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He's one of those guys that the services can't agree on. On another service he's a 4-star, #1 in KY. But yeah, they still mean #4 in the state. Kentucky isn't known for producing a lot of football talent.
And here someone said Tennessee was ignoring the defense. What's this make, 8 of 14 being defensive?
And, Y'all managed to still convert. It made no difference in the end.
Seeing as more than half our recruits are Defensive this cycle, I wouldn't say he ignores it
. . . Tennessee won two championships this year alone
That's not too bad. It'll drop us to 7th in the country, and 3rd in the SEC. I wish it would get bigger, preferably to about 107,000, but all people care about nowadays is money . . .
Now watch all the Georgia fans say "we didn't want him anyway", "he's not that good", "he won't make it in college football", etc. etc. But in all seriousness, I'm glad he's not going to be in the SEC East.
Tennessee has 14, but we only claim 6
Oh yeah. I can't wait to show the WrongHorns who's the real UT. That is, if we've managed to get our football program back in order by 2025. Maybe Basketball can do it this season.
Yeah that's kinda . . . overdoing it. I really hope that's satire.
I probably will, those happen to be my #1 and #2 favorite Non-Tennessee SEC teams. The 'Noles are out of the playoffs too. Counting the days till football.
Who said anything about Alabama? And if you didn't know Missouri played Tennessee last year, then you must not know how the SEC schedule works. That would be like me saying that I didn't know Alabama played Miss. State this past year.
Who said anything about Alabama? This a battle of SEC East foes.
No, we lost because Notre Dame was better yesterday. The umpiring was just an added obstacle.
Has Missouri ever won anything of importance ever? We've scored 120 points on y'all in the past 3 years.