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Can't wait to watch this in 12-13 years. I'm so ecstatic!
Same reason Richt was fired from Georgia. They both stopped producing.
Well you better call pest control, cause y’all just can’t beat them!
Well, least he won't have to replace it anytime soon. Arkansas knows what their mascot is.. unlike Ole Miss.
There we go - someone with some respectable knowledge. Texas is the only key to Arkansas having any success. Arkansas has shown that they're able to make a little bit of noise in the SEC given the right talent and coaching, as any program, so don't let them fly under the radar.
You can thank Arkansas for Gus's generous pay raise.
Same speculation as Gus Malzahn. It's not happening.
You're pretty self conscious about yourself based on your comments.
LegendDD2, plenty of people vacation to Northwest Arkansas for general MTB, crystal bridges, etc.
Missouri will win, chalk it up. I hope Missouri wins to solidify Bielemas leaving.
Was this before or after all the team injuries occurred? Anyways, thanks for previously having a somewhat positive outlook on this season. I don't see how any "Ferrell hogs" had any hopes for this year to be "THE year" after our collapse late last season. Any realistic hog fan would of loved to go 7-5.
You're not offending anyone at this point. Arkansas ISN'T on a good path. We all know that & I am with Last Hog Fan - I was at the point of wanting Coastal to win to nearly (hopefully?) guarantee a coaching change.
Well that fan was Canaan Sandy.. pretty sure he won ESPN's Fan of the Year award or something like that. Bielema knew him pretty well as well as most of the team, I'm sure.
So you don't care about your sons education it seems. If you died, would you not care that your son is punished because he missed a practice grieving for his loss? There is more to life than a Heisman. Hell, I'd rather play for a TEAM and not myself. You're just a little selfish is all.
Look here, another bandwagon Bama fan.
I see the trend. Alabama fan supports Alabama writer...
Well.. he is more of a man than you'll ever be, Jimmy and certainly more mature.
Bielema got penalized because he was asked to get off the field and still wouldn't. I'm a big Razorback fan but Saban got off the field pretty quickly.
You're still entangled by what was misunderstood & setup by an Alabama Cousin Hopper? Also, correct your grammar... or at least grow up.
Especially after beating LSWHO for the fourth year in a row.
So Wide Receivers? Arkansas is missing their starting WR Keon Hatcher. Drew Morgan, another Wide Receiver, has shoulder complications. Albeit he has had them since High School, he still manages to play pretty swell. Hunter Henry had ankle complications himself during that game and Jared Cornelius has been playing with a cast. So all in all, most of our Tight Ends and Wide Receivers are injured but we are still excelling in the passing attack?