pumping out football players.”

Manning hasn’t yet decide where he’s going to go to college, but there will surely be a lot of interest as the 2023 recruiting cycle gets closer. Both of his uncles played in the SEC, as Peyton went to Tennessee and Eli attended Ole Miss. Manning’s father, Cooper, was a strong high school player who was expected to play at Ole Miss, but his career was cut short by spinal stenosis.

Recently, Manning has been in the national spotlight, as Isidore Newman played against KIPP Booker T. Washington on ESPN last Thursday. Manning passed for 241 yards and a touchdown and had two rushing scores while leading Isidore Newman to a 55-22 victory.

So, it’s easy to see why Lawrence, who is a front-runner for the Heisman Trophy this season, was so impressed by Manning’s play. Perhaps the two will even go head-to-head in the NFL someday.

Not anytime soon, though, as Manning still has two more high school seasons after this, during which he’ll make his important college decision. And it will be exciting to see where he goes on to play at the next level.