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Who would you replace Todd Gurley with? Henry, who has the single season rushing yards record in SEC history to go with 45 career TDs? Fournette, who had close to 4,000 career rushing yards and over 40 TDs? Gurley is great but he was injured a lot as he only played 16 games over his last two seasons.
Wow, this list is SEC West heavy and for good reason. The entire first team offense is SEC West and 7 of the 11 on defense.
ehhh I feel like you are basing that off his NFL career, which was bad. His Junior year at Bama he had 24 total TDs and over 2,000 total yards. Pretty good.
Fromm probably looks better in shorts and has gigantic hands, which is what the NFL guys like to look at.
I dont get it. I dont understand why the top prospects in Alabama rarely stay in state. LSU is not a better program than Alabama, they just simply arent. Not saying Alabama is a top tier program in hoops, but LSU isnt better.
Can we please stop talking about this? My goodness, the man coaches at Clemson. Saban is the greatest to ever do it and he still has at least 5 years left in the tank. Bring up Dabo in 3-5 years when it's actually relevant.
so your counter argument is to point out something that doesn't even relate. gotcha. And I quote: "Locking down all the Georgia Boys". 2 out of the top 10 doesn't seem like "locking" them down. Maybe you'll address the point made, but most likely you'll make a derogatory comment towards the state of Alabama and its' people like you always do.
I guess you missed my point. Bama is at the top and sure Saban wont be around in another 5-10 years, so maybe UGA passes them at some point (you'll probably have to keep waiting). You still have Clemson, who is ahead of you right now and only getting stronger. The other two, OU and Ohio State will always be good and at the top. As much as UGA fans like to beat their chest that they are one of college football's perennial powers, its just not true.
UGA is still somewhere in the 3-5 range for best current college football program. Maybe you make it to the top someday, maybe not. The latter seems more accurate, although Kirby has the tools to do it.
I am surprised as well given the current situation with the LSU bball program. He is a one and done player, most likely, so maybe he doesnt care about program stability. LSU did lose their entire team, so he'll be the immediate star.
Bama has been a powerhouse for the past decade and this is the first time we have had a truly elite QB, so I don't know why you are surprised at this. We won national championships with Greg McElroy, AJ McCarron, Jake Coker......
We know Kirby thinks the same thing. 4th and 11!
That is completely false. Last year's RB class was much better than this year's class. There was no guarantee that he would of even been a 2nd rounder. You are just looking for something, anything to hate on Saban for.
So by your logic, they might as well just hold the SEC media days in say New York or maybe Des Moines. Hell what about Boise? I hear Toronto is nice this time of year. Have you ever been to Colorado Springs? Beautiful!
You sir, are a delightful human being. Bless your heart.
Charlotte is in ACC territory. Now take off your tin foil hat and move along.
Maybe Bama will finally have a coach who can live up to any expectations. We will see. Hoping for the best, but as a Bama bball fan, also preparing for the worst.
This is why LSU should of just let Wade coach through the tourney. LSU could of had a real shot at a final four with him coaching, and now everyone is leaving and LSU will fall to the way side again.
So wait, Georgia in 2028 will be playing Texas, FSU, and GT? and in 2029 will play Texas, Clemson, and GT? Thats impressive scheduling but will be very difficult.
That'll be a no from me. Haven't pulled for them all tourney, no reason to start now.
As an avid Tide hoops lover, I feel like Bama should consistently be in the top half of the SEC every year, get the double bye in the SEC tourney every now and then, and make the NCAA tourney 3-4 times every 5 years. I don't think that is too much to ask and it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility with the right coach and commitment to the program.
If using your logic, then your list is very wrong. Not counting LSU because we dont know about their opening just yet. Alabama has more NCAA tournament appearances and more Sweet 16s than Vandy and A&M. Alabama has the second most SEC wins and the second most SEC championships, so history/tradition is in Alabama's favor. Alabama has better facilities and commitment to athletics than Vandy. Alabama also has a lot more money to offer.
You can still let him coach now, maybe make the Final Four, find out the result of the investigation and fire him for cause down the road.
Honestly, this is a dumb move by LSU. Let the man coach until there is an investigation and he is proven guilty. You have a Final Four caliber team. So what if they vacate the wins at a later date. Louisville still won the National Championship in 2013 no matter what the NCAA says.
awww I see I hurt your feelings. I am so sorry. Yes, Bama hoops sucks and is very disappointing. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
Enjoy it while it last because all these wins will be vacated, your coach fired (or put in jail), and the future will be very very bleak.
I think most Alabama fans (the sane ones) believe that Hurts was one of the best to suit up for Bama both as a player and a person. I, as do most, wish him the best and I hope he is in NY for the Heisman ceremony and playing in the CFP.
Georgia is a bigger, better school overall than Auburn but when it comes to football, especially over the last 20 years: Auburn >>> Georgia. Sorry to offend a lot of you because I hate it too, but its true.
It doesnt really matter what people think. It would of happened again last year too if UGA had hung on to barely beat Bama.
I think this had a lot to do with Auburn not wanting to play UGA and Bama in two of their last three games and every other year having to play both on the road.