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Look, congrats to Stetson on winning the title, but I don't see him winning a second one in a row and I think most UGA fans see that too. They might not want to admit it after this past year, but Stetson is going to win you a back-to-back title especially with all the pieces that are leaving. He wont have a generational defense to lead him next season.
Weird, this kid wouldn’t start for us next year. Barely any production the past two years. I like our young receivers much better than this guy.
This guy was a waste of a roster spot this season. Good riddance and Goodluck
Bama will also have the best pair of pass rushers in the nation with WA and Dallas Turner.
Bama will be better in 2022. Again, it will come down to o-line play. The competition this spring will be intense. Secondary will be insanely good with Battle, Hellams, Kool-Aid, and Ricks. Young receivers will have to step up.
What teams? He had over 750 yards passing against the best defense in the nation.
Yes, because two other receivers would have stepped up and been 1,000 yard guys. It’s a lot different when you lose your #1 offensive weapon mid game. A player that was a huge part of the game plan. He goes down and they had to completely adjust the plan. It was a tough spot for Bryce and the freshman receivers. They fought hard though.
Georgia definitely played much better defense the second time around. The biggest difference for Bama was not taking advantage of the opportunities it had. Left a lot of points on the field.
I’ll pat the barn on the head. Congrats little guys! Y’all have a good squad down there.
This is a great post. I was at that Rose Bowl and no joke, had tears in my eyes after winning it all. Incredible feeling and definitely enjoy it UGA. Hell of a game.
Well it was the only thing they had to hold over y’all and now that’s squashed. Congrats on the W.
Congrats to UGA, that was a hell of a game! UGA still has some of the worst fans in the country. This weekend proved it.
2 TFL and a couple QB hurries too. He was also in Bennett's face causing him to make a tough pass that was intercepted on that throw to Bowers.
For TAMU it is because that’s all the ever get to play in.
Yeah let's hope Jumbo doesn't back out of mediocre bowl games so Enai can show off his talent on the big stage!
Students don't pay as much as regular priced tickets for the game. There are a lot fewer of them and you do have to enter a lottery to even get the tickets. I know at Bama, when I was there, seniority or how many class hours you have taken was what they used to determine who got tickets. Taco Bell also gives out like 500 free tickets to each school's students.
Kirby stuck to what UGA had done all season on defense. Why not? They had dominated everyone. He used area blitzes and tried to get pressure with 4 because of his dominate D-line. Why would he change it in the SECCG considering how successful they had been all season long? Bama just played better, coached better, and had a better game plan going into the game. Teams that have given Bama issues were TAMU, LSU, and Auburn because they mixed up their pressure plays and used a lot of overload blitzes to rattle the O-line and get to Bryce. Overload blitzes open you up on the backend for big plays but they are more effective in pressuring the QB. I expect Kirby to implement more of this in the NCG.
Props to LSU for actually playing. Jumbo Fisher is a fraud. The guy quit on a bowl game 9 days before it was scheduled to happen. TAMU is a very soft program. He had to protect his precious recruiting class from seeing how average of a team they're about to join.
Travon is a freak and should be first round. He’s y’all’s second best player behind Dean on defense.
He’s going to the highest bidder and there are some rumblings that UGA will be that team. NIL has to be controlled in some way or this will get out of hand.
I'm pretty sure you missed my entire point. I do believe in rat poison and that it can motivate a team. Its fans like you and media members like Peter Burns and Pollack who think UGA will win because "The first matchup didn't matter as much to UGA", "UGA knew they didn't have to win the SECCG to get in", "Bama wanted that SECCG more", blah blah blah. Or as you just put it, "A psychological advantage – it was an elimination game for Alabama. Georgia knew they were “In” no matter the result." That narrative has already started among a lot of the UGA fanbase and some of the national media.
It always starts with recruiting. I do think NIL will help with some teams, especially teams like TAMU, Texas, and USC, get up to the top. Teams that have the backing and money to throw at recruits and players to get them to come to their school. You can already see it this season with TAMU, a perennially average team, signing the best class ever.
From the Stephen Garcia look alike to the ULM appearance, that was great.
"A psychological advantage – it was an elimination game for Alabama. Georgia knew they were “In” no matter the result." Lol, the only psychological advantage Bama had is that Kirby and UGA get tight, passive, and scared when they see Saban and Bama on the other sideline. UGA wanted that SECCG just as much as Bama did, if not more. The media is already starting to fall for that line of thinking: that UGA didn't need to show their cards or play their best the first time around because that game didn't matter as much. Give me a break. There will be plenty of "yummy rat poison" for Saban and the players to motivate them.
Yet, they decided to play unlike TAMU. Still such a soft move by Jumbo.
Was Michael Jordan boring? Is Tom Brady boring? You don't have to like Bama but you have to respect them. This is the greatest dynasty in college football history and arguably the greatest in any major sport. This is history you're watching because I doubt it will ever be replicated or matched.
I bet the SEC will end up finishing something like 6-6 or 7-5 in bowl games.
Well Auburn is losing their 4 best defenders from this team, so yeah, a lot of the guys out there playing today will be playing next year. 2022 is going to be a rough one for the barn.