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If Tua doesnt hurt his hip, he's the number 1 pick in this draft. The hip injury was a freak accident and as most experts/doctors have said is very unlikely to reoccur in the future.
Who would you say is the face of college football right now?
I just really hope football is played in the fall because Bama is going to have an incredible team next year. Two receivers that are considered top 5 at their position in the whole country, Najee and Trey Sanders, 4 out of 5 returning O-line starters, Mac Jones and a blue-chipper in Bryce Young to push him and provide competition at QB. On Defense, the front 7 will be loaded and very deep this year with play makers up front in Barmore, DJ Dale, and LaBryan Ray. Linebackers will go two deep at each position. Secondary will be younger and less experienced but very talented and led by lockdown corner Surtain. The coaching staff returns pretty much entirely intact from the previous year, which is a first in a long time. Schedule is a bit tougher this year but we get UGA, TAMU, and Auburn at home. LSU will take a small step back and we play them well in BR. Here's hoping to a normal college football season where we get to see Bama dominate again.
Bama crushed a lot of dreams this past decade. Ya hate to see it.
Last year you lost your top 3 scorers and this year you are losing your top 6. Hardly the same. Plus, this year you returned a bunch of seniors who are now all leaving. Lose your top 6 scorers and return a bunch of freshmen/sophomores doesnt get you into the top 25 to start the season. Remember you're just Auburn, not Kentucky, Duke, UNC like a lot of your fans seem to think you are all of a sudden.
Auburn loses their top 6 players from this year. This is about returning talent and outlook for next year. Seems pretty accurate to me, especially if you actually read the article.
I have a feeling these tough future schedules have something to do with teams and ADs predicting that a change to the playoff format will come. An 8 team playoff would mean teams with one or two losses should easily still make it given such a tough schedule.
Again, where are you getting these numbers? You're completely wrong. From the CDC for the 2018-2019 flu season: 50-64 yrs - estimated illnesses = 9,238,038, estimated deaths = 5,676. thats 0.061% 65+ yrs - estimated illnesses = 3,073,227, estimated deaths = 25,555. thats 0.83% All ages - estimated illnesses 35,520,883, estimated deaths = 34,157. thats 0.096%
This guy crunched the numbers everyone so we must believe him. He literally crunched the numbers himself. From the WHO AGE DEATH RATE all cases 80+ years old 14.8% 70-79 years old 8.0% 60-69 years old 3.6% 50-59 years old 1.3% 40-49 years old 0.4% 30-39 years old 0.2% 20-29 years old 0.2% 10-19 years old 0.2% I guess if you're under 50 then who really cares, right? Who cares about all the other people that may be a little older or have pre-existing conditions. Who cares about them, right? Just because you're not worried about little ole you, doesn't mean you should put millions of other people in danger too.
Who cares, really? Players are getting paid or getting some kind of impermissible benefits under the table at just about every major program, basketball and football. If you think otherwise, then you're naive.
You could also throw in Kira Lewis who also had better numbers across the board than Quickley. 18.5 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 5.2 apg, 45.9% shooting and 36.6% from three. I guess Quickley's 92% from the free throw line got him over the top. smh
Geez, Bama vastly under performed given the level of talent on the team. 16-15 and 9th in the SEC with a 1st team and 2nd team all-SEC player, a freshman team all-SEC player, and a defensive team all-SEC player. All different players too.
There are a few players who deserve the POY designation other than Quickley, but alas UK wins again.
I love Bryant-Denny and all and think it's already amazing but for the love of all things holy, can some of this money be put into Coleman Coliseum??? We have the WORST home court advantage in the SEC. The seating is trash and it feels like a funeral home in there. I know they are doing renovation but not until 2022-2023. Fix Coleman first and then beautify Bryant-Denny!
Makes sense. Probably the best decision. The Bama QB room is very full at the moment and he's not starting over Bryce Young. Plus, his brother Luke played hoops at UNC and his family is from Charlotte.
At least yall had a run to the Final Four. I would take a 6-6 or worse football season if it meant Bama made the Final Four that year.
I really just want Tide hoops to be live up to their abilities. Is that too much to ask?
History is the best predictor of the future. LSU has had horrible offenses in the past, including with Coach O and Ensminger at the helm. One great season with a coach that is no longer there and I am to expect more offensive domination moving forward? Maybe ill be wrong, we shall see.
Why is the offensive system so great in your mind? Last year, sure. This coming year, maybe not. LSU seems to forget the offense under Esminger before Brady got there and now Brady is gone.
So now the real truth comes out. SC wanted to move to an on field position and so he reached out to multiple teams. Ole Miss turned him down, Michigan State turned him down, and Saban said he wasn't ready to put him in that position unless he put in the work and attended special teams meetings and learned the intricacies of the position. Saban also was ready to move to a more scientific/analytics based approach to S&C which isnt in SC's background. Kirby was willing to give his buddy a shot at the position, which is great for him for giving him a chance, but he also knew it would get under Alabama's skin a bit. Seems like this is a good thing for Bama and could end up being good for UGA.
I swear, we could hire coach K or Bill Self and we would still be a perennial bubble team that eventually lets everyone down. Tide hoops is cursed.
It's going to take a lot to get Bama into the tourney this year, but if Kira Lewis isnt first team all-SEC then something is wrong with the voting.
If this happens, it would also allow Bama to tie Miami's record for most players taken in the first round (6).
Beating Bama is literally the only reason Gus is still the coach. He's mediocre pretty much year in and year out but then brings his A+ game to the Iron Bowl every year, because that's really the only thing that matters to little brother.
@Weagle99 - he's not trolling, he's telling the truth and you know it. He may be wrong about the Iron Bowl not being special to Bama. That's simply false. It is really special. But you have to admit, Auburn's mentality is to be good enough to beat Bama at the end of the year. They don't have that championship mentality. Just beat Bama and it'll all be ok.
Why, Why, Why then do you keep responding to everything he says? You are feeding into his trolling. He's looking for a response. Leave it alone.