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Don't get your panties in a wad,you still have Vandy,and the way it's gone in the past you'll have a new coach soon. See,things are looking up.
I was thinking the same thing, he may have a future in politics.
mullen said it was the 12th mans fault, "pack the swamp". Hell they couldn't sell 17k last week.
Pruitt has utk snowed, but hey, they gave Fulmer 6 Mil to go away and then hired him back. He just keeps platin them...
Arkansas got hosed, somebody should lose their job for that one, hopefully Karma pays off.
OK, so where's the clown that exclaimed Stetson was a "Game Manager" and didn't have a chance against the 4 year stud ? You said you would take your medicine.
WOW !!! That was an A$$ Whippin in the second half !!!, but utk gave it a valiant effort in the first half. They can start the streak again next week.
You shoulda heard em in Knoxville, pretty obnoxious all week.
Dawgs tried to give it to utk, spotted'em 14 pt's, what the hell Hillbilly's, take advantage of it!!!
Then it would really look bad if a 4th string walk on were to beat utk with a 4 year, 4* starter, wouldn't it ?
Now that's funny as hell, I hope Pinky Mays makes the trip and sees what an idiot he made of himself and the mockery he's made of utk.
If Arky were to beat Auburn at home, it would hit the fan on the plains for sure. They would start passing the Buyout Jar around stadium before the last tic on the clock.
Easy on the personal attacks there Beefy Boy, the heading reads "Bold Predictions" and he has to base it on UTK's recent performances. Remember, you have to EARN respect!
I would think in all likelihood if UTK doesn't beat or at least stay within a touchdown of UGA, then get boat raced by Bama and lose the last game of the year to UF, Pruitt could have a rough offseason.
You must stand in front of a mirror every morning and tell yourself that, because it sounds like you're starting to believe it. I think you're underestimating Bennett, at the present, he's the #2 rated passer in the country. He's been in the program for awhile and go's up against what a lot of people (not me, like in your case) say is the #1 defense in the country. UTK will score, and there is always a chance of an upset, just keep consulting the man in the mirror.
Lots of pressure on Pruitt in year 3 to get the job done against one of the big three. Then you can add all the behind the scenes drama, Mays' Toxic Environment, Cheney's UGA won't match the UTK offer, recruits, and on and on. So of the three I'd say this is the one he needs to win, there won't be a lack of want to, that's for sure.
Arkansas and Auburn are just as strong, if not stronger competition than USC and Missouri. The six teams UTK played before that wasn't very strong either. I think this is the game they need to get a good gauge on where both teams are at.
UGA is 14-7 against UTK since 1998, I don't think that classifies as destroying. Good try though.
I seen Jabari in a bar about five years ago and couldn't help myself. I asked him if he thought that maybe Karma might of had something to do with his lack of success against the Dawgs. H