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Even being a few years old, it would be hard for to believe the likes of N.Texas, J.Madison, etc. are on this list, but no O.St., Mich., etc. Just speaking on the fact that UGA has spent close to 200 mil. on their football facilities in the last 3 years leads me to think this can't be too accurate.
He will do his time at utk, collect his check and move on like the last five coaches in the last ten years.
If UGA's O-line lives up to expectations and Milton stays healthy, he'll be in this conversation at the end of the season.
Nothing funnier than Cousin Eddie slow rolling a wake, too bad he didn't have his leisure suit on, or maybe his Darth mask.
You know what they say about a leopard and their spots ...
Agreed, TD would make any team better by just the personal mentoring aspect, not to mention his coaching on the field. DGD !!!
I think you're confusing CKS for Cousin Eddie. You know, if the shoe fits. Man that's always going to be funny.
Yeah, because Jake, Stetson, and JT really sucked. Maybe one of the next two 5 stars will pan out.
Was that the game he wrestled a bear at halftime ?
Good coach and even better person, hope he gets involved in someway with UGA. I would bet CKS, being the smart man he is, will reach out to him in some way at some point.
I think utk's recruits would prefer the McDonald's bags of cash, but each to their own.
You can bet the utk fans would be piling on UGA if it was the dumpster fire Hillbilly High is right now and has been the last 20 years. Also you're right about Pinky Mays family, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Karma is a B!%*h!
Got the best man for the job on the payroll already and still looking to pay more money. Can't see the forest for the trees. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
What a d!(k ! He had ample time to let this kid know he wasn't wanted, It would be good karma if he wound up somewhere and showed out against utk.
It made the UCF fans and the financial department happy to get rid of him. They were going to fire him anyway. Now they save a combined 6mil. Christmas in January!!!
Just like the last five coaching hires at UTK, most of these coaches are looking for a raise.
Watch out, Pinky Mays might sue for the use of his trade mark word.
Jon Gilbert is the obvious choice, he's kept East Carolina and Alabama out of the NCAA Dog House.
Wow! Pruitt gets thrown under the bus for the actions of the people under him, The guy that picked him and gave him an extension gets a mulligan and gets to help pick the next one? Then rides off into the Tennessee Retirement Sunset. Taxpayers get screwed no matter what. Fulmer, the gift that keeps on giving.
I don't think there is a choice. They will have to keep him till all the penalties are handed down and then both parties will decide if the other is worth it.
Not sure where you been, but UGA has averaged 10 wins the last 20 years with the longest bowl streak in the nation.
And you two still have " Georgia on Your Mind ".