Less than 2 weeks before the first action in the ACC, North Carolina coach Mack Brown has detailed how the conference will handle crowd noise.

On a Zoom call with reporters, Brown noted that North Carolina is beginning its preparation for Syracuse on Sept. 12. That is the first home game under the current policy of the Tar Heels not allowing fans through at least September. Brown apologized to the fans for not allowing them in the stadium.

In addition to no attendance, fans will also not be allowed to tailgate on campus.

But the conference will allow crowd noise, and Brown noted that, “We’re going to have to bring our own energy.”

Brown said team has worked at cross training players at multiple positions this preseason, because COVID contact tracing could potentially take out an entire position group for two weeks this season. The LSU offensive line, for example, has already dealt with a version of this possibility. Brown also said that everyone on the sideline during games will be required to wear either a mask or helmet.

Brown also noted that he’s discussed with players the possibility that if a team cancels a game on Sunday, a different opponent could be scheduled for that Saturday, David Hale reported.

H/T Mike Barber, Erin Summers.