Devin Brown has college football fans a bit confused to begin Friday’s Cotton Bowl.

The game arrives as Brown’s first career start as quarterback for Ohio State. However, Brown is wearing No. 33, certainly an uncommon choice for a QB at any level of the sport.

Traditionally, players at QB don a single digit or one in the early teens. For context, Ohio State’s former starter Kyle McCord donned No. 6, and Mizzou’s Brady Cook sports No. 12.

For what it’s worth, Brown did not always wear No. 33. He switched to the number in the offseason as a nod to Hall of Fame QB Sammy Baugh while Brown proclaimed No. 33 as “the OG QB number.”

Brown might have a nice and unique reason for the switch to the number, but that hasn’t changed the confusion (and disgust from some) among fans on social media. It’s definitely an odd sight for many, and it will take some getting used to.

Take a look: