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My understanding is Bama has a Heisman QB, UGA a walk on, and Bama will have more players taken in the first two rounds of the draft. So if you're using logic, put your $$$ on Bama. O
They just beat utk on 1/15/20 80 to 63, maybe we should kick utk out with their poor football performance the last 20 years even while they were cheating and giving out bags of $$$...
Spoken like a true bammer man, everyone knows bama is the Duke Blue Devils of football.
UTK has never even been a top 6 job in the SEC before last expansion, much less now.
This coaching hire will determine whether FU becomes the new UTK or not. Of course, if Hypel winds up going back to OK in the next year or two could negate that statement.
It will be Napier, it wouldn't be an upgrade from Oregon, Campbell has it made in the New Big 12, Bob Stoops would be crazy to risk his legacy, and FU would be crazy to risk it's legacy with Kiffin. Herman is a non factor.
Just another angry fu fan, it's ok, don't jump...
That's what they should of done at utk. If there is no penalty for their actions it will continue.
What school did you go to, everyone knows UGA is a top 15 academic institution and obviously smarter than the powers that be at fu, because they would never hire that clown in any capacity.
I think that's a very fair assessment and holds true for any better than average team UGA plays, utk, bama, or whom ever. I bet the coaches on both side are aware of that. We'll see which coaching staff is the best to combat that stat...
Mullen may want to reconsider that " We'll talk recruiting after the season " thingy, he's getting left behind. Just a thought from a caring Dawgs Fan. We want him there forever, he's just great entertainment.
Hell, utk has never even been to a final four, UGA has. come back with something legit.
Looks like fu is the new utk, keep cuttin them checks...
The Mullet Mans job is on the line, Coach O and LSU is spiraling out of control, bet the farm on FU !
This will be a good barometer for utk, with fu's state of fluctuation (Bad Coaching) you can't really gauge that game except to say utk is playing better now.
They are not a top ten team, much less a top five.
Typical Butt hurt fu fans, no sense of humor...
Goes to showing you how a bunch of butt hurt old men can act when their feelings get messaged. They just better hope this is the end of SEC expansion.
I can see a scenario where if these other conferences get too petty, the SEC might just expand into their own league.
Shoulda just came over here to "Titletown" Alcoa, most Championships in the state (19) and winningest coach in the state. Not to mention, the campus is like college.
Even being a few years old, it would be hard for to believe the likes of N.Texas, J.Madison, etc. are on this list, but no O.St., Mich., etc. Just speaking on the fact that UGA has spent close to 200 mil. on their football facilities in the last 3 years leads me to think this can't be too accurate.
He will do his time at utk, collect his check and move on like the last five coaches in the last ten years.
If UGA's O-line lives up to expectations and Milton stays healthy, he'll be in this conversation at the end of the season.