Three hours before Saturday’s ACC game between Clemson and Florida State, the conference postponed the game.

At the time, the ACC’s wording on the postponement was quite odd, as the 2 medical staffs couldn’t agree on playing.

“The postponement follows this morning’s game conference call at which time both teams’ medical personnel were unable to mutually agree on moving forward with the game,” the statement read.

Later, details emerged that Clemson had a player who tested positive late in the week who traveled to Tallahassee for the game, and FSU wasn’t comfortable with playing. Clemson, however, maintained that it adhered to protocol in order to play the game safely.

Still, FSU didn’t want to play.

Clemson’s athletic director Dan Radakovich released a statement, but Dabo Swinney stayed mum … until now.

During Swinney’s Sunday night teleconference, he blistered FSU, saying, “This game wasn’t canceled because of COVID. COVID was just an excuse to cancel the game.”

Swinney also added that if FSU wants to make up the game then they will have to either pay for Clemson’s travel again or play in Death Valley.

Here’s the full audio on Swinney’s comments:

Those are certainly some strong words and consider that “shots fired” from Swinney.

It’s unclear when or if the game will be made up.