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There is no reason that JG makes the mistakes he makes on the field... That's not the staffs fault... That's his. He holds on to the ball way too long and his throws are late most of the time. The staff can only do so much. At the end of the day, he is the one that has to perform. The staff can't throw the ball for him. He makes the same mistakes as a freshman. You don't think the staff has not told him to get rid of the ball faster or don't take a sack on a key down? All that is him.. not the staff.
They don't care because it does not fit into their narrative...it has to be if use to them before they care...
I usually find that people that use the term"hillbillies" are often the ones that are ignorant.
UT Single Game Passing Yardage Records 1 Peyton Manning (Kentucky, 1997) 523
Peyton didnt choke against Kentucky. ...lol UT Single Game Passing Yardage Records 1 Peyton Manning (Kentucky, 1997) 523
There is no way he will go to Missouri with what is going on at that campus. They already have recruits backing away from playing there because of what is going on. Maryland is looking like a good spot for him to land.
Where is this white privilege i keep hearing about? I have yet to see it or benefit from it...If they don't play, they don't keep their scholarship. Their football team is not doing that great anyway. That scholarship is not guaranteed anyway, they are not guaranteed a four year scholarship. I am all for standing up for what you believe in, but you have to be ready to accept the consequences of it too... you can't have it both ways..
We need a white helmet with an orange chrome "T"..
Grey was one of Tennessee's colors... I as surprised as the next guy...lol
I believe that they will have room because of the kids that enrolled early..
and he misses the first half of their bowl game too... not a smart move....
the facemask was to his facemask and he lead with with his head. Anytime you hit a QB near the head like that , they will ALWAYS call targeting to protect the QB.
It won't help...he continued to take money even AFTER they went to classes about not taking it....they are not going to reduce this. he is lucky that it was not worse.
No... Because if Gurly had been doing what was right , he would not have taken the money in the first place. You don't reward people for breaking the rules. i think it is pretty stupid rule, but it is there. They said he took MORE money than what was reported, that means it was WELL over 3,000.00.