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Guarantano will never reach the next level; time to move on.
I'm a Vol fan and that Comment makes that Vol fan a classless idiot. I apologize on behalf of all Vol fans who's parents raised them better
I'll never understand the thinking behind USC hiring Muschamp. If he couldn't cut it at Florida, in the recriuting hot bed, why would they ever think he could win at USC.
Michigan beat Illinois 45- 25 on October 12th.
Couldn't beat Alabama? Fulmer was 11-5 versus Alabama.
Do tell Buckeye boys and girls, what is your record vs the S.E.C. ? BTW, Woody Hayes isn't tackling anymore.
I have no problem with the face mask grab. I dispute however the writers assertion that Guarantano has talent to showcase.
He did, what's the purpose of this article ?
Not even close is right, Jimbo Has no class and Dabo is nothing but class.
The key word is accusations, four of five are no longer with the team. I'm reasonably certain Mullen was present when the alleged abuses took place. I'm not sure if there's much more he can do, chaperone their dates ?
I suppose it's easy for the $11,000,000/yr coach to tell the 21 yr old kid to wait another year for his money.The kids a career ending injury away from an 8 to 5 job.
A full page add used to run $500., of course that was 30 yesrs ago.:) I wonder if it's less now with newspapers struggling due to the internet?
It wouldn't have been interesting then or now, UCF is in fantasy land. Bama would destroy them.
West Virginia is considered a play off contender? There are more dreamers than we thought.
I don't care for the dreadlocks, but with or without,he's one classy kid.
Winston is a punk and Jimbo Fisher didn't care. Which is why I'm glad A&M has him .
Fire him today and name Phil Fulmer as interim head coach, I.E Bill Snyder at K. State, while time is taken to get a quality replacement.It may notbe ideal but still better than throwing the ball three times from the one while sitting on a 141 yard rusher.
Yeah. after all, why would anyone choose Clemson just because they're the reigning National Champion ? How crazy is that ?
As usual, SDS isn't worth the read.
His freshman injury was totally intentional by a cheap S.O.B. from UGA.
Dobbs wasn't productive when it counted, I would like to see the the stat on screen passes and 3rd down possession plays that he completely missed wide open receivers. Tennessee is going to be a better team without him. With that said he's a great kid and a great athlete; terrible clutch passer.
Tennessee will be a better team without Josh Dobbs. I would like to see the stat in how many times ball possession was lost because he misfired in an open receiver or either sailed a screen pass or threw it in the backs feet. With that said great kid good athlete, just not a clutch passer.
The usual not worth the read,Saturday Down South article. Tennessee, Georgia's toughest home game according to the writer, is a road game for the Dawgs.Please do your homework before releasing the article, at least get a twelve year old to proof read it for you.
Give me some of whatever this guy's on.....