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"They low down, They dirty, They some snitches!"
Bama has to play #1, #3, #8, #10, #12, #15, #16, #18, and #22. Let's get it!
Huh? Anderson just did something no player since Derrick Thomas had done. The guy is un-blockable and will likely be a top 5 pick if not the #1 overall pick. He also plays on 90%+ of snaps every single game. He doesn't just terrorize QBs but is top 5 in TFLs too. "Probably have a couple of Andersons on both rosters" Hilarious take.
Wait, you mean the same Kentucky team that struggled to beat UT-Chattanooga by only 5 or the one that beat Mizzou by only 7 at home?
We're going to beat their a** in recruiting! We're going to beat their a** on the field! I'm going to be out of a job in two years!
It's kind of refreshing just hanging back and letting UGA get all the attention. We all know where this is headed.
Davis is incredible and deserves all the praise, but the best defensive player in the nation plays for the Tide and his name is Will Anderson.
We'll see about that this upcoming weekend.
Tennessee fans continue to look desperate. Your football program isn’t relevant, so get over it.
This is a fan who wants his team to be relevant so so bad. Poor guy. Tennessee is an awful football program and will be middle of the pack to bottom of the barrel for a long long time. Get used to it.
This right here, ladies and gentlemen. This is a Vols fan. Wouldn't expect anything less. Stay classy!
Funny, just start pointing fingers elsewhere. Your fanbase is classless and that was absolutely pathetic by Vol fans.
With all due respect to the UGA defense, Will Anderson is the best defensive player in the nation.
It sucks for Gruden that since the internet and social media got ahold of his story, that he probably wont ever get a second chance. Whereas, players like Tyreek Hill and Antonio Brown are still playing in the NFL just because of their talent.
Yes, but instead of 60ish media members or 60ish coaches making a ranking, these rankings give a good indication on how the mass general public view teams.
So right now, UGA would be about a 4 point favorite on a neutral field against Bama. Bama has only been an underdog once in the past decade and that was against UGA in 2015.
I agree, Bob called some very questionable plays inside the 10, especially with the way BRob was running the ball. Bob didn't drop passes though. Latu dropped a sure TD that forced us to kick a field goal. Bob didnt false start on a 4th a short. There isn't one person to blame for that loss. Bama played poorly and made some boneheaded mistakes and TAMU played incredibly. End of story.
Crying about what? It's pretty well known amongst many fans, media, etc. that Ed O is a buffoon.
It starts this weekend with MSU. That is the only opponent this team should be focused on. Winning the next game is all that matters.
Oh boy, things just continue to get worse for the bayou bengals. Couldn't happen to a better coach. See ya Ed O!
If Bama didnt drop crucial passes or if Bama had better play calling inside the 10 yard line or if Bama kicks it deep like every other time or if Bama didn't fumble a handoff, Bama would be 6-0. You can play the "if" game all you want, but it means nothing.
Will Anderson sounds and plays like a leader. Must be tough on him being a true Sophomore and having to be that presence on the team. It’s concerning and frustrating that this team lacks leadership, feels entitled, and clearly doesn’t prepare to the level required to play at Bama. Disappointing really, but I hope this loss opens some players’ eyes and they right the ship.
That was an awful performance from the Tide but the optimist in me knows that all our goals are still in front of us. Hopefully this is a wake up call. I still fully expect to see UGA in the SEC title game. Well played Aggies, you brought it and deserved that W. On to the next one! Roll Tide!
That was a bad no call PI. Kirby is notorious for teaching his DBs to be handsy, physical but it’s on the ref to call it.