The Big 12 has been a mess this season, and if you think the most disappointing team in college football resides there, you’d be right. But it may not be the one you’re thinking of following the latest round of seemingly weekly upsets.

ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum weighed in with his thoughts on the subject on SportsCenter on Sunday.

“If I took Texas seriously, I would take Texas but I haven’t taken Texas seriously since Mack Brown was there,” Finebaum said, per 247Sports. “It’s Oklahoma. Oklahoma has been to four of the last five College Football Playoffs. You have to take them seriously. You have to also say they’re not going back this year and neither is Texas. Probably the Big 12 is in deep trouble. The answer is pretty simple.”

Typically, the Sooners have been the most reliable team, especially at quarterback where they have churned out multiple Heisman Trophy winners in recent years. That has changed this year, and one of their chief rivals has assumed the spot, according to Finebaum.

“I have been accused of administering last rites to the Big 12 prematurely. This year it’s not premature. Oklahoma State is their only shot and I don’t trust them at all. I think the College Football Playoff will be without the Big 12 this year and that means we’ll be without a big blowout in the first round. No big deal.”