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How nice of us, showing proper respect by wearing appropriate colors for South Carolina's funeral.
He's trying to sound like Saban, who says "aight" a lot.
Yikes. That was horrific. Refs didn’t help, and Joe wasn’t bad, but you can’t put the team in a situation like that. Take out the breakdowns in the 2nd quarter and Tennessee wins. On to the next. Also, glad I’m not a tr@sh-talker. And, as a note, I did not approve of the fiasco at the end
I've got you beat- I've got a speaker implanted in Napier's ear, that constantly whispers "go for two"
That really sounds like the most plausible occurrence. Napier has really confused me at times with his calling and decisions. Could've easily went to OT if he just kicked the EP's.
Oops, wrong thread. But what you said sounds right too.
That really sounds like the most plausible occurrence. Napier has really confused me at times with his calling and decisions.
I'm not making fun of a tragedy. I'm lambasting Kirby Smart's lack of a reaction to an easily preventable tragedy. It's shameful and a disgrace to this conference. The real scumbag is sitting behind a desk in Athens.
Did Smart work in the Athens Morgue when he was at Georgia? He sure seems comfortable with the all the bodies around his program.
Yes, for sure. In this economy? I can barley afford to go to UT games, much less to Atlanta and New Orleans. I'll watch us on the TV.
"And while the 101,915 in attendance voiced their displeasure with the referees, the reality is that pretty much all of those calls were just." No, we were voicing our displeasure at the no-calls and terrible reviews. We committed those penalties (just one was a bad pass int call, and a dubious roughing the passer call.) We were upset at the blatant PI that wasn't called against AP.
Well, I was going to say something, but with what just happened in Knoxville I had better not. Glad to see y'all won.
Woof. That was bad. The crowd was very good. The officials were very bad. Run game, good. Passing game, adequate. Offensive line needs Cooper back. Other than the one busted coverage, secondary was decent. Hope this is our season’s dud. Glad I didn’t talk any particular tr@sh about this one. We’ll be alright.
It pains me to say this, but . . . I really hope Bama comes out and absolutely destroys Texas. I mean, crowd leaving in the third quarter bad. I despise Tejas. I hope they lose by 40. I will do the unthinkable and (ugh) root for Bama.
" the hero returns from the University of Virginia, a southern locale that has the misfortune, I suppose, of being an ACC school (and this weekend had the misfortune of getting in Tennessee’s way" Bahahahahahahahaha! Good one
He'll take a couple to the house this year. Book it with wax and seal it.
You quite literally can control the actions of others. Especially if you are someone as powerful as a head coach of a program like Georgia. Threaten them with dire punishment. That always worked with me as a boy. You use a B!ble verse, he's mine: He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. Also, the verse "He who has not sinned, cast the first stone." is a spurious text, not original to the Word.
Ha! Good one! But you should know that I'm a Tennessee fan, not a Kentucky fan.
Nevermind, go ahead and reset that arrest clock to zero.
You know how factories have "00 days since an accident" signs outside? Maybe they should hang one of those outside Sanford that says "00 days since a driving-related incident". In all seriousness, I thought Matt Hayes said Kirby had fixed that problem?
Nice article, though one thing: James is a Sophomore, not a redshirt freshman. He played in every game last year, he didn't redshirt.
I can't imagine trailing a Go5 team after the first couple series. Leary looked bad, too.
You sound like a 13-year old who just now discovered internet forums. Try to upscale those insults little buddy, this isn't an Instagram comments section.
2014, It's been a single month since another UGA player was arrested. Is that a new record? I can't remember the last time they went that long between crimes. And Uncle, it's telling that UGA fans have gone back-to-back and yet are still so obsessed with UT that they have to stoop to try to troll. That's pathetic and hilarious.
How surprising the joke went "whoosh". Speaking of father-son duos, isn't it crazy that Georgia never beat Peyton or Archie?
I didn't realize Stetson Bennett IV's dad played football.
Oh yeah, one other thing. Do it right, it’s the Vols on Saturday, Hunting on Sunday, and then tr@sh-picking on Monday. If you’re gonna troll, do it right.
Given the, shall we say, "mediocre" legal track-record of UF athletes, I'm not sure you should be speaking on this.