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What? This team doesn't include DB's Mike Hilton or Trae Elston? Please edit and repost.
That amazes me that Eli still have the record for most attempts in a season - specificlaly that non of the Freeze QB's (Wallace/Kelly) ever attempted for passes than Eli did in Cut's offense. Man they were slinging it around back in '02 !
Right. I was thinking “so this is basically a list of every good QB the vols have had not named Payton Manning?”
Christ sure does know a whole lot about the landscape of the 2017 NFL for a guy that hasnt watched more than a few Bears posessions (PS - that may be the root of your problem). I agree that the NFL has a ton of negative storylines these days that are not compelling. And All football has too many penalties (especially against defensive players). But lets be real. Im a sports fan. And on Sunday when Infinally get to turn on the TV... im watching football. NFL football
With Chad Kelly injured, Ole Miss should "CONSIDER" playing Shea Patterson ^ that's a pretty bold headline there. (I promise you, Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss will CONSIDER playing Patterson). But yes, the whole thing is very interesting and there is a hundred ways to look at it and a hundred ways it could play out. Its a big risk if he starts and fails and the Rebs loose multiple games. But it could also be a huge blessing if the Rebs win 2/3 games and he gets great experience. I say play him!
Georgia State has a home game in the Georgia Dome on Saturday. They can't boot Ga State out of there.
I'm surprised that the 2008 blowout win at Georgia didn't make the list somehow, aka "The Funeral" game. When I think of Saban's tenure, I think of that game as his coming-out party. UGA was preseason #1 that year and had beatin Bama the year prior. Bama rolled into Athens and UGA wore the all-black uniforms and it was never close. It was a horrible loss for UGA and Saban's first big win, and from then on out, the rest is history. Saban has been Saban and Bama has been Bama. But to be that game was the launching point.
No doubt Keno will show up and get all defensive, take everything way too seriously and refuse to take a simple joke.
Funny enough.. thats not Vandy's stadium. That must be the pregame at Georgia Tech. So although its funny and im sure Vandy stadium is pretty empty.. its not really a fair shot at them.
Ahhh... Chad Kelly is a great QB... But he is NOT a typical SEC fratstar. Far from it.
Listen Mountain Dawg... (sick name bra!) Perhaps the altitude has gotten to you head. Go ask Breeland Speaks, Machine Gun Kelly, and Van Jefferson what they remember about the last 10 OleMiss v UGA games and it how it will affect their day on Sat, Sept 24th. Answer: don't mean sh*t. PS - I recently read a few weeks ago that Kirby ripped up all the zoysia in his front yard and replaced it with Fescue.. and now all of Clarke County is sold out of fescue seed. That true?
This is great. God bless Uncle Verne. That was the most perfect day in the history of Oxford, MS. Every single detail of the day was just perfect and couldn't have been any better.
^ It wasn't pointless. They make money off advertising.. you (and I) clicked on the article which is exactly the point. SDS 1 You 0 Now.. all smartass comments aside.. Go Rebs and go to hell Bama. #threeinarowbaby #shocktheworld #nobodysaidwecouldgoitthelasttwotimes #youcantclickonthesehashtags #kiffinbangedsabansdaughter #andsadlymywifetoo
Hey, I really appreciate those last two paragraphs.. I was wondering who this fella was and now I don't have to go to Wikipedia to find my answer. ;)
Keno98.. I say this as a fellow Tennessee fan.. relax. These meme's are funny and pretty accurate. Its just a simple joke. You can laugh at it without getting all defensive. Even if you are correct in your defense.. nobody cares. Everytime a UT article is posted you dominate the comment section by getting all defensive and angry. Just relax bra.
Yea - that was so tight how yall played Oregon in their prime and took two ass beatings. You should be pretty proud of that. Way to go! Thats like almost a win, right? As a team playing in the SEC.. specifically the SEC west.. I am TOTALLY cool playing "beatable" Power 5 teams. We dont need help with our SOS. (Oh, and like someone said.. when we schedule Texas and Boise.. they were much better then the team we ended up facing. Sometimes the cookie crumbles that way).
Im not sure what Michigan has done to earn that #5 ranking. Almost beat Migh State? Getting crushed by Ohio State? Or just having a (albiet good) head coach who makes a lot noise in the media?
What dude? Are you just typing out the same generic response (cut down) all day, every day? I didn't say anything about being great or achieving anything great (to date). In fact, my entire point was that it feels good to be "relevant" and "in the mix".
I went to Ole Miss from 2004-2008 and we were absolutely horrible all 4 years (14 wins in 4 years). Of course I also remember the dirtbag Houston Nutt's last 2 years in Oxford in which he threw in the towel, cheated and led two horrible teams. Like so many Rebs, I remember thinking at that time " Man, I would LOVE to just be in the SEC mix. Be apart of the convo, be relevant to the competitive landscape, pose a threat to someone!". Anyways - I say this b/c every time I read TackMan, BamaTime or anyone else go out of their way to trash the Rebels it reminds me "We've done it!" These guys hate the Rebs b/c we are beatin them in recent years, we are now legit recruiting rivals, and we have a program that can contend. That makes me happy. For years these schools barely acknowledged that we existed in the SEC and would occasionally say "the Grove is nice, fun place to visit". I love it. Cant wait to play some football.
Ha! Thats a great point Bacon.. they do all have very cool names. (seriously) Imagine how cool they would be if they had a legit passing attack too. There aint nothing about a WR blocking on a "toss"-sweep-up-the-middle.
Rowdy Rebs and Girls DTF? Where the F was this place in 2004-08 ?
Rebels have the deepest WR core in America. They are SO SO loaded for now and for the future.
How On earth is their not a bar from Oxford MS on this list? The Library is maybe the best college bar in America. The burgandy Room. Proud larrys. C'mon!!
I think you are missing my point. The Rebels ran for approx 200 yards a game through the last 7 games last year against high quality opponents. I think the running game as a whole was pretty good in those games. We finished the season rnaked 7th in the league in rushing. The issue is that we spread the wealth around so much so that no single back accumulated big time stats. But Wilkens and Judd 100% showed they are capable and they were big recruits. They both ran the ball very well when called upon and had big moments. So if you are going to mention Whaley, Thompson, Holloway, and Ford.. You may want to acknowledge these Rebel backs first as they have produced in big moments, albeit in conjunction with each other (and Walton last year, and Kelly).
I use to think Mullen would be leaving.. but after watching him desperately try and leave the last 3 years and fail to land a job.. I think he and State are stuck together which is kind of funny b/c neither party truely likes the other (the fan just have to embrace him b/c he is the best they have ever had). The dude interviews for every opening and can't get himself hired. Which is no shocked since he comes off like such a know-it-all, fast-talking, yankee prick everytime he is on camera. I am sure that is off putting to AD's who interview him. I love it though. He can't beat the Rebels (or any big game in November) and he is not much of a threat on the recruiting trail, so let him stay as long as he likes. That said, he is a pretty good coach and the best coach State has ever had. And he did a great job with Dak and does a good job with very average talent. It'll be interesting to see how he does in the post-Dak era. I hope he stays forever.
And Wilkens and Judd are both MUCH bigger and more powerful than Walton or Jeff Scott before him. And the frosh Swinney is supposedly a total stud.
John Crist - no love for any of the Ole Miss backs? You aren't the first to overlook them. And its understandable considering the workload was literally split evenly between Walton, Wilkens and Judd last year (and Kelly). Walton is gone but you are crazy is you think Wilkens and/or Judd aren't totally capable. They were both big recruits who have had big moments in "limited", yet meaningful playing time in big games. Wilkens avg 5.3 yards per carry with huge runs against Bama, Miss State (long TD) and Okie State in the sugar bowl (long TD). Judd avg 5.5 YPC with big games against Auburn (long TD) and big gainers vs LSU and Miss St. (go Youtube the Miss State run) While the Rebels running game can be too "finesse" at times (which, as a fan, can be very frustrating), they did finish 7th in the conference at 183 yards per game. Somewhere this should and could be acknowledged. We got backs, baby!
I agree. I feel like we will get things worked out at LB and Gates will play OLB. Its the safety play that concerns me. Hilton and Elston were totally underappreciated and did such a good job back there - and we ask them to do a lot. They left big shoes to fill.
This actually is a good list. So many times these list are total BS and remind me of the "America's best steakhouse" list in the Delta mags. AKA, the towns tourism board just paid to get on the list. This one actually seems authentic and well put together.
Holy hell you are right. How could I mess that up? Varisty Blues was the best movie ever.