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Mac torched two top 20 defenses last year. He has talent all around him and a very experienced O-line. He'll throw for 3,500+ yards next year.
Hmm, it was hijacked? Congrats to LSU for having a great season and probably the best ever. Bama has the greatest dynasty in college football history and it’s still going. Greatest dynasty of all time trumps greatest season. Miami Dolphins perfect season was great but I bet they would much rather have the dynasty the Pats have had.
Bama doesn’t lose that much when you really look at it. Of course Tua is a huge loss but Mac got experience and looked great. 4 of our 5 starters on the O-line return. Najee, Smitty, and Waddle to go along with Trey Sanders all return. Offense will be Elite.
It's a little different when a generational college QB goes down twice during the season. Injuries happen yes, but losing Tua was a huge blow. A healthy Tua and we're in the playoff.
The thing that sticks out most to me is the level of competition that each has faced. Look at how many more AP top 25 teams Bama has played compared to Clemson. Since 2014, its 42 for Saban and Bama compared to only 27 for Dabo and Clemson. Dabo is a great coach but playing in the ACC gives him a virtual red carpet to the Playoff every year. Who is competing with Clemson in the ACC? Looking forward, who can compete with Clemson in the ACC? The ACC has less big name programs in football and the ones they have (FSU, Miami, VT?) are all horrible right now. Saban and Bama have to compete with LSU, Georgia, Florida, Auburn, TAMU every year. The coaches and level of talent in the SEC is far and above what the ACC has to offer.
That's where you are wrong. Mac starts the season and plays until Bryce Young proves hes better, which honestly may not happen this season. Mac torched two really good defenses and returns a lot of weapons and 4/5 o-linemen. Taulia will end up transferring to a school near where Tua gets drafted.
People think he's a top RB (I definitely do), but most draft positional rankings at RB have him in the 6-10 range. This year's RB draft class is loaded.
Your choices for best QB in 2020 were safe pics given the experience, but I would look at either Mac Jones or Myles Brennan for best QB next year. The offenses are both high flying with lots of weapons returning and Mac has already proven himself, as he dominated two really really good defenses.
Maybe early in the season, but I see Trey Sanders' athletic ability and pass catching to be too much to not have him on the field for more snaps.
I think a lot of this looks accurate except I do believe Trey Sanders will be the starter if Najee does indeed go pro. The offensive line will be dominate with 4 starters back. It's an easy call for Shavers to be considered the 4th receiver but that is mostly a toss up. I think the other three will be the top three. Defense will be more experienced in the front 7 this year but the back end will be a little less. Jordan Battle getting experience this past year was huge. I think the JUCO guy we just signed at Corner, Ronald Williams, could see the field early and get some starts.
I could easily see Taulia transferring to a school in the city that Tua gets drafted to. They are all about family and being close together. I dont see Taulia starting for Bama. Mac has the chance to really take the job this Spring and Bryce Young is the best of all of them.
Bama: TJ Yeldon - 3rd down back, key contributor Josh Jacobs - 1,000 yard back, OROY finalist Derrick Henry - NFL rushing title Mark Ingram - 1,000 yard back Bo Scarborough - started multiple games down the stretch Kenyan Drake - took over as starter for Cardinals Damian Harris - barely played in Rookie season UGA: Nick Chubb - 2nd leading rusher in NFL Elijah Holyfield - didnt see the field this year Todd Gurley - starter Sony Michel - starter
Bama wont lose as much as you think on offense. Looking likely that Smitty and Ruggs return giving us three amazing receivers with Waddle only a Junior next year. Four of our Five O-linemen are returning and Mac Jones looks like he can throw for 280+ a game next year. Bring in Trey Sanders as the lead back and the offense will be just as explosive.
Alabama has more RBs in the NFL right now and more starting RBs in the NFL. Also, three former Bama RBs just finished the season with over 1,000 yards and one of them won the rushing title.
I really hope Rakim Jarrett changes his mind and signs with the Tide. It's a real possibility. We wont know until February, though.
2019 (MMXIX) is the current year, and is a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2019th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 19th year of the 3rd millennium, the 19th year of the 21st century, and the 10th and last year of the 2010s decade.
I have seen you post this all over this site. A decade is defined as 10 years. I'll let you count below and get back to us all. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Again, another dumb poster on this article. Barrett was a bust in the Pros but he was a 2 time All SEC player and 2 time consensus All-American playing two different positions on the O-line. He won the Rimington award, the Outland trophy, and the Jacobs blocking trophy. But yeah, he's overrated.
Jeudy needs a good QB to be effective??? You mean the same guy who won the Biletnikoff award, will most likely be a top 5 pick, and who most scouts say is the best pure route runner they have evaluated in years??? Is that the player you're talking about? People on here are just plain dumb.
Idk, just spit balling here, but maybe that was because Bama was the best team in the country that year.
They'll be in the playoff every single year because there isnt a team in that awful conference who can compete with them.
I really hope we dont keep Golding. We need to go out and try to hire someone who is competent in running a top tier defense. In 2019, Bama had the #15 scoring defense in the nation. Since 2010, we hadnt had a scoring defense lower than #4.
Yikes, a lot of mad Auburn fans on here because a kid changed his mind and decided to go to a better program. Sad really.
Delpit is a great player but he did not deserve the award this year. He wasn't even the best secondary player on his team, let alone the nation. He won this off name alone and because he has made a brand of himself. Sad that a more well deserving player didnt win.
A lot of people on here doubting Joe Brady because of how good Burrow was this year and the level of play he exhibited. Do those same people fail to remember that LSU had Burrow, most of that O-line, and pretty much all of those receivers in 2018 and the offense was very vanilla and very meh. Brady's offense made Burrow into an elite player and turned those receivers into elite play makers. LSU will be really good on offense next year with Myles Brennan at QB. Probably not the same level, but still very good.