At SEC Media Days on Wednesday, Alabama LB Dylan Moses said Georgia, not Clemson, was the toughest team the Crimson Tide played in 2019.

Over at ACC Media Days, Clemson OL John Simpson heard that, and fired back, saying Notre Dame was actually the toughest team Clemson played all year.

That comment, though, didn’t sit well with SEC Network host Paul Finebaum, who called it “one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard.” It’s unclear if Finebaum was aware of Moses’s comments at the time.

Now, Clemson players are calling out Finebaum on Twitter. QB Trevor Lawrence and Simpson both had responses:

The Tigers and Tide are clearly needling each other, and it’ll be exciting to see if we get a fourth title-game matchup between the two powerhouses.

There will be plenty of tension as both teams try to work their way back to the top of the sport.