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Evidently when they gave yankee Coach Leach the cowbell they didn't give him the rundown of Mississippi history.
New coach expectations for me. #1. Hire great assistant coaches, check. #2. Recruit good, check. #3. Establish a starting QB ( Franks) check. #4 win the non conference games your supposed to. #5 Be competitive in the SEC! #6 Get 1 or 2 SEC wins this season. We are 50 percent there right now, WPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Really?.........I guess AR is the only team that has to learn new offensive and defensive play books this year? The deck is being stacked against all the new SEC coaches.
Paul nailed that one, entertaining press confrences will only last so long without good recruiting and WINS.
Chad Morris is going to turn the quarterback development around alright. But probably not the direction Auburn fans wants it go.....maybe Gus will tell him he can only have 1 starting Q.b instead of 5.
LMAO!......That's the best comment I have seen in a while.
Great get for state of Arkansas, welcome to the hill Kelly you will love the ozarks!
Great news fur Tua and his family, as he has been a sec idol quarterback for our conference, wish him only the best in his NFL future!
Here we go again....... We better focus on winning our first game before we worry about our second game.
My bad on last comment. Just got a little mad for him blaming Arkansas on signing day
Lol, great luck with your new gutless coach that has never touched a football in his life!
Mozzou fans will be wishing for Coach Odom back this time next year. Can't believe he didn't make excuses for his poor recruiting class this year.
What a piss poor excuse by Drink to blame another program for mozzou recruiting class coming up short.
Never seen a sec coach show so much passion over picking up a 3 star player.....but hey guess you gotta start somewhere. Congrats!
This is reporters way of trying to give Drink some noterriretry after coming off a poor recruiting class. Nothing against Drink he came into mozzou late and very under the gun, but don't try to make him look better by talking about players that flipped to Ar. Drink has to earn a recruiting name for himself in the sec.
Awsome get for Arky!!!! Keep em coming coach Pittman!!!!
Dissapointing?.... Pittman just took us from 127 in recruiting to 38 in a matter of weeks, as a new head coach I would say that is pretty dang good. Horace was recruited by Jeff trailer and Barrey lunney which are both former Arkansas staff now currently at UTSA. Players often follow the staff that recruited them so this is no suprise if Horace signs there. Either way best of luck to the coaches(espiically Barrey Lunney) and his players!
I guess you didn't no this according to your post, but drinkwitz is an understudy of G. Malzhan. He worked under Gus for several years at different programs learning how Gus runs his offense. So if you don't think Gus can run an offense your in for a disappointment with Drinkwitz. But in my opinion Gus runs one of the best if not the offenses in the sec.
LOL.nice try Trulefty.......... Yes Usmcdawg he is doing pretty good recruiting so far in the short time period he and his staff have had here at Arkansas.
Wow drink is a recruiting machine, he has commits from a handfull of two and three star recruits, lmfao!!!!....
Way to go Coach Pittman, welcome to the hill Boykin WPS!!!!!!!
This dude got serious kicking power, welcome to the hill we need you WPS!!!!!!welcome to Arkansas !!!!!
I think Robinson is definitely the best man for now, but blazelak is definitely the future, he has some skills that need to be developed for the future of mozzou. Hope yal the best till you play the Hoggs! Lol........ and Drink will be a great coach give him a few years.
Thanks tiger TD, finally someone with common sense. Yes I could have stated my comment different for people who are mentally challenged like wolfpup.We where in the same boat as mozzou until we got Franks. Who do think mozzou starting qb will be this season?
Would expect nothing else from Coach O. Coach Pelini has always been a winner. Nebraska should have never fired him, Great hire!!!!
Write another book on a simple post, it will make you look even smarter.
With all that said mozzou still doesn't have any QB Talent coming in to 2020 season.
Yes we are hoping that in Arky to. Coach O will do good with his coaching staff as he always does. I don't wish any sec team what we have gone through in the the last two years......... unless it's bama!!!!!! Lol
Im trying to figure who is going to pass to him? Mozzou don't have much QB talent.
Looks like coach O has a huge rebuild to do with staff. And congrats on the championship!