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I would make that bet in a heart beat. Tennessee is going to suck this year. Couldn't even have a successful season with the best QB yall have had in years. Butch Jones is also a joke of a coach and I would take Mark Stoops over him every time. Love the Kentucky hype and I hope they challenge for the East division.
Alabama is LSU's biggest rival. Easy decision. LSU hates Bama because we are dominating them with their old coach. Ed O understands this and will do everything in his power to beat Bama, even if he loses every other game.
Absolutely loved the Ed O hire by LSU. Going to be funny watching the Tigers struggle for the next 2-3 years before he's let go.
People who bash Alabama and other schools for playing teams like Mercer clearly didnt read the article and are just haters in their own right.Yes, Mercer is a cupcake. Yes, Bama doesnt benefit much from these games besides getting a W. Yes, these teams benefit greatly from the opportunity. Just read the article and you can see that these coaches and programs love the opportunity to play teams like Bama and other SEC greats.Calling Alabama pathetic for scheduling Mercer is pretty immature. Think about this. Instead of scheduling Mercer, Bama schedules another Group of 5 team out of say, the Mountain West, MAC, etc. The result will be the exact same. A beat down. The media will call it the exact same, a cupcake victory in mid November. But the difference with playing Mercer is, Bama gets to help a small program located geographically close by gain attention, money, and respect. Its good for those programs and waaaaaay more beneficial and ideal than smacking around some random MAC team from the midwest.
WOW, what a dumb thing to say. Etling is one of the worst QBs in the league. Goodluck! And as far as making a NFL roster, that'll never happen. Look at Zach Mettenberger. He was a much better QB than Etling and he lasted about 3 years and is now sitting at home waiting on a call from his agent.
Yeah recent flukes aside, this is a 6 team league, but I do expect TAMU to join the big boy party in years to come, as they have all the assets, opportunities, and money to make it happen.
So in the SEC Championship's 25 year history, 3 teams (Georgia, Tennessee, Florida) have won the East division 22 out of 25 times and 3 teams (Alabama, Auburn, LSU) have won the West division 21 out of 25 times. Interesting.
LSU has to compete with Alabama, which basically acts like an in-state program in recruiting, considering how Bama has pulled top talent out of there year in and year out and frankly, dominated in the state.
You're probably right, but I think it has more to do with coaching. Saban and Kiffin put Hurts in position to succeed by not asking too much and running plays Hurts could handle. Hurts is also a very mature player for his age which allowed him to handle the pressure of being the starting QB for the best team in the nation. Also, wins tend to help the argument for POY and on any other SEC team, the wins aren't there.
You're greatly mistaken. TEs are used differently in different systems. Case in point is Alabama. Go look at any tape of OJ and you'll find him mauling defenders in the run game/pass protection. He was an incredible blocker. Most Bama TEs are incredible blockers which fits the offensive system.
Patterson would be a huge get for TAMU and the SEC as a whole. The SEC has fallen behind the likes of the Big Ten and ACC when it comes to top-notch, quality coaches. The SEC used to have the cream of the crop when it came to coaching and since then, some have moved on, some retired, and some forced out.
There is a HUGE difference between these 2 players. One is playing for and being coached by Saban and Pruitt, one of which is one of the greatest defensive minds the game has. The other plays for Tennessee and champion of life Butch Jones.
You must still be butt hurt over that loss. Not one thing the Vandy AD said was classless. Just a harmful jab at an in state rival
From what I have heard, Sark is getting let go at Alabama. This will have nothing to do with the LSU OC position and if there is any interest in Sark at all. This has to do with Alabama firing Sark for some reason. (probably got drunk again)
Evan Engram is by far the best "TE" in the country. I put TE in parentheses, because he plays in the slot, and he should be considered a receiver. He isn't asked to block a lot, like a typical TE and that could be the reason he was left off the Mackey finalist list.But make no mistake, he might be a first round pick at TE, because he is the kind of TE NFL teams want in their offensive scheme.
SEC doubleheader on Nov. 5th - looks like Bama will be playing under the lights at Tiger Stadium. Roll tide
The only time I'll side with an LSU fan is talking down to ole miss fans. Ole miss, look, you're only relevant right now because you've beaten Bama the past couple years. THATS THE ONLY REASON.You guys are so high and mighty these days but have yet to do anything. I laugh at your mediocrity.
As a Bama fan, sir Charles will always be my favorite auburn alum. The dude is hilarious and always speaks his mind. Love it.
Alabama has been an O-line factory in the Saban era. I think Scarborough will be just fine running behind whatever combo Saban and Key put out there.
The funny thing is I, and most Bama fans, would take the complete Alabama team over this "super" SEC team any day of the week. Alabama is just that good!
Honestly, Lane would do a better job and probably run circles around that high school coach y'all have roaming the sidelines. Gus, haha now he's a joke of a coach.
I agree with what Deacon is saying, but he's talking about the wrong game. To win the SEC and get to the playoff, LSU will have to go through Bama, as its been the past 2 years. To beat Bama teams need superb QB play (Ole Miss, Ohio State), so with that said, LSU will need great QB play to win the SEC. Championship defense will win you game at Auburn, but remember Alabama has a better defense, so you better count on good to great QB play to win the SEC and make the playoff.
Haha are you delusional? Alabama has the clear advantage in talent and in coaching. Thats not even an argument its a fact.
haha, typical Auburn fan reaching far and wide to find holes in Bama's dominance to make them feel better about their mediocrity.run along little brother
I agree he is a great coach. But given the fact hat he has had all his success with possibly the greatest QB in the history of the NFL, I think that has aided in his accomplishments. The NFL is a QB league and you can really only win with an outstanding QB.
Picking the field vs the Tide is Bold. You literally just said the same narrative that Alabama was facing at the beginning of the 2014 and 2015 seasons, and we all know how that turned out. SEC Champs.
2016 schedule could potentially be tougher than 2015.USC is pretty comparable to Wisconsin Western Kentucky is a tougher out than Middle Tenn State was The SEC schedule might be tougher in my mind. 3 potential top 10 games will be played on the road: Ole Miss, LSU, and Tennessee. Throw in an away game at Arkansas and that's not easy. Obviously Kentucky is far easier than Georgia. The difference is Bama gets the reeling/going backwards teams at home: Miss State, Auburn, and TAMU. These are probably guaranteed wins no matter where they are played, but at home they almost look impossible to lose. Basically, what I am saying is I would rather play these games on the road and save the tougher teams for home, but that's not the case in 2016