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Spoken like the x-NFL, All-Pro, future Hall of Fame QB you are. Most of Jone's passes were thrown behind what was (or could be considered) the second string O-line and to second/third string receivers, during mop-up time. His accuracy stat will improve this season if for no other reason than the defenses will have to honor his run threat which will give his receivers the extra step(s) needed to get open. Never agree with a Georgia Troll son it takes their mind off of their inferiorities and helps them temporarily forget the nightmares they have about us. They think they know what's happening in Gainesville. Fact is, they never do.
Gawd all mighty! Everyone has to start for the first time once! Emory Jones has already had more game time experience that 99% of first time starters. Couple that with his football pedigree, his QB mentor and the offensive weapons around him he will undoubtedly be successful. The only question is HOW successful.
The only reason Corral and Daniels have/will run is when/if their pass blocking fails. Emory will run by design.
I like Richardson too but Emory has spring and fall pre-season practices to get even more comfortable with the system and his receivers. He will make any defense crazy with his running speed, elusiveness and the natural broken field play-making skills he brings (who does that remind you of?). Tebow wasn't a great passer but because he could make the coverage stop and watch during play action his receivers got the extra step(s) of separation they needed to adjust to the off target passes he threw. That's what I expect will happen with Emory. Contrary to what the naysayers predict, Florida has a lot of quality passing targets (TEs, WRs and RBs out of the backfield) who will make life Hell for any opponent's LBs and secondary. We have too many offensive positives to be concerned about that side of the team. With a little defensive improvement I predict another 44-28ish result in Jax this year.
Gilbert has all the markings of a problem child in progress. Too much drama potential. Our TE room is more then well stocked w/o Arik. No worries.
Gilbert has all the markings of a problem child in progress. Too much drama potential. Our TE room is more then well stocked w/o Arik. No worries.
He will not be missed. Our TE room has more than enough talent.
I heard it was his metal 3 wood she used to break the back window and pound on the car with.
I will not speculate about what caused the accident. What a mess. I guess it's good that it was his right leg. That's the one that is used for more stabilization and less twisting and weight transfer during the swing. Competitively, it's not good. That said, at 36 years old, Ben Hogan experienced severe leg damage after his car accident in 1948. He went on to win 2-Masters, 3-US Opens and a British Open with both legs wrapped in bandages and in constant pain. I hope Tiger has the desire to rehab and can win some more majors. Wouldn't that be a kick?
Wasson has underestimated the Gator rushing offense potential and that is all he is discussing is the POTENTIAL of each SEC team's rushing offense. Gators #8? So, Florida's QBs, Jones and Richardson don't register as running options? 4 Star running back, Lorenzo Lingard, was also left off the list. Ole Miss, 2nd string Plumlee got a nod and Corral only runs for his life. With a true spread offense QB in place Florida will put up much more impressive running numbers. I expect them to finish in the SEC's Top 5.
Nope. I stopped after the first two sentences ( I think they were sentences) scrolled to the bottom and proceeded to read y'all's remarks. The remarks were good!
Yeah it was great. When does yours start? Kicking y'all's ass is the most fun we have.
Oh, come on! He never had the offensive tools we have.
Not an issue. With a prototype Spread offense QB, like Jones or even Richardson, in place we are gonna run/pass around and over SEC defenses like s#!t through a goose. Running game will be better and the receiving options are good enough with the opponent D having to defend the run option. Now the question is ...... how do we stop the opponents from outscoring us?
No school in the COUNTRY touches what Florida did in 2006-2008. Two NCAA basketball titles in a row and NCAA football championships in 2006 and 2008 (the 2008 football championship followed the 2007 season). For those two years Gainesville was the true Titletown USA. Total magic! Would love to see Bama do it too.
When those two played they played their hearts out. There was a malfunction at the defense junction and we still only lost the three games during the regular season by a total of 12 points (by 6 to Bama). Maybe I'm drinking the Kool-aid but .... We win one of the other two games and we likely would have gone to the playoffs to play with a full, regular season roster. Under those conditions we could very likely have beaten either ND or Clemson and had another shot at Bama.
Wow! He looks like a prototype Gator/Mullen QB to me.
Get on back in your hole boy. We will let you know when it's safe FOR YOU to come out!
Who gives a crap about Finebaum's opinion ... as if it matters. Does he think this is some sort of popularity contest? At Florida, Urban surrounded himself with topnotch assistants and administrators. He went out and recruited the best of the best and kicked a lot of butts before he burned out and quit a year too late. If I'm not mistaken that is the same recipe for success he used at OSU too! I believe his ability to hire the right coaches and pick the right talent on draft day will give him a shot at being successful in the NFL.
All of this is total crap. Healthy 18-20 somethings are not at risk from Covid. Gov. DeSantis's actions against the pandemic BS (since May, 2020) has proven that these sports related decisions are unnecessary. Let the kids play, let the fans come watch and vaccinate the 65+ yr olds so they too can come out and play. Our personal freedoms have been trampled long enough by politicians who don't have the guts to face the reality that they may get blamed for someone dying on their watch. I'm 70+, vaccinated and coming out to play.
The words you two expressed are a credit to you as men. You may have noticed and heard that Kenontae has taken an active role supporting the team during practices and on the bench during their games. Coach White has lauded his attitude. He is making lemonade and is showing the character needed to be a success despite these circumstances.
He is what he is and that's too much for you to acknowledge. Good soft spoken kid, good family, already graduated, best TE in CFB 2020, probably top 5 draft pick, need I go on. Blackmon was just telling the truth. How are those sour grapes tasting?
Is this one of the idiots that received his UoG diploma by driving around Athens with his windows down? If he doesn't have a degree from UoG, or never attended, that can only be a positive for the school.
That and $1 will get you a large iced tea at Mickey D's!!! We all know that it's not the stars that count it's the kid's heart. Let's review in two years.
Secret is out, no surprises, get over it. An opposing coach doesn't have to be a genius to figure out what Saban says to recruits. Lesson learned is that you don't try to sell against him, just use the same positives when you recruit if you can.