Turnover props became popular in the college football world a few years ago, starting with Miami’s turnover chain.

Now, we have everything from turnover trash cans to pimp hats to spiked shoulder pads to bags of (fake) cash and more. The thing about those sideline props, though, is that they are more for the players to celebrate with one another, not to troll their opponent.

Well, on Saturday, Penn State debuted a turnover prop that was very much directed at the opponent, Indiana. As you can see below, the Nittany Lions held up a giant thank-you card after snagging a turnover against the Hoosiers:

Did that motivate the Hoosiers? It’s possible! Indiana forced overtime with the score tied 28-28. After Penn State scored and kicked an extra point, Indiana scored and went for 2. They converted and got the win, 36-35.

Was the thank-you card bad karma for the Nittany Lions? We’ll see if it makes another appearance this season.