The College Football Playoff Rankings will be unveiled after the Week 10 games. That means on November 5, we’ll know the selection committee’s Top 25. Until then, the debate will wage on around the country.

If the College Football Playoff started today, defending national champion Clemson wouldn’t make it, according to Tim Tebow.

“I’ll go Alabama No. 1. LSU no. 2. Ohio State No. 3, and Oklahoma No. 4,” Tebow said on ESPN’s First Take. “I would have Clemson just out at No. 5.”

Of course, Alabama and LSU play each other November 9, and Tebow’s top four could change. Perhaps it wouldn’t, assuming he still thinks the loser of Alabama-LSU is still a top four team.

Tebow was then asked how Clemson would be left out.

“We got to cutoff last year at last year,” Tebow explained. “This year’s Clemson team is not last year’s Clemson team. Ask all the first-round draft picks now playing in the NFL. So, we can’t just say what you did last year counts this year. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a brand new team, especially a brand new defense, and they’re not executing and clicking the same on offense. So, I don’t think it’s fair or right to look at last year and give them credit for this year for what they did last year.”

The Tigers will play one of the nation’s weakest schedules moving forward, and the margin for error is slim.

You can watch Tebow’s full explanation below: