Caleb Williams offered $1 million by former NFL QB to transfer to specific school

Caleb Williams is the biggest name in the NCAA Transfer Portal, as the former Sooners quarterback announced he would be entering the portal.

It’s unclear exactly which direction Williams may be

leaning currently; however, former Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch took to social media to tell Williams that GameAbove Capital is offering him $1 million to transfer to his alma mater Eastern Michigan.

“Hey @CALEBcsw, have you considered Eastern Michigan, @EMUFB? If not, you SHOULD,” Batch wrote in his tweet

. “GameAbove Capital is prepared to pay you ONE MILLION DOLLARS for one year! Are you ready be an EAGLE?”

Williams signed with Oklahoma because he wanted to play for Lincoln Riley, but now that Riley is gone, Williams may look elsewhere. It’s important to note that OU i

s still in the running for Williams.

The former OU quarterback played in 11 games in 2021, throwing for 1,916 yards and 21 touchdowns, while adding 442 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns.

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    • I think this is just a troll by an NFL career backup. He surely doesn't have $1 million to invest in a player that he'll see no return on at a school like eastern Michigan. If he's trying to point out a flaw in the transfer portal + NIL, Point made I guess.

    • It is gross because it's the end of college football as we've known it for 150 years. So much for college sports and in particular football being about developing the moral, spiritual, and physical character of the young men who play. So much for prioritizing getting kids an education and molding boys into fine young men.

      Next stop....salary caps on the colleges that are willing to start paying salaries in addition to full scholarships for players to "level the playing field".

      Stop after that on this train to college athletes are no longer students at all and are being cut whenever by coaches for not playing up to expectations......just like in the NFL and CFL because they're "at will" employees who can be fired at any time. Interesting how no one seems to talk about the fact that approx. 70% of the kids who enter the "transfer portal" end up with no place to "land" and find out that they're not welcome back at the schools they left.

      Everything Gene Chizik said in the posting that he was lambasted for online and on TV is coming to pass.

      • You think players haven’t been paid for the past several decades? Of course they.

        Now it’s “legal” with the NIL situation, with no apparent limit. The court ruled in favor of the athletes, but wouldn’t it have reasonable to set some limits and guidelines for this mess? The NCAA as usual is nowhere to be found in what will become an out of control situation. Just watch.

  • So rich alumni can just brazenly buy players for their schools? This did not seem anything like NIL is SUPPOSED to be. You know money for services rendered outside of football. This seemed like an offer of money to play football. I do recall some schools getting in a lot of trouble for this. Is this now legal?

      • Doesn’t matter where he offered it from it is still illegal under the new NIL rules to offer pay for play. If he has anything to do with his alma mater they will be looking into eastern Michigan. My suspicion is this was all a ploy to gain exposure for Gameabove Capitol and it has done so very well. I bet no one heard of them before this and now millions have by 1 tweet.

      • No it's not. Laws clearly say it can't be in return for signing/playing at a particular school

      • That would be no different from Raymond Harbert offing a recruit wads of money to come play for Auburn, either in the past or present. You are offering a financial inducement to come play at a school instead of paying a player that is already there for the use of their NIL. There just seems like there has to be a line somewhere and that this crosses it.

    • This is the way I always read and believe it would be. These kids are offered a college education for their services. When 3% are going to be pro players we changed the rules for the 3%, caring little to none for the student athlete. We allowed student athletes being given a free education to be compared to a employee working for the state . We allowed the media to tell us they were the same. The problem is football that needs to be removed and they have it on it way.

    • Uh........that would be a Yep. He's being offered an NIL deal through a legitimate business entity so under the new's legal. Does it stink to high heaven? IMHO that would be a definite yes.

      The University of Texas is using a "NIL deal" to pay scholarship offensive lineman a minimum of $50,000 a it was only a matter of time before we saw what we're seeing with Caleb Williams's "recruitment".

      Guess Gene Chizik was right.

      • But he is being offered money to come TO the school, not money for his NIL after he is already there. How is that different from school just going out and paying players to come?

    • It was a lot better when rich alumni bought players in secret. Bring back hypocrisy and lies! It was more ethical to pay players when it broke the rules and was considered unsportsmanlike! Since when is being above board about what you’re doing admirable? Everything should always be done in secret because TRADITION!

      • That's funny. I hear a lot about the Aggie's NIL programs from fans of other teams butt-hurt about our recruiting class, but from a guy who spends a lot of money supporting our program, buying season tickets, and sending my kids there, I don't see that any of that is happening. I had an offer to subscribe to a site that's interviewing players and paying them for the content. I love that program - Every school should be doing that.

        • Butt hurt absolutely not. The program you love so dearly…these players don’t. Enjoy the portal. This class you got won’t be on that roster in 2 years. Jimbo is a 2+loss a season HC so when these bought & paid for 5* get beat by Bama/LSU/Ole Miss/Arkansas they’ll be gone to a program they can get into the CFB playoffs with via the portal.
          Sort of reminds me of a song with Texas references in it….

          Hoo-hoo-hoo, billy Mack is a detective down in Texas…
          You know he knows just exactly what the facts is…
          He ain't gonna let those two escape justice…
          He makes his livin' off of the people's taxes…
          Bobbie Sue, whoa, whoa, she slipped away…
          Billy Joe caught up to her the very next day…
          They got the money, hey, you know they got away…
          They headed down south and they're still running today Singin'…

        • Hard for some narrow minded fans of some SEC schools to understand that AnM had rich tradition and history before the SEC. The academic standards and scholastic rankings at AnM are much closer to Vanderbilts then they would be to an Alabama, LSU, or Tennessee. A degree from AnM “just means more” than some of the Bourbon University programs in the SEC. What does a longhorn call an Aggie after graduation? “Boss”. Get used to success in Aggieland folks.

    • Some schools got in trouble for this? Yeah, like Bama back in the day buying players out of Memphis? Of course that’s just the times they got caught. Not throwing stones because everyone has done it, everyone!

    • Well, it is obvious Texas A&M has found a way to use NIL as a "signing bonus" for recruits. I too thought it meant a star player could get paid for doing an AD for merchandise or similar. Instead, it has become nothing more than cash to sign. What follows will be backwater deals, offering big $s for players to transfer.
      Free tuition, meal plan, room and board and many more perks than 99% of college students was not enough. Before long, NIL too, will be "not enough." Sad but true.

  • I could see this writing on the wall when they first started talking about it, and this is just the beginning

    • I hate that everyone here is biting this bait. No chance Williams goes to eastern Michigan and Charlie batch knows it. Even if his company did have the money to pay him. He's trying to make a point and trying to get his brand's name out there. That's it.

  • This is what’s coming. It may benefit certain players, but it sucks. Play for a school you love.

    Each year college sports change and it’s not for the better (at least for me as a fan).

  • I think it's awesome, it's fun watching the "elites" squeal when they can't buy all the best recruits anymore. They'll still get their fair share but now everyone has a shot at guys like Williams.

    • It won't be the elites squealing. It will be everyone else coaching, training and developing for the elites who will have their pick. I think at Alabama, it will be a benefit but its a really a bad idea for the college game as a whole.

    • The elites are schools that have the fan base and boosters to make this happen...

      • I wonder if we could speculate about Kentucky basketball boosters and “one and done”. Probably don’t wanna go down that road. I like Stoops and believe he’s above board. UK basketball? Hmmmmm

        • That's a fair question- UGAsince80. No doubt KY basketball would be an offender. And I don't like it in my own backyard either.

    • Sorry Tiger you're not going to get elite players because Taco John's is throwing money a recruits way.

  • This has an ick factor to it. I thought the whole genesis of NIL was indeed for Name, Image, Likeness, as in showing up in video games, promotional items for the school and such. Not sure how it devolved in to just whoring out the "student"/athlete to the highest bidder.

    • This has a massive "ick" factor to it. Once they started down the path of paying players.....however they tried to "frame" it.....what we're seeing here is "the future" of college sports. D1 College football will simply toss aside all pretenses and become the NFL's "D League". I predict that many schools will opt out of scholarship athletics as they can't afford to pay tens of millions to field a team, and those that do stick around in the new "pay for play" world will find a way to drop all pretenses of these kids being students which means that like the NFL....when one of them doesn't perform or someone else is available who is better.....they'll find themselves "unemployed".

  • The transfer portal is basically just free agency...I've read a couple different articles saying Williams was considering UGA...but I say he'll end up at USC...I'm sure they can beat this offer

    • Naaaaaaaah no USC can NOT beat this offer!!! At OU Lincoln Riley was HANDED AN ELITE TEAM AND PROGRAM. HE DIDN'T BUILD IT HIMSELF. BOB STOOPS BUILT THIS MORE MODERN VS OF USC!!!! If he wants to WIN and go to the NFL. Then Georgia is the spot. Georgia always has a big-time O line, big-time running backs and now even our receiver is way better!!! We ALWAYS play top 5 to #1 defense!!!

      AND TO RAP IT ALL TOGETHER AN OC THAT COACHED IN THE NFL AND COLLEGE FOR MANY MANY YEARS!!!!!!! And has put more elite offense's together than Lincoln Riley ever dreamed of doing. It's going to probably take YEARS and he still might not do it!!!

      PS. I'll let him decide but I wouldn't count Kirby Smart or Georgia out!!!!!


      • What elite offense has Monken put together? He has never sniffed anything like what Riley has done.
        2 #1 overall picks at qb
        2 heisman trophy qb
        Always in the top 5 or ten in offense.

        Monken couldn’t carry Riley’s clipboard.

        • riley is deserving of all praise he receives for his offenses, but monken's #2 scoring offense in the sec seems to be a pretty solid stat

        • Licoln Riley's offenses are bayou question Excellent...but the defenses...Oh my ! Not at all, not even merely acceptable. With Venables in Norman, Okla the "D" will improve by the time they enter the SEC.

      • I wouldn't count Georgia out either, they get a 'mulligan' whenever they 'don't' win; so, yeah, they're still in... :-)

    • Doesn't uga already have a couple 5 star QBs on the roster? It would be pretty stupid for him to transfer to Georgia.

  • I'm not so sure GEORGIA isn't in this!!! Everyone is counting Georgia out. But this is Kirby Smart the #1 recruiter of 5 star quarterbacks!!!

    Yea I would love to have Caleb Williams but if we don't get him. I'm not worried. Because if I just go by STATS! Georgia will probably have 4 former 5 star QBs if nobody transfers!!!! And every single one of them DESTROYED Caleb Williams stats in high school.

    Max preps says Caleb Williams had only 30 career touchdown passes and the majority came in his last season. 30???? Really???? I'm not insulting Caleb Williams at all. I might be questioning why everyone acts like he is the best young QB in years or one of the best. I honestly don't get it???

    And no his RUSHING TDS are not all that exciting either!!!! I watched him play at OU and the dude can ball!!!! But I can't even compare him to Brock Vandagriff with 100+ career touchdown passes and a thousand + yards on the ground, in a single season!!!!!

    Carson Beck I can't recall his stats but they are good. He is 6.4sh to maybe 6.5? Probably 6.5 is likely right and he goes around 235 now. He CAN run as well!!! No he's not Mike Vick on the ground but he can move. He's not a statue!!!! The dude is also a 5 star QB and a former champion and a MR FLORIDA quarterback!!! Both Saban and Mullen recruited him hard!!! He hasn't blossomed yet but he has FLASHED SEVERAL TIMES!!!!! When he finally blossoms I hope it's at Georgia!!!!!!

    Everyone knows about JT Daniels or they SHOULD!!! 152 career touchdown passes. Exactly the same number of TD passes as the great Bryce Young!!!! Only it took Bryce Young 4 full seasons to get the 152 TD PASSES!!!! It only took JT Daniels 3 seasons because he reclassified remember???? Oh but Negan he can't run, you say? I think he can run good enough. He has a LONGER RUN FROM SCRIMMAGE THAN BRYCE YOUNG HAD!!! Bryce Young's longest run in high school was 40 yards or so. JT Daniels had a 70+ yard run in high school. I saw it on his tape and he was booking!!!!!!!!! I think he is scared to run now!!! But it's the knee, so I can't blame him!!!!

    I can't compare ANYONE to Gunner Stockton with an unbelievable RECORD 177 TOUCHDOWN PASSES AND 77 RUSHING TOUCHDOWNS!!! That is 20+ more than Deshaun Watson on the ground. Also Watson is now way behind in passing TDS as well!!!!

    Gunner Stockton beat Watson, Trevor Lawrence, Bryce Young and JT Daniels passing record. And way more touchdowns than all these guys on the ground!!!

    So yea I would love to get Caleb Williams but I'm not certain he wants to compete. Our roster of QBs could scare him away!!!! I wouldn't blame him to be afraid!!!

    I would be a little SURPRISED to see Caleb Williams at Georgia. But no I would not be shocked at all!!! We will see I guess!!!! But Georgia has the receivers and THE VERY BEST YOUNG TE ROOM IN A GENERATION!!!! Our O LINE is absolutely famous as is our running game every season!!! WE ARE RBU!!! Georgia has EVERYTHING a young QB would want or need to be successful including our offensive style!!!!! Again our QB room could frighten him away. But then again some plays prefer competition!!! We will see which kind he is!!!!


    Georgia checks EVERY BOX!!!! If he is the best QB when/if he comes to Georgia. I'm sure Kirby Smart would insist on playing him. It's more than just being talented. You also need to fit what Georgia does on offense as well. I honestly believe that Caleb Williams is PERFECT FOR TODD MONKEN'S SYSTEM AND WHAT GEORGIA WANTS TO DO!!!!

    Saban would be all over this kid if it weren't for Bryce Young and that 5 star from Tennessee signed. The biggest reason he doesn't dance n?de on a dare for this kid is Bryce Young!!!! Saban believes as I do that if he brought Caleb Williams in Bryce Young probably transfers the same day!!!!

    PS. To say the QB room at Georgia is full and running over, would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! But when the QB in question is Caleb Williams. You always have room for ONE MORE!!!! Georgia probably gets Arch Manning but you never pass on any elite QB!!!!!


    • Emory Jones, i can't recall his STATS but they are good. He's a FORMER 5-star (i think) and he CAN run, maybe, BUT MAYBE NOT. He needs a little more development, or maybe he goes to another school. either WAY he's a good kid. AND athlete. He threw a FEW ints. BUT. he is a "SMART" kid that may end up AT uga. since they NEED more QB's to SIT on the bench so a 2 star WALK-on can start the games. When he finally blossoms i hope it's at Georgia.

      • Emory Jones was expected to enter the NCAA Transfer Portal; however, according to a new report by On3 Sports’ Matt Zenitz, that hasn’t happened yet and his future is still up in the air.

        “An update on Florida QB Emory Jones: Had been expected to enter the transfer portal but hasn’t officially done so at this point and, per sources, is still with the team at Florida. Is enrolled in classes and took part in a team meeting yesterday,” Zenitz tweeted Wednesday.

        Looks like he will still be at Florida "when he finally blossoms."

      • tailwhip...Emory Jones may be smart, but in reading defenses he seems like a middle schooler=decides before the snap where the ball's going.. Yes he can run...very elusive.

    • Arch is gyro Georgia or Alabama. Kiffin has a better chance with him. Arch doesn’t need NIL money. Don’t count out LSU now that Kelly is there either

    • According to 247sports composite. Kirby has gotten 3 5 star QB’s. One of them(the best one) transferred out, the other was a transfer in that’s being wasted, then the new guy coming in. Carson and Gunner are 4 stars.

      Either way there are several guys, including Saban, Dabo, and Riley who out recruit Kirby at the QB position. To say he is the #1 5 star QB recruiter is pure ignorance.

      • About those 5* QBs. What did the one that transferred out do, that the one that beat him out didn't?

      • Dabo's great QBs, Watson & Lawrence came to Clemson because of the offense. Chad Morris recruited Watson and Lawrence made his own decision w/o any outside influences...again because of Clemson's passing offense...not because of Dabo's recruiting prowess. Dabo was a very good recruiter some 10 years ago but that ship has sailed.

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