I am a 4th generation Razorback fan, born and raised here best state in the USA!!!!! Wps

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I guess all of Ar. sports are doing so good now that writers had to try to find a sport to pick on..............you picked the wrong one.WPS!!!!!!
We have to much talent back this season to regress, KJ has a lot to learn but will be a solid starter in C. Briles system. Hogs gona be a dangerous team this season. BTW Ar Miz will be played in Fayetville this year not Little Rock.
I bet oh Gus is sitting back counting his money and laughing his azz off! If anyone needs a good DC they better jump all over Kevin Steele he wont be on the market long!
I thought Pelini did pretty dang is season considering what coaches had to deal with from game to game.
Auburn fans better remember the last year they beat Bama, cause the way this search is going its going to be a looooooooooooooooooooong time before it happens again. I said it the day it happened, and Auburn will be saying it next season. (HUGE MISTAKE TO FIRE GUS!)
Chad Morris!................jk had to say that. Good luck with whoever you get, Gus is gona be hard to replace.
Auburn just made a huge mistake, all coaches have had a tough season this year. You can’t compare your team to Alabama every year. Good luck Auburn you just dropped to the bottom of the food chain.
No chance! One of the best coaches in the SEC. wherever he goes they will be good!!
Proud of our team and Coach Pittman and staff! It was an awesome and exciting season. Look forward to 2021 WPS!!!!!!!
Auburn just made a huge mistake, Gus is one of the best Coaches in the Sec. Bad for y’all good for us, look forward to beating Auburn from here out!
This is going to be a good one, Hogs had 5 starters out on defense against lsu and still almost beat them, all should be back for this game besides Catelon. I hope we have a good clean officiated game with no injuries. Hogs all the way baby!
Drink also had his DC there to run defense, Odom is used to running our D from the press box, he had to make adjustments from the side line Sat. not making excuses for loosing but that does make a big difference.
Mullen is one of the best coaches out there, Florida will always be good and keep getting better as long is he is at the helm. Congrats on the W. Florida played lights out!
I heard they were talking to chad Morris from Auburn since he has did so good with there offense
Well said USAF, my thoughts exactly!...... without the BAHAH. lol
Shhhhhhhh don’t say that out loud.......he will be a well paid head coach in a few years, his stock is only getting higher at Ar.
Odom is one of the best DCs in the country, we are blessed and happy to have him at the hill along with Coach Briles who is doing an awesome job with offense that is getting better every game. WPS!!!!!!!!
Thanks 88, Hogs played a good game I'm proud of them. Aggies just had a better team. congrats
This will be one of the best games played Sat. (next to Ar. of course) I'm going with the Ozarks on this one to pull the upset, they are playing at high level with a lot of confidence right now.
Hogs defense will slow down Aggie run game enough to force Mond to pass and that is where the Aggies will loose this game. Its going to be a good one though, hoping we end this 8 game loosing streak Sat. WPS!!!!!
Aggie’s have owned us the past 8 years, but I think it comes to an end Sat. with our new Ar. team.......It will be a battle but I see the new Razorbacks pulling off a win Sat. WPS!!!!!!!!!
Corral is a heck of an athlete, he is a major threat when he has the ball in his hands whether its passing or running. He will give Auburn all they want Sat. and I see Ole Miss winning that matchup.
Shrader played with a lot of heart from what I seen, this reminds me of Ty Storey at Ar who was a good QB that played smart and tough, but wasn't good enough for Morris system (which no one is) and transferred to W. Kentucky only to come back to razorback stadium and upset morris the same year. Which put an end to the horrible morris era in Ar. thank the lord!.......Best of luck to Shrader he will make a good QB somewhere else.
chad said he doesn't have the talent at Auburn right now to run his offense, he needs a few a more years.... (this is not an overnight fix guys.) LMAO!
Great job Hudson way to make Arkansas Proud, I bet Texas schools are wishing you would have came there, Happy to have you at Ar. Where you have a bright future with great coaches. WPS!!!!!!!