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Thank you! Congrats on the Natty. I hope for 9 wins, and honestly think 10 is on the table, but I would be happy with 8, as long as we beat three of our rivals.
You are literally making no sense. I'm not Cade Mays. I'm not a left tackle. I'm not any position, as a matter of fact. And as for the toxic part, who is the one cussing at others? Find some variety in your insults, man. You used Hillbillies as an insult 10, 11 times so far. Most people round here don't even find that term offensive. Learn to insult people with some class, man. Ain't no one here who takes you seriously, even when you're not just spouting off toxic hate messages. Take a step away from the keyboard, budrow, go outside, breath in some fresh air (if y'all even got that down in Georgia), and think for a moment about how much joy spewing hate online brings you. Get a life, man.
Do you ever read what you write before posting it? Or is it just straight out of the toilet onto the keyboard? And y'all say Tennessee fans are toxic.
I really didn't get those calls. It would have made a lot more sense to try to get closer for the field goal. But those refs really did screw us over. Not how I would have wanted to end the season, but hey, what can you do? I'm looking forward to next year.
I'm looking forward to this game. Very happy that Tennessee made it to a bowl, even if it is just the Music City bowl. We've never played Purdue in my lifetime, hopefully it will be a nice game.
I was there, cheering for the other team. He's got serious talent.
If nothing else, he's probably got the "Most Hated Man Since Steve Spurrier" Award from the UT fanbase. If he were to go to UF, he might beat out Spurrier for "Single Most Hated Man in Tennessee". All in good time.
... because the main article is about the Vols?