I am a 4th generation Razorback fan, born and raised here best state in the USA!!!!! Wps

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Corral is a heck of an athlete, he is a major threat when he has the ball in his hands whether its passing or running. He will give Auburn all they want Sat. and I see Ole Miss winning that matchup.
Shrader played with a lot of heart from what I seen, this reminds me of Ty Storey at Ar who was a good QB that played smart and tough, but wasn't good enough for Morris system (which no one is) and transferred to W. Kentucky only to come back to razorback stadium and upset morris the same year. Which put an end to the horrible morris era in Ar. thank the lord!.......Best of luck to Shrader he will make a good QB somewhere else.
chad said he doesn't have the talent at Auburn right now to run his offense, he needs a few a more years.... (this is not an overnight fix guys.) LMAO!
Great job Hudson way to make Arkansas Proud, I bet Texas schools are wishing you would have came there, Happy to have you at Ar. Where you have a bright future with great coaches. WPS!!!!!!!
Kids will be kids, hopefully he will learn from the mistake and make him a better man down the road.
Yea it was a crappy call, but our special teams lost the game to. Anyway yea I think the Ozark brothers will use this to get better.
My thoughts exactly, would feel much better being the under dog.
Very well deserved, that was an impressive performance against LSU, great game!
Very crappy call but what do you expect at Auburn, our speacial teams is what really cost us that game but they will get better. I’m not complaining though cause we look better than we have in Years, I’m proud of the way they Played! WPS
One thing about Morehead is his players would fight for him and that says a lot about a coach. I’m not so sure about leach yet.
You just need to take the 2nd worst team thing out, lol. those days are long gone!
Very well said, not a good sign when Coach is blaming players. You can loose a locker room quick.
Playing at Auburn don’t surprise me, Hoggs played good. Wps
Our speacial teams killed us in the first half and cost us the game, horrible Call at the end but they won, congrats
A head Coach is only as good as his staff, Coach P. hired great proven Coaches where he needed them, and it is paying off quickly. I no its only been 2 games but to go from 110 to 33 on defense is huge for us!.........Man its nice to have an SEC win. lol
I think this will be a good game for a change, I hope chad is calling plays Sat. but I don't think he will be. I see Gus calling this game from start to finish. We don't have near the depth Auburn does but I hope we are way more competitive in this one than we have been in the past couple seasons.
Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssssiiiiirrrrrrrrr, yea I had to do that, way to go Coach P.!
Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssssiiiiirrrrrrrrr, yea had to that, way to Coach!
I can’t believe he only won 6 games after loosing his starting QB and one of his best linebackers halfway through the season!!!!!!........ would have happily traded Chad for him last year, and would have even thrown in his DC and OC to boot! Lol
Way to go offensive genius Chad Morris! Lol
So glad chad Morris is at Auburn now, good luck with him calling plays, y’all will need it. WPS!
Thank y’all for firing Odom, good luck with your new staff!
Yea pic would be way cooler if he where holding a baitcaster, or a flyrod. weird but cool! lol