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Ray Edwards was Herm Edwards' agent back in the stone age. Id be trying to deflect as well had I hired Herm Edwards.
Adam Spencer is actually just a parrot. Adam, dont quit your day job you couch fattie, twitter cut n paste cheetos eatin' rube.
Adam Spencer is the worst sports writer in the history of ever.
These kids sign up to play for a school...not a coach. Fact. The schools give the scholarships....not the coach. Fact. The NCAA knows that education is paramount. Football is not. No pass.
Wish this young man good luck. Follow your heart son.
Adam Spencer is a talent less hack. His stories are copied from twitter and take 2 seconds to post.
In other news, Adam Spencer doesnt actually report anything. He copy and pastes random twitter feeds from his couch, with Cheeto stained fingers.
In other news, Adam Spencer continues to copy and paste some stuff that some one else reported as probably not true, an calls it work.
I like how he reports on things that someone else reported on, which are also nothing, and puts the ole "drag and wear" spin on it. You know, to make it his. :)
Thanks to the administration, the program has suffered many set backs over the last decade. It will be rectified shortly.
As usual, Adam reports nothing. Keep up the top notch "journalism", Adam.
Adam Spencer continues his proud tradition of not really reporting anything that someone else didnt report first, that was also nothing.
Love all the Dawgs and Cocks talking smack. Tennessee has been down over a decade. Phillip is back to correct this error. Butch Jones beat the Dawgs half the time. Nothing to howl about. South Carolina has delusions of grandeur after beating Butch twice. With those 2 wins, SC has beat UT 9 times out of 36 meetings, all time. Thats something to crow about, if youre a Cock.
You guys are getting to be the real bottom of the reporting barrel. Where do these hack "journalists" keep coming from? Appears that this one crawled out from under a rock somewhere around Atlanta. Stay of your couch Paul. Just hit retweet.
This is a story that you would find written by a 10 year old for a school paper. Try some substance, Adam. I assume you do get paid for this dribble?
Mind to expand on your vast knowledge of the Peyton Manning sexual assault? Cmon, do it.
Curry was trying to get a .500 coach on the cheap. One with stains on him. Youve been a basement program since you came to the SEC. Stop licking your own gamecock.
Want to unify the fan base? Fire Curry. Hire Phil. Let him hire the new coach. Start there.