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Tide dominating the first team. As is tradition. This is the way.
It's weird seeing Bama not considered one of the top 2 teams in the country in most people's eyes. I understand we had a bad year last year (11-2! ha) and we lost our most productive QB in history, but this team is one of the most talented and deepest we have had in awhile. I like that we are an afterthought to Clemson and OSU this year. Saban will have these boys ready and I know they are hungry to get back to the top.
He's just an insecure,lonely, and troubled little man who threw a dart at a board and landed on SDS as the place to come vent his pent up political frustrations.
I dont see them even playing 8 games. With those very strict covid protocols, playing 8 games in 8 weeks seems highly unlikely. That 5% threshold will hurt some teams meaning their opponents wont be able to play either. Doesn't make sense why they wouldnt try and start 10/10 or 10/17 and at least give them some wiggle room to reschedule when necessary. Should be interesting to follow moving forward.
Add in a loss to Auburn in week 2. UGA goes 7-3 this year.
I don't think misogynistic and sexist attention was what she was trying to draw, but let's turn it on her and make it her fault....
The Ohio State mouths with the Vandy trophy case is the most accurate depiction of UGA fans I have ever seen. Well done!
What a game! Brady and Brees both looked old. Man I love watching some NFL football.
You do realize that Brando has no vote in the AP poll. His "top 10" is just an opinion and is no more important than a top ten poll that you would put together. I dont understand why people get so upset about opinionated polls like this.
Louisiana will go undefeated. Billy Napier has is rolling down there in cajun country.
ehhhh they both had lackluster stats compared to 2017 Chubb/Michel and 2007 McFadden/Felix. Hell 2012 Yeldon/Lacy had a better season as a duo.
Should have used "the last time Bama lost to an unranked team was in 2007 to LA Monroe" for Alabama. That streak is simply incredible and who knows when it will end.
And guess what? They still had a chance to win. Swift dropped an open, on the money game winning touchdown pass that cost the Lions.
Julio definitely deserves to be #1 on this list. Dude is a freak and is as consistent as you can be year in and year out. Been doing it for 10 years now. Almost guaranteed to put up 1,300 yards.
Interesting. He has like a 4th-5th round grade.
He did drop a game winning touchdown that was pretty inexcusable but defend him all you want.
Thank you Swift for costing me Lions -2.5. I just find new ways to hate UGA.
Weird that he singled out LSU who probably has one of the easiest schedules in the SEC this year. Still tough no doubt.
You think the biggest loss for LSU concerning the Bama game is not having a regular home field advantage??? Interesting. Bama owns LSU in red stick. Whether its a night or day game, Bama walks out of red stick with a W more often than not. Death Valley has never been advantageous for LSU when it comes to the Bama game. I believe Bama is like 28-9 overall in red stick and 4-1 this past decade.
Saban has a case for all 5 of these, except maybe play-calling, but that would be boring. My only major quip is "culture/team development". Ever heard of The Process? You know the culture that Saban has implemented and instilled in every player, coach, administrator, etc. since he walked through the door back in 2007. Saban has developed and adapted the greatest winning "culture" of any football program, maybe ever. Smart is a great recruiter, no doubt, but he reminds me of a used car salesman.
Bama is not losing more than 1 game. 9-1 is the floor.
I know this is a joke, but behind that O-line, Bolton wont even get close enough to pat Mac on the back.
Bama will be the best team in the conference this season. They will finish #1 in offense and top two in defense (easily could be #1). However, I do think we lose a game at some point this season. Going 10-0 against an all SEC schedule is difficult. Everything I read out of Tuscaloosa highlights how hungry, motivated, pissed off, and focused this team is coming into 2020.
I see TAMU and LSU as the main threats to beat Bama this year. Auburn will lose by 20+ and not sure UGA will have the offense to hang with Bama.
Georgia fans have become so insufferable that Bama fans will praise Auburn if it means making fun of UGA.
Yes they are. Don't you understand that every move UGA makes is the greatest move in the history of college football and will undoubtedly win them a championship.