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You can still let him coach now, maybe make the Final Four, find out the result of the investigation and fire him for cause down the road.
Honestly, this is a dumb move by LSU. Let the man coach until there is an investigation and he is proven guilty. You have a Final Four caliber team. So what if they vacate the wins at a later date. Louisville still won the National Championship in 2013 no matter what the NCAA says.
awww I see I hurt your feelings. I am so sorry. Yes, Bama hoops sucks and is very disappointing. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
Enjoy it while it last because all these wins will be vacated, your coach fired (or put in jail), and the future will be very very bleak.
I think most Alabama fans (the sane ones) believe that Hurts was one of the best to suit up for Bama both as a player and a person. I, as do most, wish him the best and I hope he is in NY for the Heisman ceremony and playing in the CFP.
Georgia is a bigger, better school overall than Auburn but when it comes to football, especially over the last 20 years: Auburn >>> Georgia. Sorry to offend a lot of you because I hate it too, but its true.
It doesnt really matter what people think. It would of happened again last year too if UGA had hung on to barely beat Bama.
I think this had a lot to do with Auburn not wanting to play UGA and Bama in two of their last three games and every other year having to play both on the road.
Well in football alone we have won 5 and played in another 2. Men's golf won 2 and played in another. Women's golf won one. Softball won one. Gymnastics has won 2 and if you include the Super 6 which is the championship meet, the have played in another 7. So that equals 20 national championships played for or won over the last 10 years. Sorry to burst your bubble there little buddy.
Yes, some of the blame should be put on the players, but more of the blame should be put on Avery. This team has a lot of potential and he continually fails to motivate them every game. He also never seems to have a gameplan. Its the same thing every week, whereas most teams change things up given their opponent.
Avery continues to disappoint me. Continually fails in motivating his teams to consistently play up to their potential. Beating FL would of almost locked up a tourney bid and instead the team comes out flat with a lack of hustle and care. Whereas, FL was playing lights out and playing like the game mattered, because it did! Now Bama has to sweat it out again. Same stuff, different year. Ugh.
Considering I am a Bama fan, yes, I did see "all of that" from watching him play this year. It was obvious, and as I stated go back and look at the film. He improved a lot this past year compared to 2017. Having a QB coach helped tremendously. I know you're a hater. Stop it.
Kirby, the second part of your reasoning is absolutely correct but not so sure about the "not good enough" reasoning. Hell, if Nathan Peterman can start games in the NFL, then Kap is definitely good enough to be on a roster.
Where could he play Volbuc? Name a team in the NFL that has given him a contract or asked him to join their team.
Well you are completely wrong there, but nice try. He improved a lot last year with Dan Enos coaching him up. Played sparingly, but go back and compare the tape to the previous year and you will see great improvement in his reads, staying in the pocket, and touch on his passes. Riley is an offensive mastermind and will do really well in advancing Hurts abilities.
HA - I find it hilarious when people say "I am not going to watch X because of Y". Good for you my man, but no one cares. You not watching is really going to have a huge effect on the league, players, etc. haha
Really wanted this kid. Bama is thin at LB currently, especially MLB. Would of loved to have added him. Tosh leaving probably had a huge impact. Great get for UT.
Isaiah Buggs? The player who won the award for most impressive D-lineman?
I have been there once and will never go back. There is NOTHING there.
Over the past month there have been numerous All-Star games where the best of the best compete against each other for weeks. Going through drills, scrimmages, one-on-ones. etc. Most recruiting analysts, former coaches, media members, etc. attend these events and evaluate the players. It's not that big of a stretch for players to move a ton in either direction because of this.
Well this article is completely wrong. Thanks for fact checking before posting. The actual record holder for consecutive years having a player in the Super Bowl is held by Nebraska. This year marks the 26th consecutive year.
haha Mizzou, what a joke. Now you see why no one wanted you in the SEC?
Is this a serious question? Clemson by a mile. Ya know, the team that just beat Bama handily and plays in the weak ACC.
Saban and Butch will take us back to the promise land!!!
This is something Mike is completely making up. He heard a little voice in his head and claimed "he was told". Terrible journalism here.
Saban will humble him real quick. He will see the field and probably play a lot as we have seen with numerous other freshman RBs at Bama. He certainly wont be the feature back and wont be winning the Heisman next year, however.
I am guessing this has to do with Safety Jordan Battle flipping to Bama from OSU
I am about 50/50 on whether Tua plays in this game. Hurts had the exact same surgery earlier in the year and was out 4-5 weeks. I just dont see Tua being fully healthy for this game. I think we can still win it with Jalen and it would be nice to get Tua some more rest before an even tougher test against most likely Clemson.
Florida and USF have a 2 for 1 on the schedule in the coming years. Why does UCF think they are better than they are to completely ignore and turn down that offer by Florida? UCF keeps saying we're the best, we'll play anyone, anywhere, anytime. Clearly that is not true. You cant have your cake and eat it too. If you want to be taken seriously and have a shot at the CFP, then man up and take the offer, even if it doesnt fit your agenda.