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We played poorly offensively, minus the UGA game, during the month of February. The shooting has been down big time, dumb turnovers, and we struggle mightily around the rim. I think our shooting percentage at the rim is in the mid 40s which is not good. The incredible play on the defensive end kept us in games and won us a few. Elite defense is what makes this team really good and when the shooting and offensive rhythm picks back up, this team can beat anyone. I just hope it starts to click again in March. Maybe finally locking up the SEC championship, this team will loosen back up.
It's 2021, weed shouldnt be an issue at all. It's almost legal everywhere and it harms no one.
Tide Hoops! I wish this website cared even the slightest about college basketball. Bama wins their first SEC title since 2002 and sweeps the two major sports and there is only one short article covering it. Pathetic really. Roll Tide!
Arkansas played better throughout the game but the refs made it all about them early. So many iffy calls that really disrupted the flow of the game. Just wish they would have let the boys play and it could have been an exciting game.
I too would be celebrating a 43-8 foul shot discrepancy and the fact your team was called for 14 less fouls and were already in the Bonus five minutes into each half. That game was tough to watch.
Tide Hoops running through the SEC just like football. Love to see it!
Mizzou is actually 3 games back of the Tide. Mizzou has played 2 less games and I havent seen anything where the SEC plans to make those up. If, say, Bama ends the season 15-3 in the SEC and Mizzou finishes 13-3, who gets the regular season title? Will it be a split due to the same number of losses or will it be Bama based off win percentage? This is just hypothetical right now but something along those lines could very well happen.
Bama is a much better team when hitting threes, no doubt, but to think that's all they are is a mistake. Beat UK by 11 and LSU by 18 and only hit 6 threes in each game. The shooting is struggling right now for sure, but Bama has the 2nd best defensive efficiency (points per possession) in the ENTIRE country. Tide Hoops can win games multiple ways.
Brian Robinson will get his chance and be the starter but Bama will move to a running back by committee approach next year. The backfield is loaded with talent, especially if Trey Sanders gets healthy. Expect Robinson, Sanders, and Jase McClellan to get the majority of carries. Keilan Robinson is one to watch out for as well.
OJ Howard for the Bucs and Gherig Dieter for the Chiefs each have a chance at getting a ring on Sunday. Sorry to kill your narrative.
It’s also poor analysis to compare Mizzou and Ohio State based off their performances against Bama. One game was the first of the year and the other was a National Title. In no way was Mizzou anywhere comparable to OSU.
Hmm I actually don't agree with your points at all. First year starting QBs at Alabama under Saban: Greg McElroy (2009) - led his team to a 14-0 record and won the National title AJ McCarron (2011) - Won a National Title Blake Sims (2014) - Led the Tide to the Playoffs Jake Coker (2015) - Won a National Title Jalen Hurts (2016) - Won SEC Offensive Player of the Year and led the Tide to a National Title game. Tua Tagovailoa (2018) - Heisman finalist. SEC offensive player of the year. Led the Tide to a National Title game. Mac Jones (2020) - Heisman finalist. Won a National Title. So what were you saying about Alabama being down because they will have a first time, inexperienced starter?
He's a good coach and has done well at OSU. Just reading the OSU message boards will tell you all you need to know. They desperately want to keep him on the staff and not let him go. Their fans want Day to promote him to co-DC to try and keep him around.
I think Bama beats AU again at home to complete the season sweep. AU doesn't play defense and Bama thrives against teams with subpar defensive play.
I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, but are there any Bama players in the Super Bowl tomorrow?
Saban is the greatest college football coach of all time. He is also arguably one the greatest coaches all time in any sport.
Multiple things can be true. 1.) it was a pretty clear foul as #12 left his feet and landed on Herb's back. 2.) Mizzou played a better game and got the deserved W. Glad Bama fought back after an awful first 30 minutes. Should actually make the SEC regular season race more interesting down the stretch.
Herb was clearly fouled by #12 but a loss is a loss. He should have made the layup on the previous possession to take the lead. Not a great performance by the Tide but glad they showed heart and played their way back into the game.
I mean there are 8 games left plus the SEC tourney, so lot of things can happen. I think we will end up as a top 4 seed and that is why I think a 4 seed is our floor.
This should be UGA's year. I know we say that almost every year it seems like, but UGA is loaded again and in a favorable position. The difference this time around is UGA has a solid QB and a good OC. Plus, Ohio State, Bama, and Clemson are all replacing their historic QBs. UGA's schedule sets up very nicely. Beat Clemson and they are in. Lose to Clemson and they still have a shot via the SEC champ game. They shouldn't lose an SEC game.
Tide Hoops! I don't see us ending up a 1 seed, but I do think a 4 seed is the floor.
I believe they will look at win percentage to determine seeding. That's how they are currently ranking the teams in the SEC standings.
^^^ That is the article about overall talent development. The 247 article titled "Alabama continues to develop 5-stars at a staggering rate" is the one specifically about 5* talent development.
I tried to, but the comment is awaiting moderation. I guess we can't post outside links. You can just Google the article title "Which programs best develop elite talent? A five-year deep" and it should be the first link. It was written in April of 2020.
See that is where you are very very wrong. Noone develops blue chip talent better than Saban, noone. 247 posted an article last year regarding teams' ability to develop talent. Not surprisingly Bama was #1. What really stood out was their ability to get 5*s into the NFL. Looking at the 2008 to 2017 recruiting classes, there was 259 draft eligible 5*s. Alabama had 33 of those. A staggering 17 out of 33 (51.5%) were first round draft picks. Six more were second round picks. Taking it further, 81.9% of those 33 5*s were drafted. For comparison sake, 5* recruits that go to any other school, at least on average, get selected in the first round 21.2% of the time and get drafted in any round 68.1% of the time. Comparing Bama to other big time programs (Remember Bama had a 51.5% first round hit rate with 5*s): Clemson - 36.4% Florida - 35.3% LSU - 21.4% Ohio State - 20% Georgia - 19.1%
Bama played incredible basketball from the Ole Miss game to the LSU beatdown. The last three games have been battles and we haven't played well but luckily went 2-1. I just hope we didn't peak at the wrong time and the team can get back to playing like they did in early to mid January. Barring a complete collapse, Tide should when a regular season SEC title.
Who was that top 10 ranked team that you lost to at home??? Just curious.
Its funny because Dubose has as many SEC championships as Kirby.
I mean they are 4-2 with him in the lineup, so not sure top 15 makes sense.
Yeah because its not like he led the team in yards and TDs in 2019 when he was alongside Ruggs, Waddle, and Jeudy. Take your saltiness elsewhere.