Greg McElroy was in New Orleans preparing to call the Sugar Bowl between Washington and Texas, but was keeping tabs on the other College Football Playoff semifinal in Pasadena as Michigan defeated Alabama in overtime.

“I think the big takeaway is that Michigan is who we thought they were,” McElroy said on his “Always College Football” podcast. “They’re a really physical football team, they’re an extremely disciplined football team. They know exactly who they are. They want to dictate the terms of the game by being able to impose their will at their line of the scrimmage.”

McElroy went on to state that Michigan’s “vastly underrated” weapons, bringing up a key catch by Roman Wilson as an example of who the Wolverines have at their disposal. He pointed to Michigan’s stop on 4th down and short near the goal line in overtime, which he noted was meant to be an RPO for Alabama.

“It was a well-executed plan (from Michigan), and on the biggest down of the game, they held firm on the interior,” he said.