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Sure, all that’s true but USC has dominated before in baseball and football. That’s not even mentioning all the Olympic sports they’ve been great in. USC is the bigger fish between the two.
I’m not sure any of that matters anymore. OU left Ok State behind. UCLA left Cal behind.
Yes, I know that, but like I said they were offered and accepted an invite to the Big Ten in 2010, when they were still in AAU. Kinda like Texas and OU are “in” the SEC but won’t officially join until 2025.
You’re right, they came in 7 years later. Still though, they’ve been in the conference for almost 100 years and easily it’s most important member.
Nebraska was offered the Big Ten and they accepted their new membership in 2010, stripped of AAU status in 2011, and officially joined the Big Ten in 2012.
Everyone is looking at this all wrong. Who cares about NDs tradition, arrogance, culture, how they’ll stack up in the SEC, logistics, etc. etc. That’s not what matters anymore. This is all about money and power. This is about being the biggest, most profitable conference/company. This is about eyeballs on the product and printing money. ND is the biggest brand out there that hasn’t pledge an allegiance. ND is now the hottest commodity in realignment talks. They are the absolute best option for addition to the SEC.
Nothing is off the table now. USC, a charter member and the most important member just left the Pac-12 after being there for 80 plus years.
Idk, I think adding Miami over FSU is a better option. Miami has way deeper pockets, its a private institution with much better academics, and they compete at a high level in a lot of sports. Miami is also a larger, more popular brand.
If the SEC were taking teams I think Louisville would fall in the second tier with Duke, Virginia, West Virginia, OK State, and Va Tech. The priority teams should be ND, Clemson, Miami, FSU, and UNC. This is all assuming the SEC stays in the regional footprint.
Yes, they belong there but you can’t deny their money, education, alumni power, and brand.
SEC should prioritize ND, Clemson, Miami, and UNC.
Two conferences definitely makes sense. I could see three with the Big 12 taking the West teams and the ACC divided up. Either way the landscape is changing big time.
This is not surprising at all. College football is moving towards 4 maybe only 3 super conferences and I suspect it’ll happen within the next 3-5 years. Teams like FSU, Miami, Clemson, and ND will need to act fast. The ACC is done and can’t compete now.
I forgot to mention Trask in 2020 and even Jalen Hurts in 2019. Each outplayed Lawrence and had better seasons.
Joe Burrow and Kyler like you mentioned. Tua was better than him, but Lawrence played the best game of his entire career in that Natty. Fields was better and so was Mac Jones. Lawrence thrived against a weak ACC. When he went head to head with Burrow and Fields, he was vastly outplayed.
I can see Arch's career being similar to Trevor's. He will be incredibly hyped throughout his college career but I don't see him living up to it. Lawrence was a great QB but he was never even the best QB in college during his time at Clemson. Every year he played, there was at least a couple QBs that were better than him, even if the media tried to portray him as the greatest QB to ever grace a football field.
As someone who has had the pleasure to attend many Bama games at Jerry World, I can say that it is a terrible gameday experience. The stadium itself is super nice and accommodating but it is 30-45 minutes away from Dallas and you tailgate in a parking lot where its normally 95+ degrees outside. The best neutral site experiences are NOLA, ATL, and the Rose Bowl hands down.
MSU will be a tricky team for anyone this season. SECW is loaded with good teams this year.
He’s a guy, who after camping with the Tide, was given an offer. That’s usually a good sign he’s a player. TAMU really wanted him too after they saw him workout. Solid get for Bama.
Bama has a better roster going into next year than Auburn. Bama's backcourt of Sears, Burnett, Q, Dom Welch and 5* Bradley is much better than Auburn's. Auburn probably has a slightly better front court with the transfer Broome coming in.
A couple things here: I don't see To'o To'o going in the first round. He's a day two pick for sure. I have seen a lot of pre-season love for Eli Ricks, but as of right now, he is still fighting with Kool-Aid and Khyree Jackson to be a starter. Going #4 overall seems high.
Like I said, you can slice it however you want, Corch. That’s completely up to you. Tear down Bama’s history as much as you’ d like, but UGA will never compare to Bama. Claimed titles: 18 to 3 AP titles: 13 to 2 SEC titles: 29 to 13 SEC Champ titles: 10 to 3 BCS/CFP titles: 6 to 1
How about 10 SEC titles since the championship game was introduced? UGA with a paltry 3, tied for 4th most in the SEC. Anyway you slice it, Corch, UGA will always be a second rate football program compared to Bama.
You're reaching incredible heights as a troll. Its actually quite impressive considering you don't even realize how big of a troll you are and actually believe the things you say.
*Tied for 2nd with Tennessee. Still 16 less than Bama.
This will be Saban's most experienced defense he has ever had. Seniors at every level. Every level of the defense has depth and playmakers. I see this defense being better and back to its dominate ways. Right now, I can see upwards of 13 players off this D being drafted in the 2023 NFL draft (That is if they all stay healthy and enter the draft): Will Anderson Jr. Byron Young Justin Eboigbe DJ Dale To'o To'o DeMarco Hellams Jordan Battle Eli Ricks Khyree Jackson Chris Braswell Jaylen Moody Brian Branch Malachi Moore
I doubt it was much at all actually. Arch already said that NIL wasn't going to play a role in his recruitment.