No Power 5 conference games have even been played yet, and we probably have still found the worst clock management of the 2020 season.

The bizarre sequence in question comes to us from the Middle Tennessee-Army game. Trailing Army 21-0 with 45 seconds left in the second quarter, Middle Tennessee had the ball at the Army 2-yard line with a first-and-goal situation.

A botched snap brought the ball back to the 14-yard line, but the coaches decided not to use 1 of their 2 remaining timeouts. Instead, after the next play, the clock expired:

How do you not use 1 of your timeouts there? It’s not like the roll over to the second half if you don’t use them.

That decision cost Middle Tennessee a shot at a touchdown or, at the very least, a field-goal attempt to end the half. Bizarre.