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Its a ridiculous headline, but I don't think Auburn gets out of the first weekend of the NCAA tourney. Likely fall to a 4 seed with this loss. Auburn has zero size and if you guard the 3 point line, they can't score. Spells trouble for the NCAA tourney.
Well your wrong. Beat Auburn and its a sure thing. Even right now, most have Bama in, but I do think we need to beat Auburn to be safely in.
Pearl also beat Barnes, on the road, in their head to head matchup.....
As a Bama fan, I will say that Pearl did in fact get snubbed. He should of been coach of the year. Not that Barnes didnt do an incredible job, but Auburn lost arguably their 2 best players (albeit due to investigation) and still won the SEC. I also think, if McElmore (sp?) hadnt gotten hurt, they would of won the SEC outright.
Just imagine Tua, Hurts, Harris (either one), and Jacobs in the backfield at the same time. Defenses would be terrified.
I'm not touchy about anything, just trying to teach you a lesson. Blaming the refs for a loss is very childish, but if that helps you sleep at night, then by all means keep thinking that. It's not a healthy approach but you do you I guess.I couldn't care less if the refs helped us or didn't. All I know is the game was played and the scoreboard at the end of that game said Bama 26, UGA 23.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Tim Rupert cracks me up. Ive seen him comment all over this site and on ESPN articles. He is still having a REALLY hard time overcoming that loss in the champ game. Dude, its gonna be ok. Move on and hope for the best in the future, instead of making up excuses for the past.
Stop Sexton, Stop Bama isnt really why we lose, but you probably dont watch that much Bama bball. We lose because for some reason the team just doesnt play with 100% effort on every possession. Coach Avery has also done a bad job at developing these players. Hall is the only one that has progressed from last year. Ingram and Key have regressed, Avery Jr. has regressed. Throughout the year, Petty and Herb havent really improved. We havent utilized our big bodied big man, Giddens, in an effective manner at all. Avery hasnt done a good job at recognizing each players strengths and putting them in position to use them and be effective.Avery also keeps thinking that switching everything is the way to play defense. Our guards dont fight through the screens, leaving our big man out on the perimeter against guards and noone down low to rebound or contest drives. I have noticed this over the past 4 losses and its a real problem. We cant shoot free throws, we are careless with the basketball.Its very disappointing, considering Bama has probably one of the top 3 most talented teams in the SEC, but they cant play together and win games. We just wasted a season with Sweet 16 potential talent. Now, we are very young and hopefully we will get better and be the team we should be next year.
Alabama always finds a way to play its worst game of the season in the game that matters the most. Its absolutely pathetic that are Bball program is so awful year in and year out. Another season, another missed NCAA tourney appearance. Wasted season.
I think this guy has written 2-3 articles about the WR position being the biggest concern for Bama next year. This is completely wrong. You can ask just about every Tide fan and they would disagree and say that the secondary will be the biggest concern, especially early in the season.Bama replaces all 6, count em, 1,2,3,4,5,6 of the secondary members from last season. While we have ample talent to replace them, the learning curve and experience will take time to master. Luckily, the beginning of the schedule is fairly easy.
It has been said countless times by people like Jerry Palm and Lunardi that conference record doesn't matter that much to the committee. Its all about RPI, KenPom rating, quality wins, SOS, etc.Now I think MSU has a great chance to get in, they just dont have the quality wins and out of conference SOS to really move the needle in the eyes of the committee. I think that is why MSU is being left behind in terms of SEC teams having the chance to get in.
Ive always been interested in what die hard Kentucky Bball fans think of Calipari's methods at UK. You are exactly right in saying that it seems like Calipari and UK are more concerned with getting #1 recruiting classes and shipping off kids to the NBA, than they are about winning actual titles.
I somewhat agree with you, expect I would put TAMU in over UF. UF has a brutal remaining schedule, as do most SEC teams left competing for a spot in the tournament. But, UF has the lowest RPI of the group. I think its around 53 right now. I could see both UF and Kentucky not making it given their recent slumps and tough remaining schedules.
Hmmm Bama already beat Auburn pretty easily without their best player, so we shall see.Plus, that Iron Bowl trophy presentation will be real awkward considering Bama went on to win the National Championship anyway.
Agreed. Ridley was a great talent but he wont be missed as much with all the talented receivers behind him. I think Payne being left off this list was a mistake. I think Bama will miss him just as much if not more than Minkah. Payne was one of the best DTs Saban has had in his time at Bama. He not only was incredible taking on double teams and eating up the run, but he was a terror at getting after the QB as well.
Locksley was always going to be the OC. Saban might want Freeze on the staff, but it wasn't going to be for the OC position. He wants him as a position coach or analyst, like Sark. Rehab U for beat up coaches.I personally think its too soon to try and bring in Freeze, but I understand why Saban would do it and its for none of the reasons you mentioned.
When will UGA players announce? I know there are a couple that will likely go (Roquan and Trenton). It would be nice to see the other national champ game team lose some top talent to the NFL.
The problem with this is that we wouldnt play the home and home series for another 3-4 years, and by that time UCF will be an average at best football team. Bama would absolutely demolish them and then we would get criticized for playing a weak OOC schedule. I would love to see it though, just to shut these annoying UCF "fans" up.
You’re a hack fan. That was an incredible game from both sides. I know it aucks to be a fan of teams from Georgia but come on. Blaming the refs is just pathetic.
You’re totally right! A missed face mask early in the 3rd quarter cost them the game. Hahaha, must of been tough for you to watch that game.
^^^this comment alone proves how sensitive you are. Got offended by nothing, so you took it upon yourself to took a cheap shot.
This guy is a troll, no need to pay him any attention.
Look at FAU's schedule the next 2 years. They go to Oklahoma and UCF next year, and the following year get UCF at home and Ohio State on the road. Lane will make a big splash these next couple years at FAU as long as he sticks around.Not too crazy to think he and the OWLs can pull off an upset and get his team into a New Years 6 bowl.Lane Train!!!
It's cute to see UGA fans talk trash now that they are finally relevant. only took you guys about 30 years. Welcome to the party!
It truly amazes me the amount of confidence the UGA fan base has all of a sudden. Its almost like every team in college football just needs to roll over and give the dawgs the title from here on out.I understand ya'll have never been here before and are finally crawling out of the hole you've been in for 25+ years, but damn. Calm down and enjoy the moment. Your fan base has become insufferable this year.
What a lot of people dont talk about when it comes to college athletes, football players for the sake of this thread, is that these young men probably would never have the chance or desire to even go to college without football. Their ability to play the game of football at a high level allows a lot of these players with poor, unfortunate backgrounds to have the opportunity to go to college and better their situations. Whether it is solely pursuing the football dream or actually benefiting from the education given to them is up to them once they get there. I understand its demanding to do both, but it can be done. There are people all over the country that work 2-3 part-time jobs while attending college full-time just so they can pay their way.