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Its the system/coaching more so than the player. Fields currently looks and is playing better right now than Fromm. If they switched teams, Fromm would look and play better at OSU than Fields would at UGA. OSU runs a dynamic, creative, wide-open, QB friendly offense. UGA runs a methodical, antiquated, conservative, vanilla offense. The difference in offensive styles has a huge impact here.
Venables is an incredible coach and in my opinion is the reason Clemson has been so good recently. Dabo is a great coach, but I truly believe if Venables leaves (which he never will because for some reason he doesnt care to be a head coach) then Clemson goes back to a regular 10 win team and not the dominate team they have been. I think Dabo isnt an elite coach with regular coordinator turnover like Saban has had.
The defense needs work, there's no question about it. I know they are young and inexperienced, but there has to be some improvement week over week. The defense took a step back against Ole Miss. Missed tackles, weak tackling, bad pursuit angles, getting lost in space, and missing gaps are all issues that will improve as the season goes along, but it needs to be cleaned up for Bama to win the whole thing.
Why isnt Alabama at the top of this list? I thought we had the refs in our back pocket and penalties were never called on the almighty Tide.
The reason Bama vs Ole Miss is the CBS game is because CBS most likely didnt want to have Auburn for three straight weeks. TAMU last week and most likely Florida game next week, so they chose the Bama game instead. Obviously, the Auburn vs State game will be the more competitive one.
unaffiliated, you get it, you really get it. Nothing from that game, except the defense at times, impressed me about UGA. I really thought they might be one of the best teams in the country, but that lackluster win Saturday night did nothing to show that.
You are absolutely right. UGA is trying to be the Alabama from the early Saban years, which makes sense because that's when Kirby was there. Great defense, dominate O-line, vanilla/conservative offense, stable of RBs, and a game manager at QB. People will say, "Oh well that style won multiple championships for Bama, so it must work." The problem is, Bama had Saban and frankly, they did it better, so it wont work as well for UGA. The great teams these days have a more high flying offensive style who use ALL their weapons(OU, Clemson, Bama, Ohio State). Hell even LSU saw the writing on the wall and has switched to a dominate, exciting, creative offense. UGA's vanilla/conservative style of offense will come back to haunt them down the stretch and I think the ND game really proved that tonight. Dont get me wrong, UGA is a great team and one of the top teams in the country, but that offense needs to open up more to make the playoff and win it all.
Auburn defense is nasty, no doubt, but LSU, UGA, and Bama shouldnt worry about that offense with Bo Nix leading the way. Dude missed way to many passes and just isnt that good.
I agree with this but I think its different reasons for Tua and Fromm. Tua came in and beat out Hurts (Hurts was the starter), therefor proving he was better than Hurts. Do Georgia fans think that if Fromm and Fields came to UGA at the same time, Fromm would of still won the battle? What if Fields was the starter for a year and then Fromm came in? I am not sure, and obviously we will never know. For that reason, its harder to say that Fromm is better than Fields.
Florida will be the best or 2nd best team in the SEC next year.
As far as college dominance goes, UGA doesnt stack up to Bama over the past 20 years. Sorry 12 All SEC selections 4 All Americans 13 Drafted 7 Still in the NFL today 2 Heismans 2 Doak Walker Winners
You missed 2010 Alabama. That team was absolutely stacked with talent and future NFL players. Offense: Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, 3 first round O-linemen (Fluker, James Carpenter, Chance Warmack), arguably one of the best college O-lineman in the SEC ever in Barrett Jones, Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy. Defense: Dee Milliner, Mark Barron, Dre Kirk, Nico Johnson, CJ Mosely, Dont'a Hightower, Courtney Upshaw, Damion Square, Marcell Dareus, Josh Chapman, Robert Lester.
Moses or Xavier McKinney would of been better choices.
You are correct. It's predominately SEC vs ACC as 10 of the 14 matchups indicate that. Only one year there wasn't a matchup of those conferences. They reach out to ACC teams first and then fill in where necessary.
Bama was #1 in three categories (RB, O-line, D-line), #2 in LBs, and #3 in DBS. Also throw in #9 for WRs.
and UGA is playing Virginia. Will all the pundits get on to UGA and Auburn for playing these inferior teams?
What people don't understand is that the Chick-fil-a kickoff game in ATL is an SEC vs ACC matchup. Bama loves to play in it for the exposure, recruiting, money, etc. Bama played FSU in it a few years ago, played VT twice, Clemson already had TAMU on the schedule, so who the hell else was there to schedule from the ACC. Duke stepped up and wanted in so here we are. There just arent enough good ACC teams to fill this game, thats why you have Auburn playing UNC in the same game next year.
It sucks, but that game was a complete anomaly from the norm. Clemson was better on that day. They were far more prepared and ready, which isn't an excuse because Bama should of been more prepared and thats Saban and the coaches fault. Does Clemson have more talent? I dont think so. Does Clemson have a better coach? Again, I dont think so. If you play that game 10 times, do you really think Clemson is 28 points better in all of them? Do you really think Clemson wins the majority of the games? Why do I think that game was such an anomaly? Over the past decade, Bama has played numerous just as good, if not better teams and players than that Clemson team and never once was the score remotely close to what happened in January. Clemson was better, but I honestly dont think they were anywhere close to 28 points better.
A lot of love for Mizzou in these rankings. They got Kelly Bryant, sure, but am I missing something? What else is there?
True, it is one guy's opinion, but if you look elsewhere you will see that all 9 of the Bama guys on this list have also showed up on many analysts/experts mock drafts.
I thought your name 'Weagle99' referred to you graduating from there in 1999, but now I realize it's when you were born. Immature and childish. Keep it up, it'll get you places!
Did Chaney call that obvious fake punt on 4th and 11 with the game on the line?
I think Najee will be getting less carries than people think because Robinson is that good. Sanders will be the third back and be a bigger factor in the passing game, but Robinson will get more carries and have a bigger role overall.
It is a yawn for Auburn fans because yall are irrelevant. It being in Birmingham is not bad at all. More people show up and its a crazy atmosphere.
What's your point here? Oregon is way better than Duke, sure, everyone knows that. Bama would beat the brakes off either of them. Auburn would struggle with both of them.
False. We have the easiest non-conference schedule, True. What's funny about that is we play Duke, an ACC team which finished 8-5 last year, which was tied for the 4th best record in the ACC. There is no ACC team that has a tougher schedule than Bama, let alone any SEC team. The ACC has become garbage in recent years with FSU being a dumpster fire, VT falling off after Beamer left, and Miami still being irrelevant. If your second best team in the conference and only team that can give Clemson any trouble is Syracuse??? I mean come on thats laughable. At least Bama has opponents like LSU, Auburn, TAMU, UGA, hell even Miss State puts up a fight, that can challenge them a bit. Clemson will walk to the ACC champ game year after year and play a 7-5, 8-4, 9-3 team at best. I am not taking away anything from Clemson, as they would probably still finish 11-1 maybe 12-0 in the SEC, but at least they would be challenged more.
Apparently the SEC is going to be a high flying, point scoring league next year. Of the nine teams yall have done this for already, 8 of them will have better offenses next year. Crazy.