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The Dawgs are instantly in this guys head, via The Blind Squirrel no doubt. There is no place for their recruiting to go but up, of course he did find one nut (5*) this cycle, Kirby spotted him the first one (Cox), but if I were The Squirrel I wouldn't count on his generosity for too long.
The only lock for Jamie is,he is going to put an A$$ Whoopin on fu
Like Georgia State did on utk ?
I wouldn't worry too much about the Dawgs o-line, they have enough current talent and with the 5-star depth coming should be ok. I look for them to be hitting on all cylinders by "The Cocktail Party". It should also help in the east that the utk game was moved to Nov.
Another moonlighting homer pandering to the home team.
Another moonlighting homer pandering to the home team.
I can see your logic in how you would think this, but I would say that other than getting pressure on the QB there is more room for improvement in the passing game than anywhere else. With Coley taking over the OC reins (play calling), Chaney leaving (addition by subtraction) and the more than capable receivers, production should go up.
WOW !!! FU only has two of the top 25 players in Florida committed.He won't last long if he keeps that up.
Boca is not a bad place to be stuck in purgatory, I lived there,it could be worse.
" Dan Mullen, who flipped the broken, toxic culture left behind " Did you read the rest of your article, this clown is every bit as toxic as his predecessor.
I thought I read an article that said he was born in Tennessee, oh well doesn't matter you've had a lot of people giving up on utk in the last 20 years.
The first two paragraphs point to exactly why they have been left out. Don't need further explanation,best example of enough said I've ever seen.
They say players take on the persona of their coach, here's proof. As one gentleman said "Speaks Volumes".
They say players take on the persona of their coach, here's proof.As one gentleman said " Speaks Volumes ".
"If Florida is doing it, everyone must be doing it." I believe Georgia scheduled all these schools with the exception of ASU before Florida did any of them.