Roll Tide

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Out after a winning season? Must be something else going on.
Go ahead and expand it to 12 teams. Then we'll have an all SEC semifinal round AND and all SEC natty because the last 4 teams will all be SEC. What are you gonna do then? You don't like the SEC winning every year? Then beat us.
Agree completely. Going empty on 3rd and less than 5 is just odd to me. It's either a pass or a QB draw unless they bring people in motion behind the QB.
I thought it was kind of funny. Juvenile sure. It was close but it wasn't a goaltend. The ball would not have hit the rim on the way down again, it was out of the cylinder. If it's close like that, you CAN'T make that call with the game on the line unless you are 100% sure it was a goaltend.
Completely depends on which Bama team shows up to the playoffs. I said before the Georgia game, "If the offense plays like they played against Arkansas, and the D plays like they did against Auburn, we'll beat Georgia." Honestly though, that was the #1 undefeated legendary Georgia team?