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Weird thing to say. He's been great in practice and runs with the 2s. He has a big chance at starting next season. Bama recruits some of the best O-lineman and turns them into NFL players.
People seem to be forgetting that in a unprecedented year complete with a global pandemic, Bama is winning by an average of 30 points per game against an all-SEC schedule. The job the coaching staff has done to keep this team focused has been incredible. I really do think this is one of Saban's best teams and I just hope we get to finish the season without issues and see how it plays out.
But why? They get to cash massive checks just for being in the SEC.
I guess you really do miss Joe Brady even though Esminger calls the plays. LOL
This is one of the most heated rivalries in all of sports. If you can't take the trash talk then go be a fan of another team. Sorry I hurt your precious feelings.
Congrats on your offense finally making strides and trying to catch up to the big boys. About time.
Bo Nix isn’t even good enough to be labeled a game manager
Having a hard time seeing how the two are the same. Please enlighten me Jax Dawg.
Gus ruins QBs. Bo was a 5* and he is not good. Makes the same mistakes game after game. Doesn’t set his feet. Throws while jumping. Can’t hit receivers in stride. Panics too quickly. He does have grit, I’ll give him that. Have to think Gus coaching has made him a worse player.
Well it looks like he’ll probably transfer to another P5 school and start lighting it up. As is tradition for UGA transfer QBs.
And against a Miss State team with like 40 players. Let UGA fans have their hope, it’s all they ever have
I mean the receiver bobbled it as he went to the ground but ok
I hate Auburn. That last TD drive by the barn irked me. Wish we had run the score up more. Great win though. Mac showed he was a "game manager". Smitty dominated. Najee played well. Defense shut em down. Bo Nix sucks.
Bama has two trophies in mind and that's the SEC and National Championship. All else is just gravy.
He'll coach until he's 80. He loves it too much. Just listening to him talk about not being at the game today shows you how much he cares about the players and program.
You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Every advantage the Barn can get, right?
It doesn't really matter how they rank UF and TAMU as long as they are in the top 6. UF still has to beat Bama to get in. TAMU really needs Bama to win the SEC to have a shot at the playoff.
Smitty has had an incredible career at Bama. I was looking at the career receiving records and depending on the amount of games played this year, Smitty has a chance to finish #1 at Bama in TDs, yards, and receptions when its all said and done. Not to mention he was apart of probably the biggest catch in Alabama history.
Bama has looked incredible all season winning games by an average of 30 points. Defense has come a long way since the Ole Miss game but I will point out the offenses faced have been sup-par (UGA, Tenn, Miss State, UK). Auburn will give us a test and UF certainly will in the SEC champ game. I think two things need to be improved upon to truly make Bama unbeatable and a more complete team: 1.) More consistent pass rush/disruptiveness from the d-line/front 7. Getting more pressure on pass plays and pushing the line back on run plays is key especially when we play more high powered offenses. 2. Finding one more play maker on offense to help Harris, Smitty, and Metchie. Bolden hasn't done much since Tenn and tweaked an ankle. Billingsley flashed potential against UK as a more athletic TE threat. Would love to see one of the freshman receivers step up.
Why do we keep talking about this? UGA isn't good. It doesn't matter who their QB is. Kirby isn't a great in game coach. The defense isn't even all that great.
This is just the Barn getting out in front of things. They knew they wouldnt make the tourney this year so they self-imposed sanctions. Smart move by the "basketball school".
Alabama's D quietly leads the SEC in scoring defense at 19.3 ppg. That unit has come a long way since the Ole Miss game.
It makes me nauseous when we play those gypsies in Jordan-Hare, but I feel like the Tide is out for blood this year and it's in Bryant-Denny. Shouldn't be close.
The UGA football program and their fans are hilarious. Congrats on being mediocre.
So Alabama would currently be about an 8 point favorite over Florida. Makes sense I suppose.
Yeah I get your point and its valid for sure. NCAA is a joke.