Deion Sanders has been successful in pretty much everything he has ever done, most notably in football and baseball as a college and professional player, and also now as a college football coach.

He has also been brash along the way, which has often rubbed people the wrong way.

But there’s simply no denying that he more often than not backs up what he says.

And when it comes to winning, as Sanders has done big in 3 years at Jackson State with a 21-5 overall record, he says that component of his life is non negotiable.

“I gotta a win in every facet of life,” Sanders said on “CBS’s 60 Minutes” on Sunday night. “That’s what winning is. That’s our natural odor. We don’t even use cologne. Baby, we a winner.  We smell like winning around here. … I’m gonna win, but not only win. i’m gonna dominate.”

Jackson State is 6-0 on the season and Sanders has been mentioned in recent weeks in connection to FBS openings, most notably at Georgia Tech.