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When will UGA players announce? I know there are a couple that will likely go (Roquan and Trenton). It would be nice to see the other national champ game team lose some top talent to the NFL.
The problem with this is that we wouldnt play the home and home series for another 3-4 years, and by that time UCF will be an average at best football team. Bama would absolutely demolish them and then we would get criticized for playing a weak OOC schedule. I would love to see it though, just to shut these annoying UCF "fans" up.
You’re a hack fan. That was an incredible game from both sides. I know it aucks to be a fan of teams from Georgia but come on. Blaming the refs is just pathetic.
You’re totally right! A missed face mask early in the 3rd quarter cost them the game. Hahaha, must of been tough for you to watch that game.
^^^this comment alone proves how sensitive you are. Got offended by nothing, so you took it upon yourself to took a cheap shot.
This guy is a troll, no need to pay him any attention.
Look at FAU's schedule the next 2 years. They go to Oklahoma and UCF next year, and the following year get UCF at home and Ohio State on the road. Lane will make a big splash these next couple years at FAU as long as he sticks around.Not too crazy to think he and the OWLs can pull off an upset and get his team into a New Years 6 bowl.Lane Train!!!
It's cute to see UGA fans talk trash now that they are finally relevant. only took you guys about 30 years. Welcome to the party!
It truly amazes me the amount of confidence the UGA fan base has all of a sudden. Its almost like every team in college football just needs to roll over and give the dawgs the title from here on out.I understand ya'll have never been here before and are finally crawling out of the hole you've been in for 25+ years, but damn. Calm down and enjoy the moment. Your fan base has become insufferable this year.
What a lot of people dont talk about when it comes to college athletes, football players for the sake of this thread, is that these young men probably would never have the chance or desire to even go to college without football. Their ability to play the game of football at a high level allows a lot of these players with poor, unfortunate backgrounds to have the opportunity to go to college and better their situations. Whether it is solely pursuing the football dream or actually benefiting from the education given to them is up to them once they get there. I understand its demanding to do both, but it can be done. There are people all over the country that work 2-3 part-time jobs while attending college full-time just so they can pay their way.
He'll have less carries, no doubt. Jacobs' stats and contributions will come in the passing game. He's excellent in the open field and he's the perfect fit as a receiving RB. Add that to Daboll becoming the O coordinator, where he came from New England, who used RBs such as Dion Lewis, Bolden, and James White to embarrass defenders. I think we'll see a lot of him coming out of the backfield or split out in the slot. Too talented to keep off the field.
Saban has never had any problem with players transferring, it happens all the time. Saban had a problem with his player quitting after 4 games and leaving his teammates behind. You either quit and transfer before the season or after it, not right in the middle of it. That was what Saban was upset about. You can even read what Barnett said in his interview. He basically said that after that USC game, he quit and didnt want to be apart of the program anymore. Instead of working his butt off like every other player, he pouted, never showed he was worthy of starting, got frustrated, quit, and transferred. Calling Saban a hypocrite is not right, for Saban always left his teams for better gigs after the season was over. He never quit on his team midway through.
Those Dreamland BBQ Nachos are a thing of beauty and are ever so delicious on a Saturday afternoon. Enjoy Georgia fans!
Saban does what Saban thinks is best for his players, not what some pundits and critics think is the "best or appropriate" action. All these critics and pundits have no care in the world for the player, Hand, and whats best for him. Everyone just wants to see Alabama, as a whole, suffer. Everyone disciplines their players, students, children, etc. differently. If you dont like it, thats a personal problem.How many repeat offenders has Saban had in his 10 years at Bama? Not many, if any. So it seems that his internal punishment works fairly well and I honestly think its best for the kid in the long run. If this was an FSU player, an Auburn player, etc. I think the same type punishment should be enforced. Gather the facts and punish according to what you believe is best for the kid.
In the information provided about the arrest, Hand was arrested in his car which was parked in the 1100 block of University Blvd. If you know anything about Tuscaloosa, which I am assuming you dont, the 1100 block of University Blvd is the Strip, where Gallettes, Rounders, other bars and restaurants are located. This leads me to believe he left the bar/late night food place and went to his car where he passed out. Its not like he was miles away from campus at his apartment complex, where he would have had to drive to before passing out. YES, its still a DUI, but he didnt put anyone in harms way.
As a Bama fan, this year is setting up nicely for Auburn to make a run. They will finish 10-2 with their 2 losses coming to Bama and LSU.
Yes, he got a DUI. Will he be suspended? I am going to say that he wont and if he does it will only be for a half. This has happened in the past and Saban has shown that his internal punishment is something that he stands by. Ask yourself this: What is better for the kid? sitting out one football game or going to some type of alcohol therapy/volunteer work/mentoring program/etc.Honestly, in the long run I think its the latter.
ahhh yes now your whining makes since because in your little mind, stats are everything.
They have? Really? I must of missed something because over the past decade Bama has won 4 national titles, 2 heismans, 5 SEC titles, had like 8 or so #1 recruiting classes, and wins 10+ games every year. Seems like a lot of that would be hard to accomplish if Bama has been caught cheating and paying players so much. You seem like a small man with a lot of issues with Bama's dominance. Cheer up.
Laughable? In 2012 AJ McCarron finished with 2900 passing yards, had 30 TDs and only 3 INTs with a completion percentage of 67%. He also finished 2nd in the Heisman voting. He followed that up in 2013 by throwing for 3100 yards, 28 TDs and only 7 INTs with a completion percentage of 67% and won the Maxwell Award and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award. In his 2 years of starting he had a 5.8:1 Touchdown to Interception ratio. Pretty outstanding.
What sanctions have come down so far? Please inform me because I have seen nothing of the sort, yet. NCAA sanctions are still coming for you guys and if you dont see that, then you are either very naive or just dumb. Freeze resigning had little to do with the investigation going on at the University. Sorry bud, but there is more to come.
I would make that bet in a heart beat. Tennessee is going to suck this year. Couldn't even have a successful season with the best QB yall have had in years. Butch Jones is also a joke of a coach and I would take Mark Stoops over him every time. Love the Kentucky hype and I hope they challenge for the East division.
Alabama is LSU's biggest rival. Easy decision. LSU hates Bama because we are dominating them with their old coach. Ed O understands this and will do everything in his power to beat Bama, even if he loses every other game.
Absolutely loved the Ed O hire by LSU. Going to be funny watching the Tigers struggle for the next 2-3 years before he's let go.
People who bash Alabama and other schools for playing teams like Mercer clearly didnt read the article and are just haters in their own right.Yes, Mercer is a cupcake. Yes, Bama doesnt benefit much from these games besides getting a W. Yes, these teams benefit greatly from the opportunity. Just read the article and you can see that these coaches and programs love the opportunity to play teams like Bama and other SEC greats.Calling Alabama pathetic for scheduling Mercer is pretty immature. Think about this. Instead of scheduling Mercer, Bama schedules another Group of 5 team out of say, the Mountain West, MAC, etc. The result will be the exact same. A beat down. The media will call it the exact same, a cupcake victory in mid November. But the difference with playing Mercer is, Bama gets to help a small program located geographically close by gain attention, money, and respect. Its good for those programs and waaaaaay more beneficial and ideal than smacking around some random MAC team from the midwest.
WOW, what a dumb thing to say. Etling is one of the worst QBs in the league. Goodluck! And as far as making a NFL roster, that'll never happen. Look at Zach Mettenberger. He was a much better QB than Etling and he lasted about 3 years and is now sitting at home waiting on a call from his agent.
Yeah recent flukes aside, this is a 6 team league, but I do expect TAMU to join the big boy party in years to come, as they have all the assets, opportunities, and money to make it happen.