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Tim always has and always will be jealous of the Alabama football program so he desperately tries to find even the smallest victories, even if its only a victory in his mind, to boast about.
Nix wont become an elite QB because of one reason: Gus Malzahn. Gus cannot develop an elite QB. You can argue that Stidham actually went backwards as a QB when he left Baylor and went to Auburn. Gus' offense doesnt develop QBs.
Serious question to Florida fans: Does this not bother you? I know the talent depth in the state of Florida is immense, but the top tier prospects continue to go to other schools not named Florida. Bama's top 4 recruits so far this year are from Florida, including two 5*s.
I really do feel bad for you. You’re blinded by your ignorant views. You watch too much OAN. Hope you pack enough beer for you’re Klan meeting this weekend! Have a good one.
You don't have to agree with every stance BLM takes or everything they preach, but you should do some serious soul searching if you don't think black lives matter or that racism/systematic racism exists in our country or that some type of change needs to happen to reduce/eliminate racism.
I love how it was actually written by a player on the team and not some PR group. Makes it more real, more meaningful, and from the heart.
I mean in that case you can argue that UGA doesnt belong anywhere near a Tier 2 program. Havent won a championship in the past 40 years, no Heisman winners since Hershal, only won 3 SEC Titles in 30 years. What makes UGA a tier 2 program? People are using the same argument to downplay OU and USC when they have accomplished way more than UGA has but they are considered comfortably in the Tier 2? doesnt make sense to me.
It wouldnt be copying by any means. This is a serious issue in our country right now and everyone and every team should be speaking out and taking a leadership position towards change.
You realize that arguably the best coach in Texas' history, Mack Brown, only won the conference twice! OU won it 10 times during his tenor. Doesnt matter how good Texas is, OU has always been better and a great program and they will continue to be.
When it comes to top tier college programs, a lot of people want to dismiss history and what teams have accomplished as a whole and immediately revert to recency bias as the determining factor.
Also, if we are looking at more recent times (this century), OU is easy to argue as top tier still as they have a championship, another championship appearance, dominated their conference, been to the playoff 4 times, produced multiple heisman winners, multiple all-americans, win 10+ games most years, lots of draft picks. Hell, USC has multiple titles, multiple heismans, many Pac-12 titles, etc. etc.
Again, look at it holistically. Look at all the things I mentioned above and you cannot argue that they dont belong in the top tier of college football programs. Both are top 10 or top 5 in every single category I mentioned. They each have more examples of sustained success over periods of time than most other teams. I'd be willing to bet most college football experts, historians, people that study the game for a living would agree with USC and OU being top tier college football programs.
I think it says a lot when a program can win and be relevant across multiple decades. Bama, Ohio State, OU, and USC have all been great programs from the 30s to now. Yes, each team is going to have a lull in dominance for a few years here and there, like USC has recently. But its hard to argue that those 4 teams were not significantly relevant at some point during each of the past 7-8 decades. LSU was nothing before 2000. They have been incredible the past 20 years. The same can be said for Clemson over the past 10-15 years, but before that there's not much to see. A truly great football program, in my mind, sustains excellence over multiple decades.
I see a lot of people hating on Colin's inclusion of OU and USC in Tier 1 of college football programs, but he's absolutely right to include them there. If you look at it holistically, based on things like all-time wins, conference champs, national champs, heismans, all-americans, total wins, bowl appearances/wins, draft picks, location, recruiting, and national brand then the four he has listed absolutely makes sense. It takes years to build the best program. You can't just do it overnight like a Clemson.
First off, I sincerely hope everyone who has contracted the virus recovers completely and no one else gets exposed. Secondly, it would obviously be better if none of these players ever got the virus. I may be wrong here, as I dont understand the virus fully, but isnt this sort of a good thing? Isnt it better that these players are getting the virus now and not during the middle of fall camp or even worse, during the season? I know there are always outliers, but all of these players are healthy and should recover from the virus and be fine in a few weeks. I guess what I am saying is, if you're going to contract the virus at all (Im not wishing that on anyone and wish it didnt happen) wouldnt it be better to get it now and not during the middle of the season, potentially putting way more people in harms way?
UNC is good pick. Early marquee game against Auburn and they wouldnt play Clemson until the ACC title game where anything could happen.
Neutral site games became very popular in the 2010s with the addition of all these "kickoff classic" type events in places like Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, etc. Of course these events want big names teams to play in them and Bama was always prepared to play them and increase its' brand nationally. Saban doesnt dodge home and away series. Saban is smart, the AD is smart and they understand that those big time neutral site games were what was best for the program in terms of recruiting. The neutral site games also bring in larger pay days for the university and provide tons of media and national coverage to enhance the Bama brand. Now, with the playoff era and the likelihood for it to expand, and the downturn in fan attendance its becoming more necessary to schedule big time home and away series so that's exactly what Saban and the AD are doing. Also, you have no idea if Saban will be coaching in these games or not. 5-8 years more coaching isnt out of the question. I get it Tim, you're jealous of Saban and Bama and you always have been.
Cole is usually spot on in these lists but not having Najee #1 is just wrong. Kylin Hill is a good running back but he's not the best in the league.
As a Bama fan, it's hilarious to see the insecurity from a lot of UGA fans on this site. They are more concerned with insulting or talking bad about the Gators than their own team. This is an article about UGA most likely getting a top 10 recruit but half of the main comments are taking shots at UF.
8 team playoff coming soon and a lot of these top tier programs know it so they are beefing up their future schedules. I love it. I will definitely be making trips to Austin, Madison, South Bend, and Columbus.
How many 5*s does ole Kirby have? The king of recruiting, the master evaluator, the messiah of living room visits, the conqueror of the 5 star, the greatest pre-season coach ever!!!
Smart is an incredible defensive coach no doubt, but Bama had some of the best defenses and topped the nation in that category with Pruitt at the helm too. Offense has changed dramatically since Smart was Bama's d-coordinator. Bama's offense and style of play has changed dramatically since Smart left. Football is different now. Did UGA have the best defense in 2019? Clemson led the nation in PPG defense and YPG defense.
Dont'a Hightower anyone? Would replace Roquan with Hightower.
hmmm maybe 69 refers to when he/she graduated from Bama or maybe the year in which he/she was born? You just strengthened the argument for calling you a child.
You're right. Gundy has every right to wear a t-shirt supporting a bogus news network and guess what? Chubba has every right to take offense to that because of what the network stands for. He has every right to leave the team. He has every right to be upset. He has every right to open up a dialogue with his coach on why he was wearing that t-shirt.
Its not just that "hes wearing a t-shirt". It is what that network stands for. The same network that called BLM a criminal organization. Most players on a college football team are black, so when your head coach openly supports a news network that called the BLM movement a criminal organization, it's pretty easy to see why Chubba and his teammates are so upset.
So all players must sit by and accept that their coach openly supports an extreme right, borderline racist news network? It goes both ways. If a coach wants to wear an OAN shirt (free speech) and support that kind of news then a player has the right to disagree (free speech) and transfer or not play at all.
Just looking at this guy's offer list, he will move way up in the rankings. He'll end up a solid 4* recruit. It's not just coincidence that all these elite programs are going after him.