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My bad, I agree it’s not the same. I mistakenly took the author saying “It’s worth noting that both Jeremy Pruitt and Phillip Fulmer both accepted reduced salaries this year to help the school deal with the financial burden brought on by the COVID pandemic.” as meaning that he took a pay cut.
Bigorange, while the article says most assistants didn’t take a pay cut, the article states that Pruitt did take a pay cut.
Maybe there were no freshmen at a certain position. Maybe center? I don't know this, just a guess.
I wonder who Dave will write about next that should still be UT’s coach. First, Fulmer was coercing his way back in, now Kiffin is golden. Will it be a story about how good Dooley’s done at Mizzou? Or will it be Butch Jones? Or hey, maybe Majors might want to coach again. Right now Jeremy Pruitt is our teams coach, love him or hate him, just give him a chance. I think he will right the ship if given enough time.
Since he is walking on instead of scholarship, does that make him immediately eligible or does he still have to sit a year?
Where at off to side? I haven’t been able to find a list of all articles for every team. I’m about done searching.
It’s awful, it’s impossible to find the most recent articles. But it’s not just on iPad, iPhone and Android phones are the same. I’ve not tried on the computer but I imagine it’s the same. I probably spend 1/4 of the time on here now as I did previously. Hopefully this is costing them advertising revenue and they will switch back or at the very least make a few tweaks.
I’m not saying it will happen, but it could happen. I just don’t get how the author stated his opinion as a fact. He represented that it’s totally impossible for the wizards to pick bone at 9.
Or maybe he fits what the wizards need and they want to take him at number 9. If that’s the case then number 9 isn’t too early for bone to go.
Thanks, that makes sense. I believe his parents were with him. They were sitting in the row behind me. When we stood up to exit the plane, the top of my head was below his shoulders. I wish I had realized who he was sooner, I’d have done some fan recruiting.
I didn’t realize it until I saw the welcoming party at the airport but I flew into Knox last night on the same plane with Blackshear. Flight was from Sanford/ Orlando so I wonder if he was visiting Florida yesterday. On a side note, coach Barnes is awesome, he took the time to talk with me and other fans and even let us get some pics while he was waiting on Blackshear to walk down the ramp. Then as he was leaving and I was waiting at the luggage carousel, he stopped and talked to me again. Super awesome guy.
I didn’t feel a need to argue with your comment. I was just curious about your line of thinking in said comment. But to continue the conversation, I think there is a vast difference in letting a coach go and them walking away. If an employer can not satisfy the demands of an employee and they go somewhere else that can meet those demands, I wouldn’t consider that as letting him go. However, I don’t disagree with the main point of your comment. I would think that all ad’s would always have a list of potential candidates whether you are planning to fire your coach or hope he’ll stay until he retires.
Not sure why you think Tennessee is considering “letting a coach go”. It seems to me like the coach is considering letting Tennessee go
Are there not more important things that the fbi could spend their time and resources on?
I’ve figured out that if you are logged in it usually prevents the videos from playing. Without being logged in the site is completely unbearable.
A few years ago I stumbled across an article about UT traditions and one of them said that all alumni we're supposed to wear orange on Fridays. It didn't mention anything about sports. It was just a tradition to show school pride. It was a utk.edu link but I haven't been able to find it since that day. Whenever I read it I started wearing orange every Friday and now my wife thinks I'm nuts. Anybody know anything about this?
And Tennessee's losses we're to teams who are ranked 2,6, and 14 in the nation. So, your logic of Auburn lost to good teams doesn't mean anything.
My guess is either Pruitt said he wasn't going to be told who to hire or Tee isn't interested in working as an assistant under pruitt. One way or another, Tee wants to be a head coach soon. As much as we as fans might want him here, the fact remains that his fastest route to becoming a head coach is probably by staying where he is for now.
I would think he could come in and work recruitment at TN until the early signing period then go back to bama and get himself another Natty then come back and get to work full time here. I think this could be a really good hire.
Heard on wnml that it's $1 million
Except that if tn doesn't have a coach before tomorrow, it's going to be talked about all day by every network. Recruits are going to turn on their TV's to watch the conference championship games and they'll be told over and over again about the joke that has become TN football. If we have a coach in place, maybe we can slide out of negativity to some degree.
Ok, I recant. I will never support someone who knew of a child being abused and did nothing about it. I didn't know about that when I made my original comment.
I'm seriously hoping this is just speculation like all the rest of the articles claiming to know who the next coach is going to be. But everything is pointing to this being real. I'm so depressed. That being said, if schiano is our new coach, he needs our support. Surely it wouldn't happen if better options were available.
I just watched jg's press conference where he said this. I like his attitude in it. Glad he's taking a leadership role.
I don’t understand how people say we’re not in worse shape than Dooley left us. Worst season in program history. Shutout in neyland against ga. Barely beat UMass. First time we’ve ever gone winless in the sec. First time we’ve ever lost 8 games in a season. I’m not bashing the players, they gave heart all season long. This falls on Butch Jones and it is definitely worse than Dooley’s final year. Man I hope we get somebody good.
I don't understand how people say we're not in worse shape than Dooley left us. Worst season in program history. Shutout in neyland against ga. Barely beat UMass. First time we've ever gone winless in the sec. First time we've ever lost 8 games in a season. I'm not bashing the players, they gave heart all season long. This falls on Butch Jones and it is definitely worse than Dooley's final year. Man I hope we get somebody good.
You really think they'd have won if Jones had been there?