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A few years ago I stumbled across an article about UT traditions and one of them said that all alumni we're supposed to wear orange on Fridays. It didn't mention anything about sports. It was just a tradition to show school pride. It was a utk.edu link but I haven't been able to find it since that day. Whenever I read it I started wearing orange every Friday and now my wife thinks I'm nuts. Anybody know anything about this?
And Tennessee's losses we're to teams who are ranked 2,6, and 14 in the nation. So, your logic of Auburn lost to good teams doesn't mean anything.
My guess is either Pruitt said he wasn't going to be told who to hire or Tee isn't interested in working as an assistant under pruitt. One way or another, Tee wants to be a head coach soon. As much as we as fans might want him here, the fact remains that his fastest route to becoming a head coach is probably by staying where he is for now.
I would think he could come in and work recruitment at TN until the early signing period then go back to bama and get himself another Natty then come back and get to work full time here. I think this could be a really good hire.
Heard on wnml that it's $1 million
Except that if tn doesn't have a coach before tomorrow, it's going to be talked about all day by every network. Recruits are going to turn on their TV's to watch the conference championship games and they'll be told over and over again about the joke that has become TN football. If we have a coach in place, maybe we can slide out of negativity to some degree.
Ok, I recant. I will never support someone who knew of a child being abused and did nothing about it. I didn't know about that when I made my original comment.
I'm seriously hoping this is just speculation like all the rest of the articles claiming to know who the next coach is going to be. But everything is pointing to this being real. I'm so depressed. That being said, if schiano is our new coach, he needs our support. Surely it wouldn't happen if better options were available.
I just watched jg's press conference where he said this. I like his attitude in it. Glad he's taking a leadership role.
I don’t understand how people say we’re not in worse shape than Dooley left us. Worst season in program history. Shutout in neyland against ga. Barely beat UMass. First time we’ve ever gone winless in the sec. First time we’ve ever lost 8 games in a season. I’m not bashing the players, they gave heart all season long. This falls on Butch Jones and it is definitely worse than Dooley’s final year. Man I hope we get somebody good.
I don't understand how people say we're not in worse shape than Dooley left us. Worst season in program history. Shutout in neyland against ga. Barely beat UMass. First time we've ever gone winless in the sec. First time we've ever lost 8 games in a season. I'm not bashing the players, they gave heart all season long. This falls on Butch Jones and it is definitely worse than Dooley's final year. Man I hope we get somebody good.
You really think they'd have won if Jones had been there?
You know, I don't understand why these coaches are terminated without cause. They're hired to win. If they don't win, they get fired. It seems like not doing what you are hired to do would give the employer cause for termination.
Unless they are going after a currently unemployed coach, they won't be hiring anybody until the regular season is over anyway. So, you still have the same situation with building the new staff in a short time frame. As far as that goes, it doesn't matter what week Jones gets fired.
No, I was actually done with Jones when he kept whining about 3 games in 13 days to start the season. I'm not worried about losing this recruit or the other one that decommited today. Just pointing out that it didn't matter when he got canned. We were going to lose recruits no matter what.
They did open up the checkbook in previous searches. Only problem is the guys they made big offers to wouldn't come. When they settled on Dooley and Jones, they paid less. It wouldn't make sense to pay either of them the amounts they offered to big name guys.
Fuzzy, when you click reply, it indents one column from the comment you are replying to. Since lsusmc replied to the same comment as you before you did, his reply is above yours.
Wait a minute, I don't understand. Everybody said we had to fire Jones to save the recruiting class. Why would ingle open up his recruitment 30 minutes after Jones got fired.
That's fine. Don't go if you don't want to spend your money on it but don't tell me or anybody else not to spend our money on it.
I think Jones was told after the Georgia game that he would not be here next year. He hasn't been active on Twitter since the week of Georgia (as of the middle of last week, I don't know if he has since then). He also hasn't hosted any recruits since then. He also seems to be ok with the recent decommits. And he seems to be ok with burning redshirts. During a press conference last week, Mullen hinted that he is leaving miss state. I think either tn or fl has already made an offer and it's been accepted.
I thought there was a new rule this year that would allow a small percentage of playing time without burning the redshirt. Am I mistaken on this?
This is completely asinine. The young men wearing orange and white are the ones putting everything on the line for the fans. When I go to a game it's to watch the players and those players feed off of the crowd. They aren't going to distinguish that nobody is at the game in order to get the administration's attention. They will see an empty stadium and their performance will decline. If everybody stays home I would bet we will see Tennessee lose the rest of the games this season. We need to be there supporting these players and cheering them to victory. I don't know about anybody else but I kinda like the fact that we are one of only 2 teams in the nation that has never lost 8 games in a season. Even worse, I'd hate for Ohio State to be the only team that has never lost 8 in a season.
That stat is almost as ridiculous as the continuously popping up ads that you can never get to the end of. It took 5 tries to click in this comment box
I'll jump in here too. I hated the last change a few months back. But this is absolutely ridiculous
The smart thing to do would be rest Kelly this weekend. We need him fresh and healthy for Georgia and the rest of the real competition this fall. The backups need more game day reps this weekend so they have the experience to rest Kelly as the season wears on. But we all know the TN coaching staff fails to make smart decisions about using running backs, so he probably will get 30 touches this weekend.
I love that this happened for Bain. It's great when someone works their tail off and it pays off for them.