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Question #11 - How many men will RoneshaMexico service during the baseball season?
Ronesha Mexico plans on servicing men during the Super Bowl.
RoneshaMexico will be crying on her pillow tonight.
""For my money (which it isn’t), he’s as good as there is in the business."" ""He did his best to combat the notion that he pulled for certain schools, including his alma mater (Ohio State)"" B U L L S H E E T!!!!
One thing about TAMU is that, recently, they seem to be snake-bit at the QB position. I'd like to see what the Aggies can do with a healthy QB that can make it through an entire season. Agree that Weigman has potential to be a good QB.
Dawgs let the Gators pick their pockets too many times early in the game.
I don't know much about Okie but I will when the 2024 season starts since they're now in the SEC. Are they a threat to win the SECCG or are we looking at a mid-tier level team?
Caleb Downs (please!), KJ Bolden, Malaki Starks, Ellis Robinson IV, Joenel Aguero..... That would make for one heck of a DB room.
That list of receivers for UGA is nice but I can't understand why Dillon Bell never gets any love.
160 pounds? I would imagine he'll need a lil more meat on his bones.
Asterisk Asterisk This is an illegitimate title. A sign-stealing scandal and horrible calls by the game officials. ASTERISK
Great story. Since Michigan is guilty of a sign-stealing scandal, I'm rooting for my fellow canines. Go Huskies!
If Michigan wins there should be a permanent asterisk next to it for the sign-stealing scandal.
I still don't understand how Michigan is allowed to advance to the playoffs when there was a sign-stealing scandal going on. Maybe the NCAA can vacate any wins from 2023 including the CFP's.
The only reason Michigan has survived is because they didn't have to play Georgia.
I think I see why multiple commenters here (mostly Dawg fans) hold this author in contempt.
As a Dawg fan and with the SOS argument in mind, I think UGA would prefer Alabama, Ole Miss, Mizzou, UK, UT and UF to win if the "resume" is going to looks its best.
If UGA loses to a very good Alabama squad in a close game, does UGA drop all the way to #5 and out of the CFP's altogether? Meechigan or tOSU will also have a loss.
UGA should own the #2 spot for consecutive weeks atop the AP poll. Can someone confirm that? USC's record of 33 may be untouchable.
So why does LSU @ UA get to be the game of the week and not Mizzou @ UGA? LSU #14 / UA #8 = Avg of 11. Mizzou #12 / UGA #2 = Avg of 7. Division crowns and a trip to Atlanta are at stake. Thoughts anyone?
Michigan at #3 - I guess that means the sign-stealing will continue.
Carson Beck be like "this is my house!"