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Hire him as a part-time team consultant and send him out to visit the recruit families. Heck, hire him full-time and pay him what he's currently making at ESPN. 2 Natties, 1 Heisman award what's the downside?
Sorry I'm late to see this post. Peterson missed Jadan Baugh the true backup to Johnson. He's the stud that caused Etienne to leave. Speed, elusiveness and size. We will not miss Trevor.
I can't understand why anyone takes a 16 to 18 kids verbal commitment seriously. They have so many "expert" voices in their heads its no surprise they change their minds. These baby ducks have never had to make a serious commitment in their lives until now. Shut all this BS out of your heads and wait until the signing days. I've decided to take my own advise. See ya!
Why in Sam hell did y'all hire Mike White? We are a much easier team to recruit for and he couldn't win in G'ville nor keep his talent from leaving.
Kinda sad for the Dawgs that Lagway is the buzz and Raiola is the has been and Kirby can't seem to coach up his 4-5 stars..
Typical single dimension perspective. On that same note - I hear that you can still get a diploma driving through Athens with windows rolled down.
Before his back and foot injuries he was an absolute force. Killer instinct, great motor, consummate teammate, free spirit, and a thinking man with principles. Two years younger than me! Scary!
Nothing. The statement said that now he doesn't have to make it a required trait for measuring a candidate's qualifications. Be gay if you want to be, but if you are being considered for the job w/o DEI determiners you now will need to be the BEST qualified to get the job offer.
The word was UGA stole him from us. Fact was, we couldn't have been happier. Watching the second half backslide against the Gators was so reminiscent of how his teams looked at Florida. Walking the ball up, lackluster ball movement and shot selection. Golden hasn't proven he is another Donavan but his team sure looks better coached and motivated.
Can't understand why they thought they were stealing him away from us.
We had NO depth on Defense or the O-line in 2022 and 2023. As expected, our first year recruits were primarily Mullens', many of those best players didn't sign and/or went thru the portal. We have a good group of red shirts and true sophs that got a lot of game reps. With a few new portal starters and a sprinkling of true freshman recruits stepping up I feel better about playing what is the toughest 2024, D1 schedule nationally. Cooler heads will see it that way if Napier has another losing season. That said, I expect we will at least become minor bowl eligible (for what that's worth).
Wouldn't Kiffen be a kick in the head for die hard Bama fans? That said, he could be an instant success! That guy has the teflon it takes to deal with fanatics and the brains to out scheme with mediocre talent. Give him the credibility of a true, blue blood SEC program and he'll kick everyone's butt forever. It would be scary!
Doc and AFan - to you and yours a Happy New Year! Roll Tide in the playoffs.
Yeah, I know. They both need to get on with their lives. It's time for Saban to retire. Kirby needs to get a pro HC job. Just get the two of them out of the SEC! ;-)
Yeah, I know. AC and I are concerned the Zoom conference calls with the staff aren't doing any good.
With that schedule, if Napier gets 7 wins and shows significant improvement on the D side, we will have to give him one more season. Got to beat - KY, TN, UCF, Miami, MSU, Samford (please lord!) and an upset win against LSU or OleMiss,
Heck, if he wins 6 games next year I'll lobby for his return. We will be lucky to go 4-7 and 100% of the starters will head to the portal.
Too many "experts" whispering in young ears. Sorry to see him go. With our 2024 schedule, if Napier goes 6 and 6, it's gonna be a miracle. 6-6 will bring him back for the deciding season.
I am sure that no matter how well Napier does he'll have 2025 to deliver. Especially if he lands another quality recruit class. Recruiting is the key. IF he is still able to somehow sell this dumpster fire of a season results to the next two recruit classes we'll be ok even if we fire and hire. Billy will have his best wins shot and/or the new, dynamic HB Coach (there is only one true HBC) will have a roster to win with.
Exactly right! That was a coaching mistake, not reminding a true freshman what he must do when the run is over.
Kelly has had a strange year. His talent has an extra year under his system and the results are kinda A&Mish. I'm surprised his defense isn't better.
Hey! This isn't about how stupid we are. It's A&M's!
Urban is a drama queen but he wins big wherever he goes.
Sorry to see them so taken in by that snake oil salesman. A&M will be the butt of HBC hiring jokes forever. More money than brains. Everybody at Florida watched in disbelief when they signed him to that ludicrous contract. We knew Jimbo could sell screen doors as accessories on submarines and snow to Eskimos. Easy money. Saban sounded off that Jimbo's recruiting was not legit and there's probably an NCAA investigation into the A&M practices happening we haven't heard about. Wouldn't surprise me to hear they don't pay him because he should have been fired for cause.
PeeWee football play calling doesn't work in the SEC. Spurrier got away with it because the opponent's had to stay home on the play action. GA had no worries along those lines.