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Not just meddling, it's outright tampering, he was an already committed player. You would think that ESPN would have some kind of language written in his contract prohibiting such and what the penalty would be. I would hope they will address this formally at some point.
Herbie thumbing his nose at the powers that be at Disney, most any other employee would be job scared about now. Goes to show you he thinks, or knows he knows, he's untouchable.
Bama will not get in under any circumstances, there is no way they go from 8th to 4th even if they beat UGA by double digits. That's the way it's set up, first in, first out.
That's exactly right, UGA didn't have the time, and the SEC commish didn't want them to play OK. Somebody should get their facts straight.
Just not a good look when you're 1-6 in league play.
He sure isn't making any friends in the coaching fraternity, none of them seem to care too much for him. Maybe karma, who knows, kind of the same pattern he had at UCF.
Hillbilly High pulling out all the stops bringing Dolly in, how desperate can you be.
Must win for both teams, utk in a close one.
Just might be the most asinine thing I've read on here. Congratulations
Yes, where's The 8 Million Dollar Man ?
Instead of post integration, it should be post playoff, because now it's won on the field, not in the press. Also it took years for integration to level the playing field, the playoffs and NIL, which schools like utk offering a HS Junior 2 million a year was overnight
Maybe as an fu fan, you should focus on all the issues going on in gainesville, we all know there's been no discipline there in quite some time.
Maybe as an fu fan, you should focus on all the issues going on in gainesville, we all know there's been no discipline there in quite some time.
The only place he done this was utk,so maybe he learned it from fulmer.
Yeah, I bet his dad was disappointed even though he wouldn't admit it. I wish him well, he's gonna be a good one.
Typical sidewalk fan, knows little about his own team and less about everything else.
That's funny, Paul wasn't that critical of the punishment his alma mater was handed for giving out $$$ in McDonald's Bags.
Bammer had the #'s 1 and 2 players at the most important positions last year and couldn't even make the playoffs.
Sure he can,he's got the advantage,he'll be using the Ho Card.
Hillbilly High has never been a Top 20 University like Georgia and Florida.
Yeah, cute thing about that is, UGA beat that #1 with the #2253 player for The National Championship. It's all about development, and that's why UGA is so successful.
Oh the irony, wins 2 National Championships in two years as a starter, doesn't qualify, Peyton can't beat Florida in four years, no problem.
Little Man is on his way out, even with 5* talent he is beginning to wane. The gruel is taking it's toll, he's aged five years this season. Two, maybe three, he's done.