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Healthy or not, Cam will not be the starter for long if at all. Mac is already pressing him in practice and from reports has looked much better.
Curious to who #2 is. Did anyone read it? My guess is Larry Fitz. Smitty has one of the greatest collection of accolades a college receiver has ever had. #3 is fair, but his resume stacks up against any receiver that’s played college ball.
Bama has also won 6 of the last 12 titles which is 50%.
It is partly the media's fault. He is been outrageously hyped since he was a recruit. He had a great freshman campaign but still got burned against some elite talent. That further fed into the Stingley hype. He had a sophomore slump but should still be one of the top 3 CBs in college football next year.
I have no idea how the scholarship numbers work but Saban and his staff know how to manipulate it better than anyone. With the addition of this punter, Bama is now 3 over the limit and still very in it for JTT's signature.
It's really ironic that you would say this given that UGA is the perennial pre-season hype champs from everything to national titles to Heisman winners to greatest defense the world has ever seen.
Why would he transfer to UGA? Y’all haven’t had a D lineman drafted in the first round since 2013
It really is amazing how well Kirby recruits. UGA hasn’t had a D linemen drafted in first round since 2013. His salesmanship must be really good.
"We've got official visits going on this weekend, and I can look them in the face and say if we can handle business, we have an opportunity to play for a national championship," he added. "You've never had that opportunity to say that before, and you can do that now." This is my favorite quote from the ESPN article. Kirby knows this helps his team the most because he knows how hard it is to get over the Bama hurdle. UGA now has a chance!!!
The TV networks, the advertisers, the people who run the bowls, the conferences as a whole, etc.
This is all about money. Money rules everything and it's no different here. Sure, they'll give you their reasons about why this is better for the sport and some of them are definitely true, but in the end, its all a money grab. The sport is a business.
A few changes: 1.) The quarterfinals should also be played on campuses 2.) They should re-seed after the first round 3.) Your ranking should reflect how good you are. If the 2nd best SEC team has a better resume/metrics/etc. they should be ranked higher than a Pac 12 or Big 12 champion.
“That’s up to him.” What??? You’re the head football coach, shouldn’t you be making the decision?
Over the past 10 years, Alabama has won a National Championship in 5 different sports. Football (multiple times), Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Gymnastics (multiple times), and Softball. Looking at the Big 3 (football, basketball, and baseball), Alabama is historically and currently far better than UGA in all three. Looks to me that Bama has a much much better athletic program than UGA too.
Using last year's rankings with this format you would have had some pretty boring first round games. #5 TAMU vs #12 Coastal Carolina - blowout #6 OU vs #11 Indiana - blowout #7 Florida vs #10 Iowa State - likely blowout #8 Cincinnati vs #9 UGA - UGA won this closely but with more on the line, a likely blowout. However, this format would have created some very interesting quarterfinals. #1 Bama vs #9 UGA #2 Clemson vs #7 Florida #3 Ohio State vs #6 OU #4 ND vs #5 TAMU Seems like 8 teams is best. There are usually only about 6-10 tier 1 and tier 2 teams in college football a year.
Derrick Thomas has the record for most sacks in a career (52) and most sacks in a season (27). Official or not, he had those sacks and is one of the best pass rushers of all time. He also holds the NFL record for sacks in a game (7).
The 49ers are going to look back in a few years and realize they made the wrong choice.
The interesting takeaway here is that the CBS 8 pm game is scheduled for the Oct. 9th weekend. Looks like a night game in College Station for the Tide.
I think TD passes in a season will get broken. With the way football is trending, offense dominates. Almost every year we have a new offensive record broken. Derrick Thomas' 52 career sacks is insane. He had 28 in one season.
I think one of the most impressive stats from the Saban era is the 98 straight wins vs non-ranked opponents. Simply crazy. Hope that continues well into the 100s!
Didn't TAMU lose 4 out of 5 starters on the O-line from last year?
Jalen Hurts did fine. Mac did fine. Tua did fine. Greg McElroy did fine. AJ McCarron did fine. Jake Coker did fine. All played extremely well as a first year starter. I see no reason why Bryce wont also.
I dont think it'll define either of their seasons. UGA has a very manageable schedule post Clemson and should win out. Clemson has the easy ACC. Win the conference and you're in. This game is just to puff out your chest and make an early statement.
TAMU has two good RBs and a great TE, but I dont think there is one person on this site outside of other TAMU fans that could name a WR on your entire roster. WR is the weakest position for TAMU and without exceptional WR play, you wont be beating Bama.